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August 16, 2008
This movie still stands up to repeat viewings. Have watched it a few times over the years and always find it interesting and clever (even though the characters definitely aren't).
Hillary Swank has the most sympathetic role. The rest aren't terribly likeable, which I guess is why you don't care too much when bad things happen to them.
Good early role for Rachael Leigh Cook also, although she's also pretty horrible (the character, that is).
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½ August 27, 2007
Terrible story about terrible, stupid people who do stupid, terrible things.
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May 28, 2013
This film depicts individual stories that lead to a horrific accident in a small town.
In the post-Tarantino (Pulp Fiction specifically) age, films like 11:14 take what Tarantino did for storytelling and go the next step. What 11:14 lacks is Pulp Fiction's profundity, but the cleverness of the script and the reliance on its audience's intelligence are both strong qualities of this film. Indeed, although by the end of the film, I thought that the story amounted to nothing extraordinary, I nevertheless thought that this is the next step in playing with time and throwing a curveball to linear story construction.
The performances are all strong, but there's nothing break-out. The characterizations are off-beat and mildly humorous though they lack depth -- a result of the film spending such a short amount of time with each person.
Overall, it's clever and fun and worth watching even if 11:14 doesn't produce much more than a shrug by the final moment.
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½ January 25, 2009
The movie offers five separate plots of several characters intermingling at a point wherein one character's actions end up adversely affecting another character's life. Makes up for an excellent time pass. The natural performance by each actor only adds to its credibility. I'd recommend this disaster.
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December 25, 2010
People seem really enamored of this ugly, unclever foray into hyperlink film-making. Though 11:14 sort of arrived in the vanguard before more polished experiments in the form like Crash and Babel, it didn't seem to draw much attention until well after its release. It deserves some kudos for trying to use the form in a different way than stifling self-seriousness, and it does make an incisive point about the stupidity and insularity of people in small towns, but it still remains a disappointing failure as a comedy. I think Hilary Swank ripped one laugh out of me, and even then I'm not sure whether I was laughing with her or at her. This mostly seems to be a consequence of the film trying to do way too much; there are too many characters, and with them come too many bombastically interlinked situations to the point where "everything is connected" just loses its value. And if you're going to attempt a severed penis as a comedic plot point, you'd better be ready to commit. This shit ain't Teeth.
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August 9, 2009
Cast: Hilary Swank, Colin Hanks, Rachael Leigh Cook, Henry Thomas, Ben Foster, Patrick Swayze, Barbara Hershey, Rick Gomez, Jason Segel, Shawn Hatosy

Director: Greg Marcks

Summary: Even though they're strangers, Buzzy (Academy Award winner Hilary Swank), Mark (Colin Hanks), Cheri (Rachael Leigh Cook), Jack (Henry Thomas) and Eddie (Ben Foster) will become part of each other's lives -- even if it kills them -- in this innovative drama composed of five seemingly random story lines that intersect at precisely 11:14 p.m.

My Thoughts: "The movie is quite brilliant. The events that happen are pretty far fetched, but also could happen, who knows? But the brilliance comes from the timing of it all. Everything happened at the 11:14 p.m. mark. The directing is what is great about this flick. The film is silly and funny, but yet amazing too. Just really enjoyed it and how it all came together. I also loved the song when the ending credits started rolling. It was pretty funny. A great fun indie flick that is a bit dark, but funny. Definitely a must see in my opinion."
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June 19, 2009
"Fate can change in seconds"

The events leading up to an 11:14 PM car crash, from five very different perspectives.

Greg Marcks offers us in '11:14' that rare breed of film that keeps us on the edge of our seats for the entire 95 minutes running time. This strangely wonderful tale embraces the ideas of consequences and serendipity by unraveling a story of two deaths that affect the lives of eight kids and two parents, each with separate perceptions of shared incidents, and all of those perceptions intertwine in the most unique way imaginable. This is not a teen horror flick, not an attempt to do an imitation cheap movie life 'Blair Witch Project' look-alikes. '11:14' is simply a fine script played with comedy and tragedy and wide-eyed wonderment by a top notch cast of actors.

