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March 18, 2007
As much as I love James Franco, I cannot say that he can write a good script. He tried to act his heart out with a script that needed help. Maybe it is better in a playhouse setting, but it doesn't work as well as a movie. The storyline is predictable and dialogue at times stiff. The actors do a decent job, James puts out a good performance (esp if you mute it), and the interchange between the writer and the ape is the highlight of the movie. If the entire movie were just in the apartment with the writer and the ape, it might be better and seem to have more of a purpose.
February 9, 2007
Absolutly horrible...why this movie was ever made is beyond me. I watched it with my brother while the rest of the family went to Christmas mass...i think my time would have been better spent at church...
½ June 9, 2007
Really really stupid independent film, I am sure there is some pretentious meaning behind the film, but frankly I don't care what it is, if there is indeed anything at all. Garbage.
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