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May 27, 2015
A crime thriller with a story that ought to be compelling. Ving Rhames delivers a stilted performance beside king of bad guys Gary Oldman. Oldman and the cinematography drag this story through its first hour like a dead weight. Its only in the last twenty minutes of the film that anything grabs your attention. Heavy on the metaphors but a bit light on the acting abilities.

This story had good potential but its delivery is stiff and unwieldy, must see for Oldman die hards. For hilarity the main character our Eddie Burns (Ving Rhames) has a change in his disability- from not being able move the limb at all -to (minus the hand now) being able to control the limb almost fully! Who missed that whooping great bit error in continuity?
August 7, 2013
Wednesday, August 7, 2013

(2003) Sin

Straight to rental and a waste of great acting talent starring Ving Rymes as ex-cop Eddie Burns with a busted left arm. He also happens to have a sister Kassie (Kerry Washington) who acts like a dope sniffing prostitute. Upon Eddie trying to convince his sister to come back home. She's then gets intercepted by Charlie Strom (Gary Oldman) who's seeking some retribution. The movie then centers on this past history between Oldman and Rymes which they also explains why he got only one arm. There are some very crucial scenes that don't make much sense meaning that the direction of this movie may have been compromised.

.05 out of 4 stars
April 29, 2012
Cripplingly low budget and with a horribly stilted performance from Rhames the bland story plays out far too slowly to hold any interest. Oldman gets to be sinsiter and evil but has nothing to get his teeth into and when you think he is about to explode into scene chewing greatness.. nothing happens. Nothing you haven't seen many times before.
½ March 22, 2004
Ugh. There's a scene that explains how Ving Rhames' character lost the use of his left arm, only I think it's his right arm that is crushed in the accident. Maybe not. I don't want to watch it again.

Still, I liked one bit of dialogue, from Alicia "No Relation" Coppola's character. This just after Ving has rescued her from a couple of sleazy Thai mafia guys:

"I've been drugged, kidnapped and driven through the desert in the trunk of a fucking rental car and forced to watch you blow two men apart. The last part I am willing to forgive. But I will not have you call me baby!"
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