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December 15, 2009
I am actually not really a Christina Ricci fan nor werevolves Movie but this was not Bad.
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January 13, 2008
Not the most exciting horror movie. Pretty dull in the first half, seriously considered switching it off, but decided to stick with it. Can't honestly say I am glad that I did, but it did pick up.
The cast is decent, especially Christina Ricci and Judy Greer, (she was actually pretty funny when she got going). I think this was meant to be funny more than scary, though quite honestly, it falls flat in both directions.
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½ May 24, 2010
Wes Craven's "Scream" take on the Werewolf horror subgenre, but it isn't quite as successful as his spoofing of the slasher genre. The special effects are cheesy and bring attention to themselves at all times, pulling you out of the experience. This makes it harder to be scared or care about these characters. Add in lame dialogue and a predictable plot and you have an a recipe for disaster. Thankfully the lively performances from Jesse Eisenberg and Christina Ricci alleviate what could have been a horrendous movie. It has some B movie charms, although the movie runs out of steam way before the end. I kept thinking it was close to ending and more plot points and characters just kept popping up out of nowhere to reveal their twist (kind of like Scream did, only those were good twists that weren't annoying). It got very repetitive and I almost shut it off. It was moderately entertaining for the first half, before all of the repetitiveness and cheesy special effects took over. There's plenty of rumors about studio interference though, so maybe there's a good movie somewhere in Wes Craven's mind that never made it to celluloid. Whatever the case may be, the movie isn't successful and will be remembered as one of the horror masters low points.
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½ January 1, 2010
Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven try and add a little bit of Scream charm to werewolf movies. Unfortunately rumours abound of studio interference. It certainly seems uneven, nervously mixing between comedy and horror. Eisenberg gives a performance he would later perfect for the much more complete Zombieland. The effects are jarring with neither the CGI nor costume being believable. The twist was OK as I convinced myself the ending would be as predictable as the rest. Some nice jumps, some nice jokes but a disappointing film with a lot of potential.
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½ November 18, 2009
Really bizarre, but enjoyable. It's essentially an even more lighthearted version of American Werewolf. I'd almost say it's a straight comedy in the way that the dialogue went and shear ridiculous circumstances. Christina Ricci and Jesse Eisenberg were both really good and fun to see react to being werewolves. Then there's crazy Joshua Jackson and Milo Ventimiglia, who were the true sellers. It's a nice switch from Wes Craven, and it shows that he has a sense of humor.
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June 11, 2008
"No, I'm not gay, I'm cursed!
- I know it must feel like that sometimes...
No, I'm cursed by the Mark of the Beast!"

"Cursed" is a fine example of a horror movie that doesn't take itself seriously. In fact the word "horror" is not suitable for this movie. The target audience has probably been people in their mid teens cause there is NOTHING scary or horrific about "Cursed".

If you do a movie about werewolves, try to at least do the scenes where they chacge from human to beast in a proper way. In "Cursed", the filmmakers have used cheap looking CGI. The werevolves don't look real, if that's the right word.

Jesse Eisenberg, who plays Jimmy, does one of the worst performances I've ever seen on the big screen. Every second of his "acting" was a torture. Christina Ricci? What made her sign the contract for this film? Probably a big paycheck...

The only thing that saves "Cursed" from getting the lowest score is the first scene that introduces the werewolf. Besides that, the film is complete rubbish.
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June 17, 2008
Was this really only 2005? Seems like it's been much longer since this came out. Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven's attempt to repeat the success of Scream is not a complete failure, but doesn't come close to being as entertaining. I'd say it's more on the level of Scream 3, the weakest of the series.

When I first saw the film, I considered it pretty bad, but I think that may have just been another case of high expectations and unfairly comparing it to previous films. Having just watched it again, I'd say its a pretty decent horror flick - better than a lot of the crap that comes out these days. It's got some scares, some twists, and plenty of humor. But it's not without its problems. Problem number one: Christina Ricci in the lead. Fine, cast her in some of those quirky independent films. Just keep her out of mainstream popcorn flicks - or at least out of leading roles. She's not a very good actress and she's just kinda goofy looking.

But the biggest problem with this film was studio interference. With most of the film completed, the studio demanded drastic changes and reshoots, removing whole characters and storylines, recasting roles, and altering the very plot. We'll probably never get to see the original footage, so it's difficult to say how it could have been. (Don't mistake the "unrated" version for this - it's simply the same "new" version of the film, with tiny reinstated snippets of gore or language that had been cut for a PG-13 rating.)
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½ September 7, 2007
Crap. A crappy werewolf movie that only shows you a fully turned wolf once and it looks like crap. The story is mixed up and the reveal at the end isn't a suprise at all.
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August 5, 2007
I really liked it. Like i've said before, I love anything that has to do with the supernatural and I love Christina Ricci.
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½ June 10, 2007
This looked to be a sure winner. With a young popular cast, directed by Wes Craven and about werewolves what more could you want. Well quite a bit, it has some good moments but overall the plot is very weaker and the SFX not as great as you would expect. It ends up a bit predicatable and a bit camp.
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May 16, 2007
I like monster movies, but this was just too dull. Werewolves are supposed to be scary!
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April 22, 2007
could have been a good werewolf moive if the werewolf dint look like a guy in a garrilla suit haha. good to see christina ricci. i mean come on wes u could have atleast had a good werewolf!. i give them 3 for trying.
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December 26, 2006
Worth watching ONLY for the behind-the-scenes segment with Jesse Eisenberg and Greg Nicotero.
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September 3, 2006
Good scary of werewolves movie and little funny what the heroine said by searching a female werewolf to the policemen.
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½ June 30, 2006
Ho hum. This movie has its moments, but was all in all underwhelming. I think Christina Ricci has killed her horror movie street cred. As has Wes Craven. I did likethe whole homophobia thing though.
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½ July 11, 2014
The creative team behind Scream, Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson, come together again for the supernatural thriller Cursed. After being attacked by a wolf-like creature Elle and her brother start to undergo some strange changes and begin to suspect that they're becoming werewolves. Starring Christina Ricci, Jesse Eisenberg, Milo Ventimiglia, and Judy Greer, the cast is rather impressive (though their performances aren't). And, the film does a fair job at creating mystery and suspense. However, the CGI werewolf effects are extremely poor and don't deliver any frights or scares. An underwhelming and subdued horror film, Cursed doesn't offer anything new to the genre.
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June 9, 2011
One of my favorite werewolf films.
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February 10, 2008
It's not what I'd call one of Craven's brilliant masterpieces. But it's fun as hell! A big, fat, juicy guilty pleasure that's sadly under appreciated and undervalued as pure, unadulterated entertainment.
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August 6, 2007
Awesome movie!!!!!
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