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September 20, 2008
A wonderful new film that takes it's cues from the librettos of the classic Operas! AN Opera for the new millenium ...

Tragic, brutal, and beautiful all at once!!!! I love the soundtrack too!!!!
November 5, 2014
Right from the first try-hard trailer, this film crudely signposted its intentions to tap into a subculture and address themes such as the electronic church, the 90s/00s Australian urban rave scene, unconventional artistic expression and grief and loss... And the result was cringeworthy. It was like 'the cool kids' in a year 10 high school media class decided they wanted to make a movie about how awesome and deep their weekend was. I think I liked this film when I was 18 - and I was an awful brat at 18.
Terrible script, screenplay, cinematography and yes, score. I felt sorry for the actors, most of whom have fortunately had fair chances to redeem themselves. Lucky for them, the whole thing was completely forgettable.
½ July 8, 2011
too much intense. make us want more and more
August 12, 2007
Stylish Australian film, some great music, visually very nice. Well acted by a fine cast. I never got deeply involved in it though, it has an aloofness about it. Still, it's interesting and thought provoking.
October 10, 2004
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Ive been a busy little girl, watching quite a few films, most of them rather disappointing.. Ive just started 2 weeks holidays, so i'm sure there will be many more reviews to come. but firstly..[/font]
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[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][b]Prozac Nation[/b] : Not great but fair, set in the 80's its based on a book, which is based on a true story about a college girl and her battle with depression, how it affects her and those around her, what i liked about the film was the honesty, it wasnt over the top, or glamourised like others, rather it showed the brutal, harsh reality of it. my favourite part was how the film started and ended, coming full cirle.. the only thing i didnt like was the references to bruce springsteen, cause i really hate him, haha.. other then that.. good film.[/font]
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[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][b]Monster[/b] : I really just didnt get into this film at all.. ive never really been into the whole true crime shit, so i dont know what made me think that i'd enjoy this movie.. wait.. i know.. it was the god damn hype.. so that teaches me then doesnt it.. usually i dont go for the hyped up movies, reason why i swear i was the last person on earth to see both the matrix and lotr trilogies.. but back to monster.. i pretty much thought it was crap.. i didnt really buy into the motives or the emotions of either main characters.. and i thought the ending was pretty blah..[/font]
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[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][b]One Perfect Day[/b] : Firstly.. the story line was a bit dodgy, some of the twists and turns were quite unrealistic - basic storyline, tommy (main character) moved to london to study music, leaving his family, friends and girlfriend behind in australia, when his sister dies in an accidental drug overdose with his gf a witness.. he comes back, gets into the rave/electro music that his sister was dj'ing, and tries to find out what happened, along the way twists and turns happen.. a dramatic and unrealistic ending follows with another death (which even though unrealistic, i still cried in.. i know.. i was shocked, but it really was sad.. especially the last gig)... - ok that outta the road, [/font][font=Franklin Gothic Medium]the editing also wasnt up to scratch.. how did i come to that conclusion, as i dont know much about editing, well the story didn't flow, it felt like there was no structure and extra scenes added in for no reason that didnt really fit.. so what did i like.. why did i give it a good rating.. well 1. the cinematography was fantastic, the rave shots and the druggy shots were great, the shots of sound- etc.. when tommy tapes the grasshopper and the use of colour.. 2. the score.. holy shit was the score good.. firstly it had 2 songs of one of my favourite bands.. Lamb.. and also featured an early missy higgins track.. after watching the movie i wanted to go raving.. it was just fantastic... so the music and visuals really saved the film, overall not quite as good as garage days, but still fair, with a bit more heart..[/font]
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[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][b]Sylvia[/b] : i'll keep this short and sweet.. soo boring that even paltow couldnt save it, and i do love to watch her.. i actually fell asleep twice, the first time i didnt even miss much, second time.. i just gave up and switched it off.. very very drawn out, monotonous and dull.. i felt like it was just repeating itself over and over.. .. overall.. i expected much more from dear ol' paltrow.. a dissapointment [/font]
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[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][b]Wimbledon[/b] : as a rom/com goes.. i liked this alot.. there was heaps of tennis in it which i thoroughly enjoyed.. the camera angles for the tennis court were very impressive, as were the voice overs in peters head.. the only beef i had about the film was the whole comet thing.. a little cheesy but otherwise a great film, i love kirsten dunst in most of her films, her accent sounded rather strong, i dont know if it was because there were so many english accents around and it just made hers stand out, or whether she put it on a little thicker then usual.. it was nice to see her lose her match too, made the story quite more realistic.. although his comback was rather predictable, the shot selection and camera angles of the final were great.. overall a solid effort.[/font]
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