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½ November 12, 2007
This is a good Steve King Story made into a movie, Not one of the best but a good one, supposed to be a true story, set up in Minnesota, thought all Stephen King Movies were in Maine, also never did see Stephen King do a cameo in this movie, if you did, let me know where he is, Randy Quaid played a great part. Found this in a Pawn Shop was worth the drive and the $2.00 thank you for pawn shops.
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½ February 19, 2011
This movie was terrible! I watched about 10-20 minutes & realized I just don't care.DON'T waste your time like I did.Black Cadillac SUCKS!!!
½ January 24, 2010
I liked it because it had a good plot. Plus it?s nice to watch a suspenseful movie that isn?t full of blood and guts like every five seconds.
December 6, 2009
wow this movie had me so intrieged..i got mad at the little commercials lolol yup this is a must see...
January 4, 2008
Well this was an ok movie. Good for a once around, not a do-over. It was a bit slow, but the story was trippy to say the least. This is suppossed to be based on a true story, that was freaky. The twist at the end was pretty cool but I kinda figured that much already...over all it was entertaining...
July 7, 2007
This is a really exciting horror movie ! It will keep you guessing on whats going to happen next, Dont watch it alone !
½ December 1, 2006
A better than average low budget horror movie starring Randy Quaid. Even survives the predictable twist.
May 18, 2013
The plot reminded me of Christine. The Black Cadillac remake - The Cadillac is Christine's brother looking for revenge.
½ February 7, 2012
Based on a true story. Black Cadillac offers some great scares,and it will give you goosebumps!
½ January 3, 2012
Tuesday, January 3, 2012

(2003) Black Cadillac

By looking at the picture, it looks like a Stephen King's "Christine" but ends up being the icy version of Steven Spielberg's "Dual", based on some of the real life experiences experienced by the director himself of John Murlowski if one were to watch it with the audio commentary as well. Straight to rental made on a shoe string budget of 75,000, is a moderately entertaining stalking chase flick after three college males leave a bar. This is an ambitious filmakers film with a twist.

3 out of 4
February 15, 2011
Cheesy little suspense/horror flick loosely based on true story. Good chase scenes and decent script
½ January 10, 2011
do what u can to see this movie it was awesome
March 15, 2010
*1/2 (out of four)

Amateurish and mostly laughable horror film that apires to be something of a "Hitcher" meets "Christine". It had potential, but doesn't come close to living up to it.

Three friends are traveling on a dark, wintery mountain road when their car breaks down. As they try to make it down the mountain they are followed by a sinister black cadillac.
½ December 1, 2009
This movie is good. It starts off pretty well and gets even better in the middle and beyond. I though it would be a boring ol' movie my father would watch but really it has a great twist and really does keep you watching until the end. Not as horric as I though which is okay cause it was a good kind of scary.
July 3, 2009
starts off well but doesn't keep the story going the entire way through. the film is clunky with some silly plot turns and an ending that doesn't really sit well. i thought the film hit the high gears to early and quickly lost its way.
the acting is sub par so don't expect too much from this. overall a film with potential misses the mark and gives us a below par thriller
½ April 9, 2006
This is based on a true story that happened to the writer/director in 1983. Overall a decent movie and story. Well acted. Involved an elder brother, his younger brother and his childhood friend. Who has a scar on his face which he explains with multiple stories to multiple characters. Also he has the longest supply in a Pez dispenser in history. :) Classic comment when he finally runs out. "Fuck. Now we're in trouble.", "I'm out of Pez." On a yearly trip out of state. Anyway they get in a bar fight and escape. Only to be followed by an ominous black cadillac. Followed by ominous messages. Some humor. The right level of suspense and intrigue. Also stars Randy Quaid. A decent flick I'd recommend. More proof that low budget is sometimes better. ;)
½ July 14, 2005
Based on a real "incident" that happened to director John Murlowski, "Black Cadillac" plays out as it's box promises- an average direct-to-vido thriller. Not to say that the movie is without thrills, it's just that when the chase is off the so is the movie. Yale Quarterback [i](Ha!)[/i] Scott (Shane Johnson), his scarred best friend C.J. (Josh Hammond), and his little brother Ronnie (Jason Dohring) have made a special trip from Minnesota to a small cowboy bar in Wisconsin that doesn't check I.D.s. All "Porky's" hell breaks loose when C.J. upsets a local woman and Ronnie gets lucky with a barfly. Scott, meanwhile, is in the backseat of his car with someone else's girlfriend (Kiersten Warren)- who proclaims upon seeing his Yale jacket "My boyfriend goes to Yale. That is too cool!". He notices the ensuing baroom brawl inside and goes in to save C.J.'s ass in an inspired Arnold Schwarzenegger type way.
Not too soon after they drive away does a mysterious black cadillac start following them. After they pick up a stranded cop (Randy Quaid) things start to get dangerous as the cadillac starts to make it's intentions clear. It's hard not to compare the film to Steven Spielberg's classic "Duel", which carried a similiar, if not more menacing, plot. The movie works best when the car is at match with the cadillac- making for someone genuine intense action sequences. Everything comes to a halt when the mood attempts to change to "buddy drama" and the fellas start airing out their feelings for each other and so forth. Sadly, the movie is a 50/50 balance with only Quaid providing any charisma on screen. Still as far as direct-to-video thrillers go you could do much worse.
July 9, 2005
This movie was terrible, boring, bad acting... just stupid.
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