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½ January 7, 2009
"Now it's being used"

Another silly comedy/crime movie with a touch of deadpan humour, I feel I'm rating this a bit high but I always enjoy watching silly fun movies
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½ October 17, 2006
Funny and weird.
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September 28, 2007
I only give it this high a status because David Cross is hilarious in this movie. Jeff Goldblum also adds a whole star all by himself.
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½ April 27, 2010
Chain of Fools isn't your typical laugh out loud movie, but it is a unique film with an interesting story and a chain of awesome guest appearances. Picture Ocean's Eleven, but instead of criminal masterminds, imagine the crew was just a bunch of idiots who fell into the perfect crime, and you'll understand what this film is about. Steve Zahn plays the lead and was terrific as the barber whose always in the wrong place at the wrong time. He wasn't my favorite of this unique cast of characters however, that award goes to Elijah Wood, who was hilarious as the emotionally scarred teenage hit man. Seeing this little guy, who Scotty could have beaten up, as the big bad hit man was just hilarious. Wood even attempts to grow a mustache for the role and fails miserably. On the surface this is a strange film and as you watch it, it gets stranger, but at the same time, it gets better and better. This is the kind of film you won't see very often, but watching it definitely has its advantages.
½ February 6, 2009
Admittedly, I only watched this movie because of Salma, but when was the period when they were trying to make Steven Zahn a headliner? He?s good in the role, but it is an odd movie that isn?t a complete waste of time, but really seems like it was the kind of movie where they wrote it, and while filming thought of ways to try to make it funnier without going back and seeing if it fit the flow. This movie needed another rewrite and a better editor. Need to know the power of good edits, Slumdog Millionaire would have been nothing with good editing. Comedies need the same thing.
March 9, 2007
Better than you think it is.
Unless you think it's really really good. Then it's as good as you think it is. But if you thought it'd be really really really good, you'll be disappointed.
January 5, 2014
If you're looking for a gritty crime drama, you'll be disappointed here. However, this is a decent low-budget comic-caper. Had some laughs and odd characters. If you like off-beat comedies - this is worth checking out.
January 10, 2014
"Chain of Fools" is one of those gems that you stumble upon and wonder why it didn't get more widespread attention when it came out. The cast is full of talent, Steve Zahn, David Cross, Salma Hayek, Jeff Goldblum, Elijah Wood, David Hyde Pierce(Briefly), and Craig Ferguson(Very briefly) are a cast to die for.

The story is humorous and original. There is a quirkiness and charm that is evident in many Zahn films and is definitely felt in this picture. The chain of events that follow the incidental stabbing of a thief in a mild mannered barber's shop make for amusing entertainment. If you like the cast and have a quirky sense of humor, this is definitely worth a watch.
½ October 19, 2013
Another film where David Cross is rather prominently featured and I somehow missed it? C'mon, I even saw Curious George for fuck's sake! This is a hilarious story of a jewelry heist gone wrong and the ensuing investigation.
December 8, 2012
I thought this movie was hilarious and the cast all were really good. This fact doesn't surprise me because I was always a fan of Arrested Development, of which the sense of humor here strongly reminds me. Loved it, even though the little twist at the end was predictable.
½ December 8, 2008
August 9, 2011
We stumbled upon this gem in Big Lots for $3, and we were pleasantly surprised. Great cast. Wacky humor. Definitely recommend!
April 7, 2011
Made back in '00, it's likely you haven't heard of this quirky crime comedy before. I found it quite funny and worth viewing alone for the eclectic cast, including an always game Jeff Goldblum.
½ September 4, 2008
Akatanoito senario, diekperaiotiki skinothesia, metriotates erminies -caboses fores mou irthe na xastoukiso thn Hayek. Den boro na po perissotera yiati den evgala parapano noima apo auti tin anousia kai ilithia tainia.

Stupid film. As regards the script, I couldn't understand anything, the direction was also bad, and the performances -especially Hayek's- worst.
January 3, 2006
A Zany and hilarious character based intrecate plot weaving masterpiece. I mean, ya it wasn't an oscar winner and of course it isn;t a box office smash, but it is a delightful black comedy that i truly enjoy watching. Now that i know the name, finding the dvd is another story.
January 20, 2004
[font=Comic Sans MS]This movie rocks! i love that transfestite, "hey suga, i got you some pamphlets, aauuuggghhh! aauuuggghh!" such a tripper! And elijah wood cracks me up how he's a hitman, and when he's sitting in mullets toilet and when he's crying in that restaraunt coz his parents committed suicide. ah so funny![/font] :up:
January 20, 2004
[font=Fixedsys]A star-studded cast that are all worthy of major awards, and intriging and interesting plot, and the key ingredient: COMEDY! All of these features add to make one of the most enjoyable films to watch, especially with a few mates and some popcorn.[/font]
[font=Fixedsys]Every actor in this film is superb, all delivering their lines brilliantly - especially Ms Cocoa, who is conviently always around. -lol-[/font]
[font=Fixedsys]I suggest you see this one![/font]
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