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Creep Reviews

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Super Reviewer

April 24, 2013
Creep is exactly what you would expect having seen the poster. It is scary in all the right places, fast paced, well edited and has a great, eerie soundtrack . Those who don't like horror films needn't waste their time but afficiondos will appreciate as a fine example of the art. It comes with the expected STUPID moments where you wish the characters would do something sensible but that, in many ways, is part of the fun isn't it!?

The lead character is pretty unsympathetic which doesn't help but the horrible and unflattering yellow dress she is wearing is partly to blame as well.

The tube stations look fantastic - empty and creepy a la An American Werewolf in London and the whole design is very effective.

You know exactly what you are getting with this film - an efficient modern horror movie with jumps and suspense in all the right places. As with 28 Days Later it's setting alone makes it a must see for anyone who lives in London or uses the tube regularly.

Overall, four stars. It won't change your life and it probably won't make you scared to get the tube but it will raise your pulse, keep you entertained and might make you think twice about getting the last train home.

The director and star gave a q and a session after the screening and they seemed genuinely nice and were clearly pleased with the film, as they should be. Just watch out for the rats which are only pretending to die.....apparently. 4 Stars 4-17-13

Super Reviewer

March 2, 2012
"Your journey terminates here."

Trapped in a London subway station, a woman who's being pursued by a potential attacker heads into the unknown labyrinth of tunnels beneath the city's streets.

There's something about the Brits take on horror. Having been weened on the likes of Hammer, Dr. Who and the original Tales from the Crypt, Creep was made for me. An eerie exploration of the underworld and things you find in the dark, well after everyone else has gone to bed is the theme at the heart of this movie. The first two reels shy away from showing you who or what is behind the gruesome deaths in London's famous Tubes. This works well. Lead bird Kate is the perfect heroine, in that she's not a screaming mimi. She has her head on straight even when a bunch of other people become involved in the story, it is apparent, Kate knows how to survive. Unlike so many recent American Horror films this film let's its characters be themselves and not a convenience to the script, and therefore they are intelligent and not just fodder for the killer. Now, the killer, what or who it is, is never really answered. Bits and pieces are given to us and I suppose if I watched it again I might have gleaned more. None-the-less, this fact does not take away from this tale of bloody survival. All in all, I really liked the atmosphere, the music and overall claustrophobic feel of the modern caves of the underground in London. Watch it, but not alone.

Super Reviewer

October 12, 2010
This movie is supposed to be a horror film, and it fails in that department. However it was somewhat entertaining. The blood and gore was not what I was expecting at all. They should've had a lot more. The part where Mandy was sitting in the chair and the "creep" was about to saw her open. I wouldn't have minded seeing some of that gore. I mean I was getting excited and I started closing my eyes because you know, I thought I was going to see something nasty. Unfortunately for me, they cut out before you could see the monster do anything with her. The movie built up and got all tense leading up to the moment the monster was about to cut her and then it went black. It was a huge letdown. The whole reality of the movie just wasn't right also. Subway stations are open all the time right? And if they're not I'm sure there would be a guard to wake up the girl telling her to leave when they were about to close up. Also, you're sitting and waiting for your train. There's 5 minutes you have to wait. Would you decide to just take a nap for 5 minutes until the train comes? I didn't think so. She took a nap then missed her train. Like really? It would've been better if she had been late and had to wait like an hour or something for the next train. Then it would be logical for her to fall asleep and miss it. The acting in this film actually was pretty decent. I was very surprised. Although the "creep" was very not scary. He was creepy a little bit, but he looked just mediocre. The movie overall was pretty okay. I wouldn't watch it again, but it was aight.
Anthony L

Super Reviewer

September 15, 2009
I've seen creepier things on the London underground but this is still a pretty good British horror film. Franka Potente was a brilliant choice to play the lead but Vas Blackwood's acting was questionable.

