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February 18, 2012
Animal Farm keeps and adds the same lesson about revolution that Greg Orwell had in mind, but it still was a very disturbing and creepy film that will haunt the lives of anyone whoever grew up watching Babe or Charlottes Web. This movie simply just has nothing going fr it, it has a lot of great voice actors and wastes the talent and the story does not capture the essence of the book at all. I dont know if its possible to make a live action film on Animal Farm but it sure was not this. It was a creepy mess that I hope few people have to endure in their lives.
Anthony L.
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February 8, 2011
Doesn't measure up to the great book. This is horrible.
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½ September 11, 2007
Not so faithful but still good.
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January 23, 2008
September 5, 2009
A pretty good re-telling of the Orwell classic. A live-action film with a few changes to the original story of socialism and its innate failures.
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½ March 29, 2009
Even though it is not as good as the book, it still has some pretty impactful scenes in this movie. Pretty good cast for this movie as well. Some of the puppetry and special effects were kind of distracting at times.
½ April 19, 2008
This movie is okay. It translates the book the way only a movie based on a book can... decently. Some of the voice acting I found horrendous. But overall its a big rent to me.
½ December 22, 2007
Great job of making it come to life. Especially like the video clips and the final scene in the window
December 10, 2007
this movie was about the russian revolution and i think that a history lesson on that would be better than the movie, all this movie did was make me hate the pigs.
½ July 16, 2007
I am assuming this is the one with Pete Postlethwaite, plus voice overs from Patrick Stewart, Peter Ustinov, Kelsey Grammer, Ian Holm, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Julia Ormond.... etc. and directed by John Stephenson... It was really not bad- but this worked out much better reading than in the film.
July 16, 2007
The story brought to you by George Orwell's "Animal Farm". The animals are robotic (and real at points), which makes the story come alive. I personally prefer the novel to the movie, but the movie is a good adaptation.
This movie is right up there with "1984" and "V for Vendetta" as movies that should REALLY make you think. Although it was done with animatronics and puppetry and geared more towards children...this is a VERY adult movie.
March 10, 2015
The book is much better than this movie! However, it did the best it could offer. Animal Farm still demonstrates the same message as the book did with communism being a fairytale to individuals who want equality. For that, good job.
March 7, 2015
Give that a higher percentage.
½ March 6, 2015
I've watched that in English class after reading the book.
January 25, 2014
A really good book and story gets ruined with this childish adaptation. The animation is really bad, and the intelligence of the book is seemingly lost.
August 7, 2013
Didn't finish this one. Don't waste your time trying to and skip to the cartoon; they censor themselves less
June 17, 2013
made bite-sized and delectable for children. butchered too much for adults. orwell must be rolling in his grave
½ June 3, 2013
A stupid and insulting take on George Orwell's classic novel. Ever seen the animated movie? Watch that!
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