To relate the tale would to defray the anxiety Marcks creates in his writing. It is sufficient to say that little nerdy people in a small town somewhere are all caught up in two deaths, a thwarted robbery, a case of missing bodies, and a final core explanation of how the whole foolish mess got started. Along the way there are hilarious moments of accidental death during intercourse in a grave yard, a severed penis and its impact on hit and run kids, a rather randy and hormone driven trashy girl whose parents get caught up in the scheme of things... and that is only starters.

The exceptional cast includes Hilary Swank (with braces), Patrick Swayze (with body padding), Barbara Hershey obsessed with opera, Rachel Leigh Cook as the promiscuous round robin girl, Henry Thomas as a drunk driver, Ben Foster as the genital loser, Shawn Hatosy, Blake Heron, Stark Sands, Colin Hanks, and Gregg Clark as the revolving police officer who tries to keep up and make sense of the mess.

The cinematography is beautifully handled by Shane Hurlbut who manages to keep the nighttime ambiance all centered on the 11:14 PM restrictions of the action. But above all it is the brilliant script and tight direction by Marcks that makes this the strong, grossly overlooked sleeper of a movie that it is.
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October 23, 2007
Could this much bad stuff happen all in one place at one time? It made for a pretty fun movie anyways. Reminds me of Very Bad Things but with less stressed out people.
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May 6, 2007
Nothing entirely memorable.
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November 23, 2007
Not a bad little crazy movie!
Its entertaininmg and clever the way the lives of several random people intertwen with one another ! Its a really clever and entertaining movie that is good to watch, an interesting black comedy that is fun to watch if not slightly weird!
brilliant cast and interesting story but its not original as it reinds me of other movies where lives intiwne with one another lik off the map and that saah michlle gellar nd bendan fraser movie!
but stillwith a watch!
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½ November 5, 2007
11:14 - Five different people in a small town find themselves in a whole lot of trouble after a series of random accidents take place. The actors delivery and performances were effective enough, could hardly care for it being a low budget film, as far as dialogues went it was pretty average, but what impressed me much with this was how the story was put together, it had a track back style somewhat like "Crash" except that, this was sinfully fun.Ive been trying to get a hold of this film for 2 years now, ended up ordering the thing online. I was expecting some sort of detective drama, crime and mystery film when I got this, instead I got something of a rarity. Ginny Recommends! Good for atleast a 1 time watch.Director: Greg MarcksGenre: Dark Comedy / Crime & Mystery
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½ July 2, 2006
This episodic really dark comedy tells the story of a couple of seemingly random events happening around 11:14pm to seemingly random people. Of course, there are a lot of connections between those persons, that we learn when we successively get everyone's point of view. The result is fast, well written, sometimes even exciting and with a great cast of young stars (plus Patrick Swayze in another unusual role for him). Minus points for the soundtrack score that seems to switch moods rather randomly, sometimes sounding like a bad 70s horror flick. Then again, considering some of the things happening to a few of the characters it's not too far from horror. It's simply a lot of fun to follow those people through their wonderfully idiotic adventures, often deciding for very momentous course of actions. And even though the end twist isn't as mind blowing as I hoped it to be, there are worse ways to spend 80 minutes than with this mean little bastard of a movie. Very good!
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March 12, 2007
A solid and entertaining ensemble piece with good performances and twists and turns. I expected a serious film, so I was surprised with all of the effective dark humor throughout.
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½ November 30, 2008
A smart, original black comedy that features a short, simple story of a girl's murder that is connected to so many people through a variety of ways you can't help but get hooked from the opening scene. Think "Vantage Point" only much better, with good acting and great plot structure. Its a simple little movie and it knows it, as it barely breaks the 80 minute mark, but its definitely worth a watch.
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March 18, 2008
A dynamite cast here (including Patrick Swayze in a rare great role) that borrows the Magnolia idea of different storylines connected somehow and then throws it all together in the backwards-timeline of Memento. A great cast and very good acting from all involved.
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March 6, 2007
Directed by: Greg Marcks.
Starring: Hilary Swank, Rachael Leigh Cook, Shawn Hatosy, Colin Hanks, Patrick Swayze.

