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½ January 19, 2008
Clumsy filmmaking that doesn't always succeed in doing justice to the amazing screenplay, Cate Blanchett still manages to shine in a memorable peformance, a lot more comprehensive and profound than Kapur's awful direction.
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September 10, 2007
Its an interesting Biopic, not intirely sure i completely understand everything that was going on in this movie, but the acting was superb, the costume designs was amazing and it was directed and made beautifully! I think Queen Elizabeth 1 is an inspirational woman for what she did and dealt with! From making England poor and defenseless to making England one of the richest countries of that era! Good Job by all accounts! An interesting movie, one a feel i may have to watch again!
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December 25, 2006
Elizabeth chronicles the life of Elizabeth I from innocent young girl to one of the shrewdest and most politically savvy monarchs in England's history. Shekhar Kapur's story of the early life of the virgin queen certainly has a very impressive cast and the material concerns itself with one of the most fascinating periods of British history but the film suffers for his approach. The early part of the film resembles a melodramatic soap opera more than anything else and suffers greatly for his unsophisticated direction that seems far more interested with unnecessary visual embellishment than story telling. Things settle down after Elizabeth is crowned Queen however, and as Geoffrey Rush's Walsingham becomes more involved in the political machinations it all gets a lot more interesting. The performances are all solid and the costumes as attractive as you'd expect but there's something a little "made for TV" about it all. Kapur's direction is the main culprit, but the photography is also not as attractive as it might be making it lack the historically epic sweep I was expecting. It never descends into absurd romantic fantasy in a similar way to its sequel however, and as a whole Elizabeth stands up as a solid if unspectacular historical drama.
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½ June 17, 2006
This excellent historical drama turned newcomer Cate Blanchett into a star thanks to a brilliant performance as the young queen Elisabeth the First. The rest of the cast is just as outstanding, especially Geoffrey Rush as her protector, who seems to sense every plot and intrigue a mile away. The film takes its tension from the situation of pretty much everyone being against the young queen and her being forced to choose between several options of political marriage, while she is in love with someone else. The web of danger, betrayal and intrigues is very enthralling and helps the film maneuver through a few slow sequences. The cinematography is absolutely stunning, though. An entertaining, interesting and impressive history lesson.
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½ January 31, 2012
This film is boring and forgettable. The one thing it does well is develop the Elizabeth character from a light hearted gal into a cold-blooded queen. However, the acting was so-so, the writing was plain and the editing was poor: Several scenes served no purpose but to prolong this mind-numbing bore-fest.
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January 30, 2012
Trying to be both a cut-throat political thriller and a character study of the independent Queen Elizabeth I, this film is forced to take shortcuts and lie in order to create an essence of a queen's journey to self-discovery and strength in just 2 hours. It's very accessible and mainstream as well as shallow and very misleading. Cate Blanchett's performance carries this movie.
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September 6, 2010
I saw this movie in a class a long time ago, it was strange, and I didn't really understand everything that was going on. Maybe if I try it again.
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December 7, 2010
A great period biopic piece...Cate Blanchett is STUNNING! She completely deserved her Oscar nomination, she may have even deserved to win, but I have yet to see Shakespeare in Love for Gwyenth Paltrow's performance. I also liked Joseph Fiennes character and performance.

I great film! A must see!
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November 10, 2010
A stunning period piece, Elizabeth is a terrific piece of historical drama. The film explores the early of Elizabeth I of England. The film touches on many aspects of her reign. The production is stunning, the costumes, music and acting are terrific. Director Shekur Kapur crafts a wonderful film and under his direction, Elizabeth is simply stunning. The best way you can look at this film is by viewing it as a work of art. The film oozes with elegance and serves as a good historical piece of cinema, I never thought I would enjoy a film like this, but I just love films that touches on historical matters. Cate Blanchett delivers a triumphant performance as Elizabeth and she steals every scene that she's in. Aside from Blanchett, director Shekhar Kapur assembled a fine cast of actors to play alongside Blanchett. Geoffrey Rush and Christopher Eccleston, Richard Attenborough are some of the many of the fine cast of actors who deliver on screen. Elizabeth is a sweeping dramatic film that portrays the early years of the reign of Elizabeth I, one of England's most beloved monarchs. The film feels long at times, but Kapur's directing allows for a great deal of tension in this film. The film evokes the tense situation of 1500's Great Britain as Elizabeth must deal with several threats to her Throne. The film examines how a naive girl became a mature head of state as well.This is one of the aspects of the film that I enjoyed because at first you don't think that her reign will survive, due the religious assassination threats ordered by the Vatican (Elizabeth was a Protestant, not a Catholic), and threat of invasion, and so forth. However despite all odds, she manages to come out on top and initiate the Golden Age Of England. Elizabeth, in summary is a tense and stunning historical drama film and is brilliantly directed by Shekur Khapur. His film is a phenomenal achievement, and is one great period piece. A future classic for sure.
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November 1, 2010
When I was younger, this kind of thing would have been completely boring and dumb to me. Now that I'm older, I found a lot to like ,and realize that this is far from boring. Even though I watched this for a class I'm taking, it's the type of thing that I might see voluntarily, but I wouldn't go out of my way to see.

Obvious liberties and inaccuracies aside, this is a pretty solid, clever, and quite entertaining historical drama. Period piece costume dramas (historical based or not) have never been my favorite, but I certainly appreciate them. This film can be seen as a great character study, and a fine example of waht it takes to be an effective female ruler. This is how you do it right. It's hardly ever pretty, and almost always risky, but hey, sometimes, you have to take chances and piss people off to succeed.

