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December 16, 2013
Pig Vomit: You're the anti-Christ. You know that, Stern?  You are the mother-fucking anti-Christ!

"Never before has a man done so much with so little."

Having just read Howard Stern's autobiography, Private Parts, which I enjoyed a lot, I thought it a good idea to watch the film adaption. Private Parts is a hilarious and well made movie, which stays pretty true to the life story of Howard Stern. We all know who Howard Stern is. He's the "shock jock" that revolutionized talk radio. Love him or hate him, you gotta respect him. He gives no fucks and says what he wants. He talks like every single guy does when they're with their close buddies, except he does it on a large platform and he doesn't apologize for it.

The life of Howard Stern from the early years as he was getting yelled at by his father constantly through his puppeteering days through his "high " school paranoid days through his striking out days and finishes with him being the number 1 DJ in New York. We see him marry his dream girl, fly into the MTV awards as Fartman, and tussle with the arrogant heads of NBC radio. It's glorious.

Howard Stern plays himself, Robin Quivers plays herself, and Fred Norris plays himself. We also get Mary McCormack as Stern's wife Allison, and a hilarious role from Paul Giammati as Pig Vomit. There's also a lot of cameos, such as Ozzy Osbourne, Mia Farrow, and AC/DC. What's not to like?

For fans of Howard Stern, this is an absolute can't miss. For haters of Howard Stern, you may still like it. I don't really consider myself a fan or a hater. I like the man to an extent because I respect that he his anti-hypocrite and just doesn't give a fuck. He comes off to some as racist and sexist, but in reality, all he is doing is giving the people what he wants. It's a brand of humor that isn't for everybody, yet everybody will listen just to see what he says next. His genius is in just how polarizing he is, and this movie shows that to near perfection.
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½ November 5, 2012
A comical and autobiographical account of the real life of Howard Stern, this film is both gross and sentimental. Strangely compelling and enjoyable to watch almost throughout, Stern is very truthful in his depiction, as himself, portraying himself and narrating the entire film. The premise of the film came from Stern's acclaimed book of the same name and is just as juvenile and yet fresh as his early days in radio. Stern is impressive in the film, as well as much of his cast, who also went through the actual events of the film. His infidelity, workaholic status, his wife's resilience in the face of his outspokenness, and his love for his family are all compounded into an actually watchable film. I don't generally agree with the views and some of the humor Stern exhibits, not because of its crudeness but its inability to make me laugh. Stern still uses his usual brand of humor in this film, but because he was up against censorship and the network's forbearance it was almost inspiring to watch bare chested women bounce onscreen. More importantly, there wasn't any glossing over of what Stern is, and the differentiation of himself and his persona in the public light. What struck me as unsatisfying and hollow was the fight against the station and his own struggles with his wife. Stern paints himself as the rebel against tyranny while being anticlimactic and clumsy. Yes, there's a brief power struggle but then he gets higher ratings and everything evidently works out. I didn't laugh except during brief parts which usually have nothing to do with crass humor and all to do with the romanticism of his life and his self-deprecation. Our favorite shock jock shows himself in a whole new light, and though today Stern is divorced and remarried, his love for his wife is one that is rarely seen in such a tender way.
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½ May 31, 2011
Private Parts is a film based on the life of Howard Stern. The basis for this film was his autobiography, Provate Parts, which I preferred to this film. But the film manages to be a good comedy about Stern's rise in the radio industry. As a person who studied in radio, I of course enjoyed this film, and in many ways inspired my decision to study radio. Howard Stern and his crew plays themselves and do it well. The cast alongside Stern are good and very entertaining too. Private Parts like Sterns radio show is a lot of fun, with many humourous bits but at times uneven. The film succeeds at being funny but Stern's book was better. Fans of Howard Stern will most likely enjoy this film as it is fairly well done. Private Parts is a good comedy and considering that Stern plays himself, its a big plus. Paul Giamatti plays a young executive at WNBC and tries to control Howard Stern, but Stern becomes more and more popular. As the film unfolds, we get to see Sterns brand of shock radio reach popularity. The film is very funny and also interesting because it shows how Stern became one of the biggest names in radio and pioneered a new form of radio: Shock Radio. People hate Howard Stern, but those who hate and love him can't deny the influence he's had on radio. This film shows that, and is a very entertaining film too. As a radio broadcasting graduate, I thoroughly recommend this film.
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March 14, 2011
Private Sharts.
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½ December 29, 2010
Been listening to the "History of Howard Stern" the past 2 weeks on Sirius, and it made me want to go back and watch this. Still hilarious after all these years. Howard Stern is the man!!
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½ October 19, 2010
"Private Parts" is an auto-biolgraphical film about insurgent radio host Howard Stern who gained national recognition in the 1990s being labeled a "shock jock" for his outspoken and controversial shows.
The self proclaimed "King of All Media" transcended radio with several late night shows, pay-per-views, various home video releases, two best selling books on the New York Times Best Seller List, and even winner of a Blockbuster Entertainment Award for "Favorite Male Newcomer" for this film as well as a nomination for a Golden Satellite Award for "Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture(Comedy). And to no surprise, a Golden Rasberry Award for "Worst New Star". Clearly all an honor for a guy who tells it like it is in ways that are often offensive making him a target for the FCC(Federal Communications Commission) which has fined owners of radio stations that carried the Howard Stern Show a total of $2.5 million for indecent programing.
This film depicts his life in radio which was inspired at the impressional age of five as he went along with his father who was a co-owner of a Manhattan, New York sound studio. There he met the likes of Wally Cox, Don Adams and Larry Storch who he saw put voices to his favorite cartoon characters.
An auspicious beginning for an individual who's career is unrivaled in the world of radio. "I decided to cut down the barriers, strip down all the ego...and be totally honest."
Howard Stern
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½ May 6, 2010
Excellent look at the life of everybody's favorite "shock jock",

Let me begin by saying that although I am a fan of shock radio (I've been a regular listener of Washington DC based duo Don & Mike for over 10 years...), I rarely get a chance to hear Howard Stern. I was only vaguely familiar with his program, and the folks on it. That being said, I absolutely LOVED "Howard Stern's Private Parts". Wait... that didn't come out right... anyway...

