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March 14, 2012
I almost didn't want to watch this due to the "western" genre classification. This movie definitely has many bits of that, but I personally would consider it more a romantic drama. ....I have kept my eye on Tim Daly ever since Wings. He is very good, and I swear to god he is getting better, and better looking. That aside..this move was well done, and enjoyable. Great acting all around. Good story, too.
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September 26, 2008
This movie went beyond your typical western to make one of the best westerns I personally have ever seen. A forbidden romance between two completley different people changes the life of each other, there new family, religous groups, and an entire community.

While greed, lust, and gunslinging still keep this western film true to format the idea of an "Outsider" who has typically been a gunslinging badass becoming romantically involved with a Christian woman from the plain people makes a more then interesting plot.

The movie has everything from soundtrack, scenes, action, romance, plot, and actors. It does not miss a step and easily a five-star movie.
May 13, 2012
Naomi Watts did a great job and the chemistry was good between her and Tim Daly. Overall it probably could have been a little better but still enjoyable to watch.
½ January 28, 2010
Pretty good, liked it. Seems like there should have been more to the story and the ending unless they meant to make a sequel or TV show out of it. Over all it was good. Hated that just because someone feel in love or was a free thinker the community shunned them, this does go against the love and tolerance of the scriptures I know. But stuff like this still happens today because of narrow religious thinking.
½ August 23, 2009
I'm giving this 3 and a half stars because of Naomi Watts. She did a great job and the chemistry was good between her and Tim Daly. Overall it probably could have been a little better but still enjoyable to watch.
½ April 8, 2009
Romantic on a superficial level confusing lust with love. I can't help but think that if he truly loved her he would not have allowed her to do something that violated her beliefs but would first become a member of the plain way.
November 4, 2008
This could easily have bowed to the cliche been there done that but it takes a simple and wonderful approach to the overdone plot line. The bond between the gunslinger and Benjo is the most honest relationship I've seen on tv in a long time. I enjoyed this movie.
August 30, 2007
Anther Tim Daly movie in my unopened DVD collection. I've watched this movie so many times, I practically know all of the words. How hot was Tim Daly in this movie?!! GOOD GOSH!
January 25, 2007
The Outsider I hope this refers to stars a very rugged, very gorgeous Tim Daly. Excellent Western Romance!
December 16, 2014
Being overlong and highly predictable didn't diminish my enjoyment of this Showtime Western. Naomi Watts gives a tremendous performance as a widow in a Mennonite-like community where outsiders are looked harshly upon. She takes in a gunslinger who has nearly died and allows him to stay until he is well (and beyond). I didn't feel much chemistry between Watts and Daly, but the performances overrode that. Worth seeking out.
July 16, 2005
I thought that this was a pretty good movie. Reminded me of Witness, with Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis. I am originally from PA where there are Amish people and I guess that is why I liked it so much. The quality of the movie was excellent and the actors were good.
½ June 13, 2005
A bit on the slow side, but if you enjoy watching Tim Daly - then that's okay. Naomi Watts does a good job too - they're a good match.
January 29, 2004
This movie we saw on DVD rental last week. I'd not heard of it before that, and Dh brought it home not seeing it was a "made for cable" movie. I saw that on the box before viewing. I therefore didn't have high hopes, per se.

I truly enjoyed this film though. I compare it to Open Range, which we saw shortly thereafter, and Open Range just doesn't make the cut. Tim Daly, in The Outsider, plays a western gunslinger that outdoes Kevin Cosners cowboy portrayal in every way.

Forget that The Outsider had some "soapy" endings, as one Reviewer from a paper put it. It worked. It was reminicent of a decently made story made into movie.

Open Range fails since it was a Major Motion Picture and well, just look how whoosy Cosner was. How dragging the whole story was, not just the beginning. It was purely something that improved with the woman coming on the scene --once it was known she wasn't married. But it was stifled and strange, it didn't gel into a flick to love, as some older western/cowboy movies have.

I'd love to see Tim Daly in another western film. Hope we will. Cosner can hand that hat up. Go play sissy Robin Hood again, that suit him. :) [OK, so I like men kind of men, not women kind of men, I admit it.] So to give Open Range a rating, it'd be about 6/10, just because it had enough color to be watchable. Acting alone it's definitely a 3 or 4. I sure wish there was a comparison rating thing on Rotten Tomatoes ... this will have to suffice.
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