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½ January 16, 2008
Great film, one of Leguizamo's best performances.
April 4, 2009
What started out as a bad Rocky ended like a bad Raging Bull. While the last 1/3 was better than the first 2/3, and I appreciated the open ending, this was still a weak film.
½ May 31, 2007
Undefeated is a typical rags-to-riches tale about the protagonist finding fame and fortune but forgetting his roots in the process. In fact, everything about this film is cliche: the plot, the dialogue, the characters, the acting. There is nothing here that you haven't seen done ten times better elsewhere... EXCEPT for Vanessa Ferlito naked. Oh my goodness. Let that be the only reason you watch this film-- and it's a damn good reason, too.

I'd also like to talk about the ending. Don't worry, I won't spoil it-- because there IS no ending. The film sets up a climactic moral dilemma for Vic Vargas (Leguizamo): should he throw the fight for more money, or legitimately fight his opponent to finally regain the respect of his friends and repair the relationships he has spent the entire film destroying? Just as he steps into the ring... roll credits. I don't know, maybe this would fly if the rest of the screenplay was written with even an ounce of originality and character depth; instead, this open-ended ending plays like a sad attempt at an artsy twist to a formula film.
½ June 13, 2005
Undefeated was a suprisingly strong effort by the director/star JOhn Leguizamo.

The Dreamers was a very engaging movie about the human spirit, I enjoyed it the most when it was dealing about cinema, its non-chalont attitude towards the human body was semi inspiring. But its almost a movie that talks a big talk but walks very litle. Take it or leave it, it was a conversation worthy movie, and I beleive that was what the filmmakers were attempting to make.
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