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The Miracle Worker Reviews

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Steven V

Super Reviewer

March 21, 2008
Amazing movie. Gives hope for people who has disabilities and Helen Keller is one of the most power deft, blind, determine person lived on earth, through her life experience & passion to educate the people around her and shape our history from the past to present.
August 2, 2008
i luved it
it made me cry
she is so ignorant but in the end she learns
i thought that would have been impossible to teach somebody like that!!!!!!!
June 15, 2008
The story of Hellen Keller is a wonder.I v watched this movie 3 times and in eatch i felt like watching it for the first time..i think its a wonderful movie and that little girl as "Helen Keller" is the miracle..its a movie that makes u think that, right "When there is a will there is a way" even with a deaf and blind child .its more about the teacher "Anne Sullivan" and her struggle to teach the stupporn child
May 17, 2008
Great movie... I also saw the version w Melissa Gilbert and the version w Patty Duke... Pretty good. I love Helen Keller... I saw documentaries about her.... I have a book on her life... She's influential and interesting... Inspirational.... Inspiring...
The Creep
September 10, 2012
I used to really like this movie when I was younger, but seeing it again I realize how cheap and ridiculous it can be. However, it still tells a touching story with some highlight performances.

PLOT:Helen Keller (Hallie Kate Eisenberg) was born deaf and blind into a family of an arrogant Captain (David Strathairn), an overprotective mother, and a spiteful son named James (Lucas Black). Lately Helen has grown restless and acts up frequently. Her parents have considered everything up to sending her to an asylum until an Annie Sullivan (Alison Elliot) comes to help. Annie used to be deaf and blind as well until she had surgery, and was one of her institute's best students. Annie attempts to teach Helen proper manners and how to speak in sign language, but she's so spoiled that she doesn't want to learn easy. Now Annie must teach her how to speak and understand while keeping her patience with her, the arrogant Captain, and the short time she is given. It's a good plot executed in a pretty mediocre manner.

ACTING:The performances in here were ok, but nothing above that. The best performance would have to be Alison Elliot as Annie Sullivan. I saw her emotion in each scene. She was particularly great, but she was the best in this movie. The other shiners would be Lucas Blake as James Keller and David Strathairn as Captain Keller. Even though the were also pretty good, they sucked overall as well. Lucas' voice eventually got on your nerves after a while. Ironically, the worst performance in the movie was the main character of Helen Keller, played by Hallie Kate Eisenberg. She couldn't act (even though she was a child) and kind of ruined the whole movie for all. It really got on your nerves.

SCORE:The score was mainly some cheesy inspirational stuff, but it didn't sound horrible.

OTHER CONTENT:This movie could've been great if done right, but it didn't live up to the same feat as the true story did. The movie was cheesy, ridiculous at times (due to the acting), and very stereotypical with its characters. However, the movie did have some positive aspects. Plotwise, it told the story pretty accurately. Also, there were a few scenes that drew in some great emotions. But the movie overall was pretty mediocre.

OVERALL,a MEDIOCRE movie with a mediocre plot, ok acting, cheesy score, cheesy and ridiculous parts, and stereotypical characters, but there was a good performance or two, it followed the story pretty well, and it added some good emotion into a few scenes.
arturo h.
December 3, 2009
What a shity performance from that litle girl i cant tell how much it disgusted me she totally ruines it the rest of the story was mediocre the original was much much better
September 4, 2009
As an admirer of Helen Keller's story I love this movie. It's a very inspiring story with a good message.
May 26, 2004
[i]The Miracle Worker[/i] tells the story of Helen Keller, and how she learns to overcome her loss of hearing and sight with the help of a stubborn teacher, Annie Sullivan.

It's schmaltz. It's a good story to the core, but you know exactly what's going to happen, even though it looks at some points like Captain Keller is going to fire Annie Sullivan. Everyone knows the history, and the "drama" inflicted on the story isn't enough to actually make you seriously wonder, "is it possible they're going to change history?"

Helen Keller is played by Hallie Eisenberg, the adorable Pepsi spokesgirl. It's hard to watch her performance sometimes, though, just because it's lots of grunting and breaking things. I don't doubt that Helen Keller was actually like that, but enough is enough. By the end, I was only thinking, "I swear to GOD, if she breaks one more fucking bowl..."

The finger spelling was good, though.

January 10, 2004
:fresh: This movie makes me want to get closer to family. It shows you that you should not take what you have for granted and that you should always try harder. Hallie Eisenberg (The Insider, Beautiful, and Bicentennial Man) did an excelent job on playing unable to speak or hear. She stared off into space as if nothing was in front of her. Not once did I see her slip and look directly at something. Making this movie must have been a very hard accomplishment. Eisenberg did a great job as Helen Keller, and Alison Elliot (The Spitfire Grill, The Wings of The Dove) as Annie Sullivan.:D :up:

(P.S. please send me a buzz)
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