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½ November 28, 2006
Van Damme makes this damn fantastic and thrill-action ride film with the train out of control and takes on the terrorists to save the lives of everyone on board.
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November 7, 2006
Intrigingly smart and captivating.
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September 22, 2009
It is loaded with clichés, bad dialogue, bad direction, cheap effects and bad performances.BUT delivers fun, thrills and entertainment.
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½ March 19, 2007
F Jean F'n Claude movies besides Bloodsport.
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½ December 6, 2006
March 28, 2013
Straight to DVD Van Damme action thriller. Poorly acted, except by Laura Elena Harring, and haphazardly directed. Though the fight sequences are effective, any momentum and intensity being built is always hampered by the fact that you just aren't made to care about the characters. Yes, the family is imperiled... ho, hum Van Damme will save them. Barely watchable for the fight scenes and the sultry Harring.
½ March 27, 2013
This is the type of movie you get when you have a good idea but not enough money to make said idea realistic. Derailed is an interesting idea with so many flaws and problems that it if not for JCVD it might have become one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Director Bob Misiorowski is completely out of his league with Derailed and the amateurish camerawork, editing, effects, and plot holes are an everlasting tribute to that fact. JCVD gives a worthy effort but it was sad seeing a superstar from the 80s starring in such a terribly put together film.
½ August 6, 2011
Another in a long string of Van Damme less than stellar roles. He should quit while he's down. This one just added another proverbial nail into the casket of his ending career. I want a refund...
½ October 14, 2009
Typical Jean-Claude Van damme shallow junk, cheaply made. There are a few good special effects but otherwise it is an empty thriller. Laura Elena Harring does a decent job. Not very exciting, definite slow spots prevent the film from movong along at a good pace.
November 9, 2008
I've seen many of Jean-Claude Van Damme movies I'm sure I've seen this one I like action movies I know this one was good.
½ April 16, 2007
If this doesn't get the blood pumping check your pulse, all the things one wants in an action movie, namely Jean Claude Van Dam.
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October 27, 2008
Not quite Van Damme's best effort here but not his worst either. Its a B flick of course with average acting and fight scenes. The movie reminds me of Seagal's "Under Siege 2" about terrorists and trains.... Anyway if you are a Van Damme fan you know what u get.
½ April 3, 2013
It doesn't pretend to be much, but unlike some more respected (and theatrical) Jean-Claude Van Damme films (I'm looking at you Double Impact), this is a film that doesn't forget it's reason for existing - to showcase Van Damme's martial art skills.

This film does that. The acting is very hammy, the storyline extremely basic and predictable, and some of the characterization poorly rounded, not to mention an annoying introduction which explained nothing.

But it still achieves it's purpose. Just.
½ September 24, 2012
Monday, September 24, 2012

(2002) Derailed

Straight-to-rental flick and the budget really shows starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as agent Jaques being paid to escort a thief who unknowingly knows that she's carrying three small vials of small pox on board of a train. the acting is very bad, some of the worst of Van Damme's entire movie career and some of the action sequences look unconvincing for it uses toy model train sets made to look real which was what film makers used to use during the black and white era for as an action film buff this 70% rating is the result of it's imaginative and never-before-seen action sequences for if the film had a much larger budget and tighter acting the film would've been decent. Also because it has more creative action sequences than say "Under Siege 2" another film which takes place on a train, this film has more going for it.

For a low budget action flick this film gets
3 out of 4
½ April 19, 2011
At the start of this year, I re-watched "The Master of Disguise" naming it the most boring film I had ever seen. When re-watching "Derailed" I realized I was wrong.

I first watched this film when I was a child. At the age of 11, the explosions got my attention and entertained my limited mind.

When returning to this film, I hate it. It has lost it's wow factor. This poorly edited action disaster lacks any and all major and minor aspects of pre production, location production, and post production elements of film. Not only does the story make no sense at all, but the majority of the scenes serve no purpose in the story. The scenes that do, are boring.

The film starts with confusing introduction sequences for the protagonists. After they enter the train, a band of 1990s stereotypes and flat characters litter the poorly framed shots. This sets up overblown action and under-designed miniatures. The lazy and sloppy work put into this film is inexcusable.

Though my overall reaction to this film is unprecedented boredom. The emotional content of the film doesn't sadden or engage me, it just offends and aggravates me.

This is quite possibly the worst film I have ever seen.
April 14, 2011
Cheap effects, bad acting, bad script, silly plot and cheap thrills. A movie made on a small budget that not even Van Damme can save.
½ March 9, 2011
ok movie.... but then again i love all his work
½ May 16, 2010
good intentions and a solid cast just can't bring anything to life with such a cheaply made, poorly directed film. van damme takes to a train full of terrorists and must contain with a deadly mutated smallpox virus which has infected the entire train.
i would rate this lower but there are worst van damme movies out there and this is definitely one that is in the middle of good van damme and bad. some fun to be had but this film needed to focus more on the story telling aspect to ensure people could overlook the cheap action in front of them.
good by yourself but not a film that you will watch over and over again. you can do much worse then this
February 11, 2007
Typical Jean-Claude Van damme shallow junk, cheaply made. There are a few good special effects but otherwise it is an empty thriller. Laura Elena Harring does a decent job. Not very exciting, definite slow spots prevent the film from movong along at a good pace.
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