This was the star making performance for Cate Blanchett, and she gives a strong performance here. Her portrayal of Elizabeth's transformation from the wartm and sensitive romantic to te cold, calculating "virgin queen" is wonderful. Geoffrey Rush is incredible as the ruthless but effective Walsingham. As my professor said, "everyone needs a Walingham." I agree. Joseph Fiennes left a little to be desired, but he wasn't terrible. Eccleston is good, and Attenborough is alright too, but for me, I liked Daniel Craig in his brief but fun role, and Vincent Cassell is terrific (both in general and a campy way) in a brief scene stealing role. He really reminded me of Tom Hulce in "Amadeus".

The location shooting, sets, costues, and art direction are just gorgeous to look at, and make you appreciate the work that was put into them, Some of the high angle shots got a little overbearing and tedious, but still, I loved the places they got to film in.

Give this one a shot. It's entertaining and solid, even if it's not perfect. It kind of helps to have some prior knowledge though, but it's not completely required.
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½ May 16, 2010
"I am my father's daughter. I am not afraid of anything."

I'll admit that I enjoyed recent historical dramas like The Duchess and The Young Victoria. But sometimes, pardon my language, I want to see a historical drama with some balls. And I don't mean the kind with dancing and fancy dresses. Elizabeth fits that descriptor admirably.

The movie opens with a chilling scene precluding the execution of some Protestant rebels, which does an effective job of setting the tone for one of the central conflicts of that time and the move; the conflict between the supporters of the Catholic church and the Protestants (of which Elizabeth was a steadfast member, to the dismay of many).

Elizabeth covers the time period stretching from the early dangers she faced at the hands of her suspicious half-sister, Queen Mary I, to the political and personal successes and failures of the early part of her 44 year reign. We watch as she faces rebellion and betrayal, and gradually sheds her inexperience to become a forceful, capable, and independent ruler.

Cate Blanchett is a fantastic actress. That should be a surprise to no one. And she certainly looks the part. She makes for a fine Queen Elizabeth. As for the rest of the cast (sans one person, in particular), I found them all to be suitable. Blanchett is clearly the focus of the movie, though, and the film works because it rests so well on her queenly shoulders. As for the settings, costumes, etc., they're less opulent than those that I've seen in some more recent movies of this type, but they serve their purpose within the story well.

My only real problem with the movie (besides how comically evil some members of the Roman Catholic church were portrayed to be) was Robert Fiennes in the role of Lord Robert. His character seemed like he would be right at home in a bad romance novel, and I found myself rolling my eyes or losing interest nearly every time he was on screen. He was the wrong actor for the part, too much of the movie was unwisely (and unnecessarily) focused on him, and his interactions with Elizabeth were handled atrociously. Those were the only weak scenes in a very strong movie, but they did force me to drop my score. Other than that, though, I highly recommend Elizabeth.
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December 24, 2007
Excellent. I love Cate Blanchett.
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July 24, 2009
Surprisingly tense, considering we already know what's going to happen. The great cast keeps things moving and you on your toes.
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June 25, 2007
An impressive, detailed look on Elizabeth, the virgin Queen of England who took over amongst much skepticism and internal corruption living inside her kingdom. While it's not for everybody, especially those that aren't history buffs, this is a straight-forward look on one of the most important rules in history, and how her rule changed views on women, power, and marriage. Although it bogs down and Geoffrey Rush is underused to a degree, Blanchett's strong, powerful presence makes this film worthwhile.
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May 14, 2007
Inspiring performance by Cate Blanchett, who here plays the lead role of the psychologically tortured queen Elizabeth I, whose stormy life is fascinating indeed to behold on screen. The scenery of this movie was quite breathtaking and it truly felt like stepping back in time. And where costume dramas normally have a tendency to be a bit boring, this one, I felt, brought out the best and most interesting segments of real historic events. In fact, all factors considered, it's one of the most compelling historic dramas I've ever seen. I seriously doubt the follow-up, The Golden Age, will be anywhere near as good, but at least now I'll be able to compare it to the first installment.
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July 31, 2008
Extremely good costume and fantastic acting from all the cast. Completely faultless. However I didn't find what should be an extremely interesting and gripping script, interesting at all. It dragged on and was confusing in places.
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½ February 25, 2008
A great performance by Cate Blanchett in a solid period piece, but unfortunately, Elizabethan history is kind of dull. Oh, wait, no, it's not, only the ascension story is: the rest of her reign was called the Golden Age. Hmmmm, they should make a movie about that part of her lif-- oh, I see. Nevermind.
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½ February 25, 2008
A truly epic film about a truly epic woman, staring one of the gretest actresses of our time. Amazing set and costume design and a performance by Cate Blanchett that will blow you away.
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September 19, 2007
Very good period film, elevated to near greatness by Cate Blanchett's extraordinary performance. Better than Shakespeare in Love.
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July 16, 2007
The movie is a little confusing, but makes up for it with dazzling sets and costumes. Cate Blanchett's performance is amazing, and i can't believe that Gwyneth Paltrow (who i find talentless) took the Oscar from her. Great performances by Christopher Eccleston, Geoffrey Rush, Joseph Fiennes, Vincent Cassel and Fanny Ardant. Very talented actors also appear in small roles (Emily Mortimer, Daniel Craig). The directorial work by Shekhar Kapur is reall good, so are the script and the performances, but, for some reason that i can't explain, i didn't think this movie was great.
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