"A dark comedy with killer timing"...A tagline that says it all.

The story follows 2 completely different accidents that happen at the exact same time in the small town of Middleton...and they are both something that affects and connects the lives of 5 unexpecting people.

I had this recommended to me with no real idea on what to expect, I just instantly thought that with the common idea of the film becoming a fad in films more recently like 'Crash' (then again, this was made in 2003) that I was to expect this dark, character driven thriller...I was wrong. Within the first 20 minutes, I sat there think 'what the hell?'. I didn't know where it was heading, but I held out to see exactly what it had set out to be and I was stunned at the finished result.

THIS IS NOT A THRILLER! There, I said it, the American DVD cover mixes the ideas from 'The Dead Girl' and 'Crash' (yes I know this was made before them) and the synopsis on the back gave the impression of a dark thriller...but I always love surprises. As a dark comedy on such a gloomy idea, the film works. Greg Marcks is a man to look out for. Working off his own script, he certainly shows inspiration from at least a dozen other filmmakers but he stylishly creates the film with inventive angles and shots, an engaging atmosphere and devilish wit, all wrapped together with deft pacing...it's really quite refreshing. His screenplay overcomes one flaw brilliantly...and that flaw is his characters. At the end of the day, each character is given there time on screen, but never as a study on who they are, but merely just what they do through the events and you would really hope that these characters had more depth so that you could really like this film...thankfully, the rest helps. Not only is it tightly constructed and thoughtful, but he manages to wipe any of the audiences guesses or 'final words' on what will happen with some truly inventive and crafty twists and surprises throughout (even a few strange ideas to keep the dark humor fueled).

The performances are fine, but its really nothing to jump about. Hilary Swank really is enjoying her quirky and slightly odd character and we are given enough for us to enjoy her natural charisma and Rachael Leigh Cook shows something promising. The rest do what they can and deliver fine performances but ultimately, they are sitting on undeveloped characters.

I feel the need to say 'style over substance', but I would be wrong in some aspect. 11:14 is unexpectedly refreshing, different and stylishly executed, its an unexpected dark comedy that hits the mark and is crafty in its construction that is as tight and well thought out as you would want it to be...pity we didn't care for any of the messy and undeveloped characters that could have pulled the film down if it hadn't been for the brilliance everywhere else.
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November 13, 2007
I have no idea why this movie passed me by without notice. Great movie. If you like the kind of story where all strands are tied to together at one moment in time, you will love this movie. Each individual strand is interesting, at least, and this is one nice ensemble cast. For me, the coincidence of time, while very cool, is of secondary interest to all of the individual stories going on. A fine writing job. Another one where I wish I'd written the script. Hilary Swank really can do anything.
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June 6, 2007
A great little film I stumbled upon. I like the way it shows the different stories of the characters and how their actions effect each other over the course of the night. A bit like Crash, Pulp Fiction, 2 days in the valley because of this but also with a strong dark sense of humour. Overall a strange but quality film.
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January 23, 2007
this movie is amazing, its much like the movies Tarantino likes to make, so cleverly made, with a very intriguing and interesting storyline. Its a film that catch you from the very first second of the movie, with the adrenaline to the top and full of suspense, action and involuntary humorand with a lot of amazing twists in it. The cast although its not very well known except for Hillary Swank and Patrick Swayze, all of them gave us excellent performances. A movie that is totally worth to watch it.
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