Super Reviewer

May 19, 2007
A vacuous young wannabe groupie falls asleep in a tube station and wakes up to be stalked by a cannibal lurking in the underground tunnels. The film opens with two sanitation workers wading knee deep in excrement and by the end of this pile of pointless gratuitous crap I knew exactly how they felt. It ticks every single box of my horror film hate list. Useless characters you couldn't care less about, gratuitous gore, an unexplained and irrelevant back story and a plot that consists of a series of completely unbelievable events with zero logic attached to them designed to engineer a false sense of danger and suspense. The so-called monster is just a lumpy headed bloke who literally squeals like a piggy and the direction reminded me of those rubbish late night shorts you see on obscure TV channels designed to introduce new "talent". If you thought Saw or Hostel was shit, you ain't seen nothin' yet...

Super Reviewer

January 1, 2008
well wot cann i say the most dreadful horror ever the ost unlikely hood of a girl getting trapped in a train station then getin chased by a weirdo dnt see the point of the film or why the creep is even there crap!!
Stephen M

Super Reviewer

September 30, 2007
A poor man's "Death Line". A promising use of the underground locations soon gives way to tedium, gratuitous unpleasantness and predictability. Mercifully short, however.

Super Reviewer

June 7, 2007
Nice throwback to the 80's.
Kylie B

Super Reviewer

March 27, 2007
Interesting premise but a little flat. Still, it keeps you thinking about it after it's ended, which is the sign of a good horror.
Dean !

Super Reviewer

March 30, 2007
A very dark, gory horror. Great location for a horror film.
Luke B

Super Reviewer

September 6, 2006
Campy bizarre monster movie. Reminds me of a 50's B movie mixed with a 70's slasher. It pushes it's luck at times by not really making too much sense. Doesn't get boring and there are certainly a few scares available. Perhaps a less humanoid monster would ahve been better. Imagine Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the underground.
Ryan M
Ryan M

Super Reviewer

July 17, 2011

Christopher Smith has made some interesting films in the past few years. I liked "Severance" and I also liked "Black Death", so I decided that perhaps it was time to see the man's debut feature. And like a lot of debut films, it's neither an accurate display of the director's talent as both a filmmaker and a story-teller, but it also squanders its inventive premise. A lot of inspiration went into the film; but little went out. Kind of like the sewer system at the center of the film; which is within the horror genre, something not surprising when it comes to director Smith. But he could have done so much more here and he didn't; so "Creep" is kind of a disappointment overall.

Kate (Franka Potente) needs to hop on the next train so that she can go to a party that actor George Clooney is attending. She misses the train after falling asleep, and finds herself stuck within the station. When she's still in the train, she nearly gets raped by a guy that we saw her talking to at the party before the one she actually wants to attend. But something stops him, pulls him off, and leaves him very much damaged. Seeking help from homeless people and the station security, Kate is even more interested in finding out who did this to her sweet near-rapist.

After a lot of searching and pondering, it is revealed that there is a killer in the sewer system; a deformed, ugly bastard known only as "The Creep". He kidnaps other not-so-deformed humans and tortures, or even kills them. And he has a lot of fun with it. Oh, and I should mention that in his spare time, the guy kills already somewhat-dead laboratory patients. And I bet he has a lot of fun with that too.

"Creep" does not have a bad set-up; but it was nothing original or particularly inventive to begin with. It could of worked, but it does not. It builds tension in the most absurdly generic way; through screams and crafty camerawork, as well as make-up effects for its creature/monster/killer, and music to spice up the experience. I suppose this would work on me if I was a very gullible horror fan, but I'm just not the type of person. "Creep" doesn't have good enough characters or a good enough plot to hold its own. There are better horror movies and there are better thrillers; why would you see this one?

And then, the film makes matters worse by applying a laughable or perhaps intentionally ironic/funny twist ending, which works only somewhat, but still fails to make the film the slightest bit worthwhile. I won't spoil WHAT the twist is, but let me tell you up front that it has nothing to do with the film's killer. It almost allows the movie to be saying something; as if to make social commentary, but I don't quite see it.

