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October 14, 2008
The best part about this movie was Emmanuelle Chriqui, she is smoking hott! There's a good range of cool songs and some pretty funny comedy through out it as well.

The only downfall really was kind of a typical love story that you could guess the ending of before the movie already started.

Nonetheless it's a pretty good movie to watch - a good date movie, if it does nothing else for some people.
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½ December 16, 2007
I think this would have been a great movie without the likes of Emmanuelle Chriqui as the lead female character. Anyone would have been a better selection. Lance Bass's character wasn't convincing enough.
The Half-Star rating goes to Joey Fatone in his ever musical pursuit to be the next big Rock-Star!
½ September 8, 2012
A cute romantic comedy set in Chicago. It's admittedly overly silly, but I liked it. (First viewing - Summer 2002)
½ July 2, 2012
Simple but cute. Lance's acting could use a boost. Also the conflict could have been resolved by him screening phone calls by asking for more specific details about their meeting. Love the Justin/Chris cameo at the end!
½ June 25, 2008
The best part of the whole movie was the 'making of' at the end where justin and chris played the hair and makeup stylists.
½ December 4, 2007
I know its cheesy, and that the lead guy is gay, but its such a good movie if you need to be lifted up:)
½ August 5, 2007
A very touching love story. Towards the middle of the movie, it felt like there was no end in sight, but things finally got back on track.
June 29, 2007
Was SO bad... I had to own it... I bought at a used DVD store for .99 cents... .99 CENTS!!! BWAAAAAAA
May 20, 2007
This is such a good movie. I remember that the only reason my mum had rented it for me was because it has 2 of the Nsync members in it. even though lance is Gay, I still love the movie and I still love Nysnc.
½ May 1, 2007
I was dragged to this steaming pile of poo by a friend who was obsessed with Lance Bass and N Sync. I wanted to get up and walk out of the theatre. It's just...really bad.
March 27, 2007
I loved this movie. It features 2 members from my fave group from the 90s. It wasn't really popular but it probably was for all *Nsync's fans. So who knows?
September 13, 2006
It wasn't bad, but it's a reflection on my life with women -- I get interested, and then I can't make another move.
August 20, 2006
don't look at me like that! I saw this piece of shite on the teevee when I had nothing better to do!
June 23, 2006
I'll give it three stars just b/c lance is in it and he's a cutie but other then him this movie sucks lol
June 11, 2006
This movie was a TOTAL FLOP in the theaters.. but I still like it!!! I looked for it FOREVER!! $4 at IGA. OH YEAH!
½ August 24, 2013
Enjoyable piece of fluff without anything really memorable about it.
½ June 23, 2013
Again, a movie I liked as a kid, but am now embarrassed about.
May 14, 2005
I thought I'd throw another entry up here on the new blog while watching the end of another cheesy movie on cable. This one might be an abc-family original movie - i think it's called beautiful girl or something. Garbage. even worse than that 'NSYNC infested sappy movie I watched earlier.

Still fighting with the stupid cardigan sweater. I think about 20 more rows and I'll be done the hood and with that, done the entire sweater. Then I have to sew seams and put in the zipper. It's a never-ending sweater saga that has its roots way back in the beginning of FEBRUARY. So nice to have it almost done now that I can't wear it for a couple months.

I HATE job hunting. But, when you decide in the middle of the spring semester that you don't want to go to school full-time anymore, then you need to have a REAL job. Not that crazy 4pm - midnight desk manager job I'm currently working for shit pay and no benefits.

Ok this ABC family movie perplexes me. The fat girl gets the cute guy -- an admirable concept -- but hello, can i get some action from a guy like that please? thank you.
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