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Romance Reviews

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Super Reviewer

November 29, 2007
if you wish to preserve any of those idealistic notions about womankind (about yourself, if you were woman), stay away from any picture made by catherine breillat, whose viewpoints toward woman are the most misogynistic than ever!

Super Reviewer

January 18, 2009
Usually I am completely taken in by films with naked women and lots of sex, but with Catherine Breillat's Romance - not so much. The title is completely misleading. There's actually very little romance to be found. Instead, we are witness to a woman's spiraling decline into self-degradation as she chisels away the last remnants of her self-respect through an endless parade of carnal encounters.

The problem here isn't with the direction or the performances, it's the shallowness of the material. There's no balance. There's not a single likeable character in the lot. It's difficult to care about characters you don't like and this screenplay never gives us a reason to like any of them. Maybe that's exactly what Breillat wants, she wants to populate her work with distasteful beings that you can't identify with or relate to. If so then I have to believe that her target audiences are serial killers and sadomasochistic sociopaths. This film is dark, pessimistic and depressing, anything but romantic.

Super Reviewer

May 10, 2008
Now THIS is how you make an art film about sex.

Super Reviewer

February 28, 2007
Crazy and weird of a young French female schoolteacher who tests her sexuality by submitting herself to various transgressive sexual encounters. Ugly and pointless.

Super Reviewer

August 11, 2011
Don't let the title fool you. If anything this is anti anything the word Romance might imply. A really clever, dark psycholgical erotic drama that is at times pretty disturbing and should appeal to fans of films like Breaking the Waves, Secretary or The Piano Teacher. Caroline Ducey was great in the leading role. Really cold, subtle and real performance for sure. The overall tone and pace of the film can be described in the same way, so might alienate some viewers, but this still has a very engaging story that kept me intrested from begining to end. Features a very realistic birth scene which is difficult to watch. Recommended.,

Super Reviewer

March 12, 2007
This movie is an indepent film (European) about some psycho chick who sleeps with everybody. Chick jumps on every jock that walks by but REALLY loves her boyfriend. You may ask why I bothered to watch this at all - well as it is European there are some sex scenes in there. If you fast forward just to the sex scenes I suppose it is worth 2 stars. I suppose women who are having problems with their feelings would enjoy watching this to see someone more screwed up than you are.
July 5, 2012
Oh, wow. Not at all what we expected. Bizarre and not in a good way. How do things like this get onto my radar, let alone onto my Netflix queue?
January 13, 2012
Gave this one a re-watch, it still holds up as well as a detached, clinical look at a failing relationship can.

Catherine Breillat has always made film that I more respect than like, as they tackle uncomfortable subject matter that you don't see in the average run of normal cinema.

Worth a rental, if only to see a part of the weird cinema conventions that happened in the late '90s and early 2000s, as real penetrative sex made its way into certain bits of French Indie cinema.
July 14, 2009
Dreadful. Another cinema-lacking work from Breillat where she puppets her philosophy plainly into her cheap characters. I'm starting to think that ma Sur was a fluke, as Breillat films the same way before and after that anomaly. Breillat films Romance with a dry and immature straight-from-the-text script and sterilizes all of the unsimulated sex to prove some sort of ambiguous point about relationships. It's not that art films lack anything with their in-depth analyzing and criticisms, but that they lack something when they are devoid of the first visible layer of their film as worthwile. Plenty of art films can make searing, controversial commentaries about gender politics and still manage to remain consumable. And how exactly are word salads equated to intellectual worth? What is intellectual about isolating the viewer from the screen and then throwing contrived resolutions at them?
August 21, 2007
Love is Desolate
Romance is Temporary
Sex is Forever
This is the 3 lines on the front of the DVD and they perfectly expalin this film. Warning Sexually Explicit
May 25, 2006
This is the third catherine Breillat movie I've seen and I still don't get it.... where's the art, lol.....disturbing......
August 10, 2012
as a masochist, I loved it. maybe it's just me....
January 7, 2013
This movie has a couple of unforgettable scenes! Drags a little but it kept my interest.
June 4, 2010
Very interesting. Incredibly... aloof?
Tyler V.
December 16, 2010
Interesting movie. Interesting characters. Just interesting. And intriguing. So much to say, just don't know how to say it.
February 25, 2009
Catharine Briellat is an interesting figure, reading her commentary on the female position you become much more aware of her as an artist and much more aware of what her films mean. This is a hard film to care for and to want to understand, with an Italian porn star and real sex it becomes difficult to see past the rough exterior to see the examination of a woman yearning for an orgasm. However, this is not a film about sex and those you say it is are missing the point and missing what Briellat is doing, she does not want to make smut she is making a film about what Bouvoire wrote as "Female Shame'. How women take not what they see as themselves but perceiving themselves through the eyes of others, most specifically men. The idea Briellat is going for lies in that and in the idea of defining the idea of female identity by redefining the words of the culture. This may be getting to high minded and I can already tell I am losing myself in the words I am writing, so I will go back to the film.
The film is harsh but it is harsh to better connect with the world of this woman and her needs as a woman and a human. Briellat writes a film and directs it with great ease and grace and that feeling is imparted to us, the viewer, and a great film comes out of it. There are some parts that begin to slow down and snag a bit but the film is able to keep going. There is something refreshing about a film that denies the American view of desire and sex and because of that and for being entertaining this movie succeeds and makes me want to see more of this daring directors work.
May 28, 2008
The heroine's final solution to her woes made my jaw shoot to the floor like a pile of bricks, and considering what came before, that's quite an accomplishment.
January 7, 2007
There is nothing romantic in this film about a woman looking for physical love through a journey of sexual adventures, one leading to her giving birth (signifying some sort of redemption) at the end, where there is a possibly symbolic funeral of whoever that died at the end of the film.

At the beginning, we were introduced to a couple in which the man is impotent, yet able to seperate love from sex, and the woman, who longs for sex, also able to seperate sex from love. She commented that she could only kiss someone she truly love. Obscuredly, she kissed no-one in the movie but would happily get paid to have a stranger kissed her virgina. (The stranger later raped her, leaving her crying out "I'm not ashamed." deliriously.) The man disliked being touched and lived in a sterile apartment, and he thought he made the woman pregnant with his child. At one stage he asked the woman whether they should get married.

A lot of things in the movie doesn't make sense and doesn't require any sense anyway. The orgy where the virginae and the faces of the women owning them were seperated by a wall so the upper bodies of the women stayed with supposedly their partners, while the lower bodies of the women got penetrated by a group of men, was equally meaningless. Maybe it's just her fantasy, in which she can 100% succeed in avoiding any chance of being kissed on the upper body but still enjoy reaching sexual climax. She repeatedly attempted to enjoy bondage also yet she gained no pleasure. She desired a good lovemaking, but I don't think she got any when she got pregnant; being examined internally was her only sex at the end of the movie.

So what's romantic about a movie titled Romance? Nothing, except if you perceive the word romantic to mean absurd, unrealistic and silly. I give it a good thought to whether I should rate this movie a big fat "zero": maybe I should give it a 1 or a 2 for stimulating my thought on sterility and sexuality, or on the duality of emotional love and physical love, or even the chance to see a fetus crowning as it got pushed through the birth canal.

Then I realize how this movie has wasted approximately 120 minutes of my time, viewing it and confusing my thoughts because of it.
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