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August 10, 2009
Kind of undecided about whether I really liked it or not. It wasn't horrible, yet not fabulous.
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May 29, 2009
While I'm seldom impressed and/or ammused by "gay cinema". We were able to DVR this, so there wasn't even the risk of wasting a valuable "Netflix Queue Position" on a film we felt uncertain about.

Plus...I will watch ANYTHING that lists Parker Posey in the cast. She is always good for a laugh. And seldom disappoints.

While this film is not ground breaking by any means, it was (for the most part) ammusing. With the funniest bits usually involving Ms. Posey. And for the most part, did a fairly good job at presenting some of the complexities of dating/relationships in this day and age (regardless of sexual preferences).

It's almost wore watching this JUST for the first 20 minutes of this film, which are fracking HILARIOUS!!!
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February 21, 2012
I love this film, it's excellently written with good wit. Some scenes and timing were uneven but generally good. A very funny film that pokes fun of pop culture and satirical. I can't stop laughing throughout the film, although I didn't quite like the toilet humour being used in the beginning. Adam and Steve are gonna be a good couple. Everyone did a great job in the film.
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August 28, 2007
I kinda hated this movie when I first watched it on dvd but I now find it funny enough to be worth watching. It's silly and badly edited. Crag Chester and Malcolm Gets are the most unattractive gay couple I've seen in a movie in a while. There isn't very much chemistry and for characters in their mid-30s, they look tired and closer to 50. The montage towards the beginning and the square dancing are probably the worst scenes.

That said, this movie has some really great things on the side to enjoy. When they meet eachother's familys is pretty enjoyable. Parker Posey is amusing as an ex-fat comedian. I actually enjoyed this movie aside from the blah Adam and Steve relationship.
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August 19, 2007
Cute but forgettable romantic comedy
½ November 26, 2010
I have a love/hate relationship with this movie. First of all, it was really silly, but also pretty funny. I had plenty of laughs. The first twelve minutes was sort of disturbing and absolutely hilarious. Nonetheless, it was an overall decent flick. Fun to watch I guess. But probably something you'd shrug off your head in a few days.
March 12, 2010
This movie isn't about guys seeking someone with the perfect body, or even the perfect match. It's about guys with issues learning to overcome them. And it's hilarious...especially the surreal line dance number toward the end.
½ November 16, 2007
History does have a way of putting people together. So if it odes not work the first time like it is supose to it will come back around again if it is ment to be.
July 9, 2007
I don't remember the last time I laughed this loud. If you're too sophisticated for diarrhea humor...well, you might want to go for something a little more high brow. If, like me, you get great pleasure out of seeing Parker Posey as an obese goth chick....well...have a seat.

A few awkward, clunky moments throughout...but who cares? Some really classic lines and scenarios that had to be plucked right from someone's real life gay interactions. I wish I had the line where he describes meeting a guy from the phone sex line who, in person, was nothing like he described...20 years older...much heavier...short...a midget actually...with burns all over his face...and no ears. 'I thought it was totally wrong for him to misrepresent himself like that. And I told him so. Right after we had sex.'

"Oprah has made it impossible for me to have a close relationship with anyone besides Oprah."
½ March 10, 2007
definately on the campy side, but I couldn't stop reacting.. It was funny, although a tad bit disgusting (side effect of coke laced with baby laxative.. ewwww), but overall very cute.. It was directed by Craig Chester, but I'm not sure who wrote the screenplay.. after reading his book, I think the mothers little set up was one of his touches.. Parker Posey was amusing as always.. (although she does get a lot of really... self centered roles)
½ February 16, 2007
this is an offbeat Romanric Gay comedy,def. strange,weird,I likes parts of it,yet some humour on par with 'gross' stuff,Parker Posey is grt,also a fun country Western dance off.
January 26, 2007
It was very strange... not what I was really expecting but still good. The dance scenes in the country bar are excellent, and the quirky humor like stabbing the dog and the family curse and the baby laxative... LOL. Definitely worth the rent--and Chris Kattan is adorable, as is a goth Craig Chester!
December 4, 2006
This is THE best gay love story I've ever seen (and yes, I have seen Brokeback Mountain). It is perfect from beginning to end and I wouldn't change a thing. GREAT CAST! Kudos to Craig Chester for making this. Please see it! Especially if you hate "fags"! Hopefully it will make you realise gay or straight there are two things we will always have in common despite our differences, we are all human beings and WE ALL NEED LOVE! Peace Be With You.
August 14, 2006
I thought this gay love farce was fun. It was silly, but by the end all i could think was "ah..... how sweet".
August 9, 2006
Silly, stupid, campy, but fun. There are not a lot of laughs but a few good 1 liners. Underlying message trying to get love to work despite our humanness (neither of the main character is especially attractive and each has a somewhat regrettable past) rings true as **it happens. Good little DVD instruction on how to do the **it happens line dance.
July 6, 2014
Not really good, but it does have some truly funny moments.
February 6, 2013
I rented this not knowing it was a gay movie, but I just thought what the hell and continued watching. It's OK, some of the characters and situations were silly and weird, and I mean in a cheesy way, and overall there's nothing really special in this movie (except maybe seeing a guy shit the floor with diarrhea), or maybe I'm not too familiar with gay cinema.
May 31, 2013
UTTER guilty pleasure. I can (and have) watched this back to back with itself.
½ February 14, 2013
A film with a lot of potential, but doesn't quite work. The idea is great and if this had a better budget, with better acting and Judd Apatow at the helm, it would probably be great.
However, here, it is bad direction, unrefined writing and some godawful acting.
Moments of good, but lots of bad. A shame, but would be a great Apatow film.
½ May 7, 2012
I can't decide what was worse the writing or the "acting". The sad part is that there are a few good actors in here - including the usually brilliant Parker Posey.

Apparently the writers couldn't be bothered to come up with an interesting enough script to keep the audience's attention so it threw in some diarrhea and vomit. This may have been in written by brain damaged 8 year olds.
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