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½ November 1, 2009
This movie played at the 1997 Toronto International Film Festival, as you know by now I have review a number of movies from this festival. Face is directed by Antonia Bird who brought us Priest, Ravenous, and now Face. Face underworld slang for a gangster. And that?s what this movie is about. Gangsters pulling off there last job, 5 in the group, after job is over the 5 go separate ways until the money starts turning up missing. Ray (played by Robert Carlyle) is our head gangster trying to track down the money and keep it all together. My copy showed it being produced by BBC Films, so my guess is mainly for the crowd in England. Still thought dry at times and what Brit film isn't, lack of luster and action, it does hold a good story line and is worth the watch, 3 1/2 stars on this one, would give it 3 3/4 stars if they had that but not 4. A good rental.
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April 16, 2009
Well I'm not to shore what to make of this film, its good because it has action and is good with a good raid on a money building and has a good sense of humour but it just seemed like a pointless movie really!
Carlyle and Winstone and others are armed robbers and they rob this place and end up steeling 367 thousand pounds but once they've got the money and gone seperate ways someone is going around killing and stealing the money back but they dont know who it is and make some horrible discoverys!
Its a good movie but weird and seems a tad pointless but i guess worth a watch!
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½ March 17, 2007
One of my favourite British films, so many well know faces in this film, both big stars like Ray Winston, Robert Carlisle and Phil Davis, along with lots of others that Brits will recognise.

A story of a robbery that turns into a dog eat dog competition of greed.

I think Robert Carlisle has to be one of the best British actors at perfecting different regional accents.

VERDICT: Quite an old film now, but if you've not seen it, give it a watch, I have probably watched this film around 10 times at least
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March 18, 2007
Robert Carlyle and Ray Winstone are the archetypal modern cocker-nee villains, and this is a watchable heist/revenge thriller in the tradition of Get Carter and Lock, Stock. It doesn't have the quirkiness and panache of Ritchies best work, but it's a solid british gangster pic.
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June 7, 2007
Ray Winstone is always great, and he does well here, too.
½ December 19, 2008
So-so British crime caper about some average joe gangsters involved in a job gone awry. Seen it all before, and only worth the talents of Robert Carlyle and the incredibly talented (not to mention sexy) Ray Winstone. Damon Albarn's stunt casting was interesting, albeit pointless. Major complaint: haphazard use of techno music in climactic scenes. What was all that?
April 12, 2008
Hahahaha. This movie has many scenes that's like clips from a music video. The story was alright, typical British crime movie, nothing special really. Lena Headey looks very pretty as usual(altho she doesn't have a huge part here.)
½ October 24, 2007
It seemed okay at first, but I quickly lost interest. I think if the two main actors had been used today, they would have garnered a much more interesting story.
February 5, 2012
Another Great British film. Another Great British Gangster Flick.
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