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June 24, 2009
Stop beatin' that dead horse, Ben Stiller.
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August 10, 2007
Black comedy with Ben Stiller and Jack Black. Best friends and neighbours become estranged as one comes up with a new invention to dissolve pooh and gets rich, while the other is very jealous of his friend's success.
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½ November 19, 2009
It's not a particularly memorable comedy, but it's fun and original. The chemistry between Ben Stiller and Jack Black are the selling point of the movie, along with a crazy appearance by Christopher Walken. It was an interesting story, but it could've been far better considering the talents.
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½ March 29, 2008
I didnt really enjoy this movie although its quite amusing the idea of vanishing poo is silly and i like funny movies but this is just ridiculas!!
the storyline is a bit dull and the whole idea is just annoyingly stupid!!
Really not worth much and its surprising compared to the cast !!
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November 17, 2008
"Success didn't go to his head, it went to his neighbor."

Barry Levinson directed this comedy in which success has a rather surprising effect on two old buddies. Nick Vanderpark (Jack Black) and Tim Dingman (Ben Stiller) are best friends and next-door neighbors who work together at a sandpaper factory. Nick and Tim often find themselves wishing for something more from life, and Nick has a habit of dreaming up harebrained get-rich-quick schemes that usually end in disaster. Tim is particularly appalled by Nick's latest idea, "Vapoorizer," a cleaning product which will make pet feces magically disappear, but to their shock, it turns out to be an incredible success, and before long Nick is wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. Tim, however, is still the same guy getting by in suburbia he's always been, and soon Tim finds himself bitterly resentful of his old friend. As Nick gets richer, Tim gets angrier, and he develops a drinking problem. One night, in a bar, Tim meets an eccentric drifter (Christopher Walken) who offers him some not-so-friendly advice on getting even with his old friend. Envy also stars Rachel Weisz and Amy Poehler as Tim and Nick's much-put-upon spouses.

I am a big fan of both Jack Black and Ben Stiller, and I rented this movie with high hopes which could possibly make this review biased.

The concept was decent but I felt that the whole movie fell drastically short of being a constantly humorous movie. Of course there were a few moments that could suffice as entertaining, all in all this movie felt like it had a total lack of substantialness.
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October 18, 2007
Love Walkens part in it. If you watch it, you'll not likely see it again, but you'll quote from it by saying 'pocket flan' and remeniss about shooting a stallion.
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½ February 28, 2007
I think this movie was definitely underated and I think it didn't even make it to the cinema box office, but I found this funny in a Ben Stiller and Jack Black way.
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½ February 10, 2007
Saw this at a drive-in double feature. I don't remember what the first movie in the double feature was anymore. I hadn't really known anything about this before hand, but thought it would be a good chance to see a little indie pic. I generally like Jack Black. I like Ben Stiller in a few movies, but really don't get him in others. This was really awful! A bad concept, bad dialog, the worst acting in the leads' careers left me disgusted.
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August 24, 2010
Probably the worst Ben Stiller movie yet. Jack Black hit bottom with Nacho Libre.
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½ November 22, 2011
Really boring bad plot
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Its never as savage as you hope it to be, and it miss the mark more times than it should. Stiller and Black are much better than this material is.
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½ January 12, 2012
Despite the line-up, Envy was a near complete failure. It had a story to keep it going, but it wasn't a very good story, and despite Ben Stiller and casts best efforts, it landed in theaters with a thud. It was so hard, it didn't even bounce. Not even a cult following. Even though there are some funny moments, there just aren't enough to make the movie work.
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November 17, 2008
This is one of my biggest guilty pleasure movies EVER! Most people tend to think this movie is lame and too dark,just flat out unfunny. I however apperciated the sense of humor. Jack Black and Ben Stiller are great together in this comedy about two middle aged men who work at a sand paper factory. One day Jack Blacks character comes up with the idea to make a spary that makes animal poop disapear into thin air. He invites Ben Stillers character on the idea,but he turns down the offer. A mistake he would sorely regret! Black's character becomes a flithy rich. Stiller's character has to live next to this guy,in his shadow 24/7! Wow that was a chore,he soon became envous over his former freind. He goes nuts and loses his job. One things lead to another and his character gets drunk and kills Black's hourse. Unsure of what to do he goes to the bum for help. Want more? What the movie...
This movie was funny from start to finish! I loved Christopher Walken's character in this movie. The plot is super silly,but I wouldnt have it any other way..
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½ July 22, 2008
When i finally sat down to watch this when it came on sattelite, all ill say is if its raining and nothing else is on..... watch this its sorta ...meh
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July 12, 2008
Nothing special, the only good things about it were:
- the whole message about how important the true friendship is, and
- lots of good actors.
So yeah, just watch it if you don't have anything else to watch and you just want an average movie with good actors and a good message
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June 5, 2008
Personally, I consider Ben Stiller, Amy Poehler, and Jack Black great comedians, especially Jack Black. Still, this movie blows.
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March 6, 2007
Could've been a lot better.
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½ September 13, 2006
I ENVY people who haven't watched this BS!
February 26, 2014
"Envy" the unsung comedic classic starring Ben Stiller and Jack Black, is absolutely hilarious and I'm surprised I haven't reviewed it sooner. When Nick (Black) invents a spray that eliminates dog doo, he becomes a multi-millionaire almost over night and his best friend and neighbor Tim (Stiller) slowly becomes consumed by envy. The series of whacky events that play out are a riot and are tailored for audiences with a quirky sense of humor. The fact that currently the Tomatometer reads at 7% rotten is appalling. This film deserves a second chance and is pure genius.

Christopher Walken is unforgettable as the J-man. The cast is also graced by the lovely Rachel Weisz and Amy Poehler. "Envy" is simply a great comedy that deserves a closer look.
½ September 6, 2012
Christopher Walken stole all the scenes he was in. Hey I tried to say something nice at least. Jack Black could have been replaced by the worst actor in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and that could not hurt this movie.
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