HSPP follows Stern's career from being the misunderstood son of a radio engineer with aspirations of the big time, through his student film days at Boston University, where he meets and marries his wife Allison, to his first big radio gig at DC101. The humor comes from Stern's slow realization that pushing the envelope was the way to garner HUGE ratings. His arguments with management, and Paul Giamatti as Kenny "Pig Vomit" Rushton in specific are at once both hilarious and sad, as management tries to crush Stern's free spirit.

It's also nice to see that, yes, Howard Stern is really a nice guy, a devoted friend, and a loving father, and the image that we know as "Howard Stern" is really just an act. Although he did make some questionable decisions in his life, he always stood by those who stood by him, and for that, he should be admired.

Whether you are a fan or not, check this movie out, and see if you don't come away from the experience with a smile on your face, and a respect for the self-proclaimed "King of all Media"!
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August 25, 2008
Really enjoyed this one. Then again, I got tired of Stern after a while.
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August 15, 2009
I first saw "Private Parts" about a year ago and it was a lot different than I thought it was gonna be. It's pretty much just a biography of Howard Stern. It shows how he first became interested in becoming a disc jockey and how he achieved the fame that he currently has as being the only DJ of his kind. But unlike most people might think at first, the movie presents Mr. Stern as more of a sensitive guy than it does gross or immature. It tells of all his struggles and conflicts he had to go through to become the Howard Stern he is today, especially how he struggled in getting his wife to accept his kind of humor on the radio.
That's not all that's good about the movie. "Private Parts" is hilarious at times and all the naked women in the movie look good, especially Jenna Jameson.

If you'd like to learn more about Howard Stern, you need to see "Private Parts." It's entertaining and it might change your mind a little bit about Mr. Stern after you see it. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. I don't think that fondly of the actual MOVIE, although it's good enough to watch, but of course the naked women showing off their private parts is what makes it memorable....Jenna Jameson looked better in this film than she ever has in any of her porns to me.
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½ May 17, 2008
Hahahahaha...classic Howard Stern.
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July 7, 2007
Researcher: The average radio listener listens for eighteen minutes. The average Howard Stern fan listens for - are you ready for this? - an hour and twenty minutes.
Pig Vomit: How can that be?
Researcher: Answer most commonly given? "I want to see what he'll say next."
Pig Vomit: Okay, fine. But what about the people who hate Stern?
Researcher: Good point. The average Stern hater listens for two and a half hours a day.
Pig Vomit: But... if they hate him, why do they listen?
Researcher: Most common answer? "I want to see what he'll say next."

This is a very enjoyable movie to watch. Its an autobiographical movie that describes Howard Stern's life from Howard's point of view.

Sure it may be skewed to Howard's side of things, but I don't care, I like Stern. Its not like I would feel better for knowing the absolute truth about Howard Stern's life.

Its also nice the Robin and Fred, from Howard's show, are also in the film playing themselves, along with Paul Giamatti who is great.

The movie has a good soundtrack reflecting the times, is paced rather nicely, and has a nice fun feel throughout.

Jackie: My answer is "cock", and I wrote it really big, so I have a "big cock!"
Howard: I'm afraid you can't say "big cock" on the air. That's a no-no.
Robin Quivers: But I just said "pussy".
Jackie: [whining] Yeah, she just said *pussy*!
Howard: Well, pussy's okay. It's the way you say it. "Big cock" coming out of your mouth is, just not good.
Jackie: Wait a minute. I can't say "big cock", but you can say "big cock coming out of your mouth?"
Howard: That's right.
Jackie: That sucks!
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January 26, 2007
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January 25, 2007
funny but far too obsurd
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½ January 5, 2007
Not a Howard Stern fan, but this had some genuinely funny moments, due mostly to the direction Betty Thomas.
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½ December 5, 2006
Very funny at moments but not without its self-indulgence.
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½ August 14, 2011
Though it's crass and features almost as much nudity as a David Lynch film, it's funny and intelligent, and I enjoyed it. Plus, the Paul Giamatti character was hilarious.
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½ November 4, 2007
Howard Stern is the most misunderstood person in America. People don't like him, because of his sense of humor, but what they don't realize is how much more lies beneath the surface. Private Parts is the story of Howard Stern, from his upbringing to his marriage, and of course his radio career. It's one of the most honest films you will ever see, being that was written by and starring the man who the film is about. Besides being very very funny, the film gives you a look inside the life and background of one of America's most controversial figures. Even if you are a Stern hater, watch the movie, and then see if you feel the same way. The more you know about someone, the harder it is to hate them, and I think that's part of why Stern decided to do this film.
Christopher O.
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November 17, 2013
A Funny Touching and poignant look at one of entertainment's most polarizing celebrities. I laughed and was strangely moved by Stern's journey from nerdy kid to his plateau as the top National DJ. Mary McCormack is very good as his long suffering first wife and Stern actually can act. Also good is Giammati as Stern's nemesis at WNBC. I can like and loathe Stern on the turn of a dime but now seeing his beginnings, I have a new appreciation.
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½ November 29, 2011
Though it's crass and features almost as much nudity as a David Lynch film, it's funny and intelligent, and I enjoyed it. Plus, the Paul Giamatti character was hilarious.
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½ May 7, 2011
Giamatti and Stern! Almost classic.
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