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½ June 8, 2004
Being a Classics student I was interested when I came across [b]Electra[/b] when flicking channels. In Greek with English subtitles, this was quite a faithful adaptation of Euripides' play but with certain themes highlighted more than others by removal of good portions of dialogue. As one would expect from a 40-year-old Greek film, the production is quite dated, but not to the point of distraction. I was very impressed by the acting, particularly by the actress playing Electra, and also Clytemnestra. The guy who played Orestes was pretty cute! They all do a good job of making their characters believable and understandable in their horrific actions (Clytemnestra killing her husband Agamemnon, then her children Orestes and Electra avenging him by killing her).

I think it would be cool if great stories like this were adapted with today's technology.
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