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½ August 7, 2015
A faithful adaptation of Greene's wonderful novel, very well edited and with an exquisite production design, a beautiful score and Michael Caine in one of his best performances - besides the exceptional way that the narrative interweaves romance and politics to near perfection.
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May 16, 2007
Graham Greene novels tend to make the transition to cinema quite well, and this political drama set in the years preceding America's involvement in Vietnam is no exception. It's an interesting period piece as the subject matter is rarely seen on the screen and Michael Caine lends his usual presence and skill to the part of a British foreign correspondent who loses his objective detachment after becoming involved with the affairs of an American aid worker. It's a well made and well intentioned film but I found it a little schizophrenic, unable to decide whether it's core was romantic drama or political intrigue. I was far more interested in the political side of things but neither aspect seemed fully developed and only Caine's performance really engaged as Brendan Fraser seemed out of his element. A decent attempt though but it in no way equals the visceral impact or emotion of the likes of The Killing Fields or Salvador.
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½ June 1, 2008
Michael Caine gives a very fine and remarkable performance. Brendon Fraser gives an exceptable and great performance. A unique and masterful thriller.
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½ March 3, 2008
Good film in my opinion, Brendan Fraser does a good job. Michael Caine is excellent, time period in the years that set the scene for the Vietnam War, not focused on a lot in movies.
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½ January 24, 2007
great movie, micheal cane was great and brenden fraiser suprised me
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½ April 7, 2007
fine film
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October 13, 2006
A love triangle during the beginning stages of the Vietnam conflict. Not too exciting, but with good acting and entertaining. And the historic aspects are rather interesting and well summarized. Not bad.
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February 13, 2014
Caine and Fraser's remake of the Quiet American is quietly not so bad. Fraser has limited acting abilities but it hasn't seemed to matter in his biggest roles. He knows enough to let his co-stars carry the film. Caine is his usual brilliant self.
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½ November 3, 2009
A decent effort on the part of Philip Noyce to film the Graham Greene novel. The fantastic performances of Michael Caine and Brendan Frasier are the best reason to see this film. The Love triangle is moderately engaging, but its the story of the early rumblings of American involvement in Vietnam that is the most interesting. Noyce and the screenwriters don't delve into that story as deeply as they could have, but overall its a pretty good film.
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½ October 23, 2012
Quietly effective exotic love triangle set against a backdrop of political tension.
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August 21, 2009
Powerful political thriller full of danger and intrigue but intelligently scripted to underscore the personal and political intersect. Michael Caine's nuanced, affecting performance pairs nicely with Brendan Fraser's good, measured performance suggesting more to his character than meets the eye.
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December 8, 2007
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March 16, 2006
Caine and Fraser are amazing!
½ January 29, 2011
More or less this movie was boring and not captivating in any way. It is interesting to get the context of film of Vietnam before the huge conflict of the Vietnam war as the French involvement is decreasing and the American involvement is increasing. Nevertheless, the fictional story itself doesn't have much to offer. The characters are uninteresting. The acting by the Phoung character was amateurish. The writing and dialogue was boring. The drama was not captivating as I did not end up caring for any of the characters and I could care less what really happened to them. Did Vietnam only become interesting as the war escalated? I doubt it, but this movie tends to portray this as the truth. Thank God today Vietnam is both captivating, dynamic and peaceful. Now someone can maybe make a more modern/interesting film about Vietnam. Much better than this drab piece of forgetfulness.
June 19, 2006
A mostly well-crafted and engaging film, but a bit too vague and confusing for all but the most intensely interested viewers.
July 6, 2009
I got this through Netflix. An interesting little film about a journalist in early 1950s Vietnam, before the French pullout. Michael Caine stars as the journalist Thomas Fowler stationed in Saigon, living with his Vietnamese mistress Phuong (Do Thi Hai Yen). Fowler's comfortable life is disrupted when an American aid worker, Alden Pyle (Brendan Fraser), arrives and begins to compete for Phuong's attentions. Pyle is idealistic and energetic, committed to defeating the communists in Vietnam and hoping to offer Phuong the marriage that Fowler cannot. This love triangle goes through a number of tense battles and then ends predictably in tears. Meanwhile, the war in Vietnam continues, and it appears that the French efforts against the communists are being supplanted by those of enterprising locals. But is unclear who is funding these new players...

Overall, I found the movie a bit odd but still thought provoking. The love story and the war sequences are not well-integrated, but it was interesting to see a film about the Vietnam conflict before large-scale American involvement. The book by Graham Greene upon which the movie was based was published in 1955, before all of that occurred. But given that this movie was released in 2002, my watching of it was colored by what I knew was going to happen in Vietnam during the 1960s.
½ April 5, 2009
Brendan Fraser is really good in this one...Caine has done a rich job here too. He seemed to brought out the best in Fraser. Are they are friends or really enemies? Are they on parallel paths or simply divergent purposes in 1952 Saigon? It is not long after WWII is finished but the French trying to stamp its influence on Southest Asia-Vietnam but to their avail, this will not be easy for the Chinese has taken notice and become an impasse. A pre-cursor to the factors that eventually became the Vietnam War. The Quiet American is a splendid rendition of how easily politics can get out of hand and create a damaging and damning time in history.
July 6, 2008
This is a good movie. Quality film, good sets, good scenery, good acting and a good story. About a journalist living in Vietnam during the French-Vietnamese conflict and the love triangle that ensues. This is a good movie; I recommend it.
December 31, 2007
"They say you come to Vietnam and understand a lot in a few minutes. The rest has got to be lived." - Thomas Fowler

What starts out as a simple beautifully set love story between three people turns out to be a very serious and intense political thriller. 'The Quiet American' follows British news writer, Thomas Fowler (Michael Caine), and his life in Vietnam. He is married, but is in love with a beautiful Vietnamese girl, Phuong (Do Thi Hai Yen) and is shacking up with her. Phuong's sister hates this because Phuong can't get married and be well off. Then enters, Pyle (Brendan Fraser), the quiet American as Fowler describes him. He falls in love with Phuong, and the film becomes sort of a contest for her love. Then Fowler starts to suspect Pyle being involved in C.I.A. mission to supply a violent military party with bombs. 'The Quiet American' moves kind of slow, but the film's sheer beauty and scenery will win you over. The acting is first-rate all the way with a stellar emotion-packed performance by Michael Caine who in more words than one makes the film. Do Thi Hai Yen does a fine job while I was impressed with Brendan Fraser's (an actor I'm not to big on) great performance. Director Phillip Noyce hits it out of the park with this one. 'The Quiet American' isn't for everyone and has some elements that could be construed as anti-American (although I really didn't think so). The film received an Oscar nomination for Michael Caine's wonderful performance. One of the best films of 2002. Grade: B+
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