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½ May 31, 2008
This was way better than Lohan's version. (I didn't even see Lohan's version) I actually thought the car was alive... and I thought that maybe our VW bug was alive too. And this is the first time I remember hearing of the city Helsinki.
½ September 25, 2007
As a kid, I always liked watching this. I actually never made it through the entire movie in one sitting... but in many parts every other time I saw it, LOL.
May 14, 2010
not anywhere near as good as the original, but it has Bruce Campbell and he's always fun (not a real good reason to like it, but still...).
½ November 25, 2005
Horrendous television made sequel to the endearing original, the cast sucks, it is cheaply made, barely entertaining. Garbage
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