The film is well-intentioned in its direction by Christopher Smith. People will go in, get what they want out of the movie, and enjoy it while it lasts, but few will really care about seeing it once more. Movies like this rarely attract an audience that wants to think, but if you're a fan of decent escapist entertainment, it might work a certain charm; a certain appeal. But for me, "Creep" is nothing more than the same genre mediocrity that I've been dealing with for years-and-years, but the good news is that Smith eventually got his act together, and followed up with some pretty solid films. My advice would be this: see those films, but don't see "Creep". I can't decide for you; and I'm not saying that the film is a bad one, but I just slapped a rating on the thing after I concluded my thoughts, and this is what it all accumulated to.
Jacob P

Super Reviewer

June 8, 2011
A creepy little horror film with a shocking antagonist.
Daniel P

Super Reviewer

June 28, 2007
I watched this film the same day as Memoirs Of A Geisha, and whilst the two can't really be compared, this was easily the more enjoyable film. On the one hand we have Memoirs, with a mega budget, big stars, renowned director and a script based on an award winning book. On the other hand, Creep has a creaky script, no established stars to speak of (though lead actress Franka Potente is always worth watching), has a teeny budget largely funded by the UK Film Council and is the debut of an unknown director (Christopher Smith, who went on to make the more successful Severance). But, despite a somewhat unfocussed story, Creep succeeds far more than the previously mentioned blockbuster. Using the setting of the London Underground for a horror film is a genius idea not really capitalised on since An American Werewolf in London and is arguably the films biggest trump card. After a rickety prologue set in the sewers, the next 20 minutes or so is tense stuff, with lead character Kate (Franka Potente), who has found herself locked in for the night at an underground subway station, running away from an unseen enemy. The location is put to genius effect - the brightly lit corridors with buzzing lights and sharp corners somehow claustrophobic, juxtaposed with the dark, narrow underground railway itself, with mazes of abandoned stairways and old stations connected by ancient passageways (the London Underground really does connect to the sewers and there really are endless and forgotten places infested with rats and sunken in water). The storyline has an abrupt change at about the 45 minute mark which actually works quite well. The scene where Kate awakens to find herself in a cage in the water was, well, creepy, and it reminded me of a plot point in an RPG game I can't put my mind to (ok, so you're in a cage in freezing cold water, something terrible is coming back for you, and you only have a few minutes to escape - what do you do?) - but I mean this in a complimentary way. The exploration into the origin of the seemingly unstoppable enemy is borrowed a bit too much from other films and seems unnecessary, and slows the pace of the film down a little, but writer/director Christopher Smith gives us a nicely unpredictable ending which doesn't induce the groans but instead an ironic smirk and a shudder. The final shot seems to be a commentary on our attitude to the homeless, and although it's a little unsubtly delivered it's still an interesting thought. Creep is clearly a low budget effort and the vision and ambition evident in the story isn't always matched to what we see on screen, but this is a decent, gory, sometimes scary film. Bravo.

Super Reviewer

October 11, 2010
Pre-movie prediction: "Probably scheiss but a thriller starring Franka Potente might be worth a look."

Indeed, Franka did her job by carrying this underground horror (literally for you Brits as this takes place within London's subway tunnels) for the first hour. The preoccupying interactions among the cast raise it above the typical slasher expectation. Then it goes own the tube (ha!) once we're introduced to the killer who has the weakest backstory of any horror movie monster in history. No exaggeration! Writer/director Christopher Smith must've banged his head against his keyboard for weeks trying to explain this thing's existence until he finally said, "Fuck it! Some kind of medical mistake! I don't care, I'm done!" Sometimes if you can't think of a good reason, you should simply not ask the question; worked for High Tension and Texas Chainsaw Massacre for example.

Better than I expected with a couple good jolts but still not worth recommending, except perhaps to Franka fans.
Sylvester K

Super Reviewer

December 27, 2011
Recycled plot with confusing story, nothing really made any sense. I was not scared at all, really!! The script is just unimaginably bad, I don't know what I was watching half of the time.
ken j

Super Reviewer

March 8, 2009
When a women decides to leave a friends party early to go on to another one in hopes she is gonna meet george clooney she has no clue the hell thats gonna be in store for her on this very late night in london. When her friend leaves her stranded she decides to take a subway train once aboard the train comes to a dead stop were she is almost attacked by a very drugged out co worker but this is the least of her worries as it seems something more sinister is lurking in this tunnels and out to kill anyone in its path. I found this movie to be really good some scary moments enough blood amount and the dark tunnels of the subway add to the scary feeling worth a watch but might not be for all tastes.
Chris M

Super Reviewer

August 20, 2007
Creep wasn't as good as i thought it to be. Could of been alot better.
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