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June 21, 2014
Looking at the trailer, See No Evil looked like a film that could really be an awesome, exciting and well crafted Slasher film. Unfortunately despite great kill sequences, the film fails in really having anything else going for it, and the result is a mediocre to decent affair that just doesn't live up to what it could have been. The film does boast some great effects, but it's not enough to redeem the sheer lack of substance in the film's plot. Another thing that sinks the film is the bland, wooden performances by its cast of amateur actors. This is just a forgettable film, one that if the script would have been rewritten and the cast better chosen would surely be a good Slasher yarn. See No Evil doesn't stand out and it's a film that just doesn't have what it takes to really be a fun, entertaining thrill ride that will appeal to horror fans. If you're looking for a great film here, you won't find it. In the last few years there has be a resurgence in the Slasher genre and there has been quite a few good films to be made, but See No Evil isn't one of them, the film is not sure what it tries to accomplish, and there are a few effective ideas here, but as a whole the film just falls apart due to lacking elements. If you really want a great recent Slasher outing, I would recommend the Hatchet Trilogy and the Laid to Rest films, though low budget picture they retained the old school vibe of the genre, and added a modern twist to it that made them the most exciting, thrilling and awesome Slasher films since the 80's. Although I can appreciate the kill sequences in See No Evil, as they are well done and gory the way it's supposed to be, this one just doesn't have anything to make this a worthy recommendations. Once you've seen it, you'll likely forget about it, though not the worst recent Slasher, it sure isn't the best either.
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½ February 22, 2008 was kane...but that's not enough
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½ August 2, 2006
This could actually be a contender for the worst Slasher film ever made. It ticks all the cliche boxes and adds a Wrestler into the mix.
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June 5, 2009
nothing creeps me out more than eyeballs being squished... oh, wait. i know: fucking horror movies starring WWF wrestlers. that creeps me out big time. and spiders.
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December 29, 2009
There are a lot of similar Movies with similar plot out there, only the "Devil" or if you prefer Bad guys are different.
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October 17, 2008
Eight Teens, One Weekend, One Serial Killer.

A ragtag group of juvenile delinquents assigned the task of cleaning up an abandoned hotel find out just how deadly community service can be when they are stalked by a monstrous, four-hundred-pound maniac with a grudge in director Gregory Dark's wrestling-infused survival horror flick. It was a mere four years ago that seven-foot menace Jacob Goodnight (WWE superstar Kane) was shot in the head and left for dead by a local police officer. But Jacob wasn't going down that easy. With a steel plate subsequently attached to his skull and ten razor-sharp fingernails ready to scrape grey matter from the skulls of his victims, Jacob retreated to the abandoned Blackwell Hotel, where he resided in the darkened, rotting hallways while planning his ultimate revenge. As fate would have it, Jacob wouldn't have to go far to satiate his raging bloodlust, though, and as the unsuspecting teens make their way through the crumbling corridors of the once-luxurious inn guided by the very same policeman who fired that misguided bullet years earlier, the notorious killer sharpens his nails, stalks his prey, and prepares for a little payback.

Awful movie. Awful acting. Awful script. Awful plot. Awful is a bit redundant, but describes this movie in a nutshell. Every person I went with thought the same. I do enjoy a good slasher/horror movie, but this poorly developed movie would be difficult to enjoy. It is also not one of those movies that so bad it's funny, it's just bad. The situation for the plot is not believable, you don't feel scared at all, or feel sorry for the victims. You just count how many people are left and hope it'll be over soon.
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December 13, 2006
SICKTASTIC! What a nasty slice-and-dice-'em horror flick starring WWE's Kane and I figured it out the film was filmed in Australia alright because I recognized some actors are Aussie. I should have wished Rachael Taylor's character could survive in this heart-pounding blood-soaked thriller, but I was wrong - damn it!
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½ March 25, 2007
A very good modern horror, quite gory to. Better than most I have seen lately.
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½ September 28, 2007
This is not a good movie, but I have to admit, it has panache. The filmmaking in the opening sequence alone is quite arresting and really did impressed me. It was all just downhill from there, though. I didn't care if any of the characters lived or died, with the exception of the one played by Kane. Red Dragon and Psycho did the brain-washing mother motif so much better. It is nice to see religious Christian extremism as the bad guy, though.
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June 13, 2007
Im not a big fan of unreal evil horror characters and thats why I rarley watch them, but because it was a WWE production I did.
Overall though, it impressed me - great storyline, good actors (for no one really that famous), and a movie well worth watching!
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April 1, 2007
The madman is played by the single-name professional wrestler Kane, who has all the acting skills of a fire hydrant. But why waste good acting on a contrived, unimaginative story?
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November 30, 2006
Has all the ingredients to be a cult horror hit. But they're all wasted in this poorly staged, redundant, and laughably fake crap.
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½ May 29, 2007
See No Evil is the film that started it all for WWE films, and with a sequel due out later this year, I figured I'd give it a shot. The WWE films have been surprisingly good, but I think See No Evil is what most people expected when they heard WWE was going into the film business. Kane stars as a mad man, held up in an old abandoned hotel. Chaos quickly ensues, when a group of teenage delinquents are assigned to fix up the hotel, as part of their community service. Kane is a perfect villain, as he is a huge scary guy, however, he plays a character that has all of two lines the whole film. Being that this was WWE's first venture into the film business, they weren't able to get anyone of name to support him, and there were some awful performances, by young actors in their debut roles. This film was a just a very basic, generic, slasher film, that we've all seen a million times. There is nothing of note and it was quite boring and unimaginative. I can only hope with the development of their films division, that WWE and Kane can come up with something better for the sequel.
Ryan M
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½ November 18, 2011

"See No Evil" is a film that is violent, ugly, witless, and stupid. It isn't often that you come across a film this bland, yet here we are. As a horror fan, I was just genuinely angered by the weak, senseless treatment of the movie's narrative material; and to top it off, nothing else works in the slightest. It may get a small audience for one of its stars, Kane (a professional wrestler), but that's it. Otherwise, the whole thing is a mess; and I barely came out alive from what is quite possibly one of the worst films of the 2000's.

Two police officers do an investigation of a presumably abandoned house that ends with one getting hacked to death by an axe wielded by a giant brute of a man and the other losing an arm at the mercy of the same attacker. However, the surviving cop is able to shoot his assailant in the back of the head, and it is then that he presumes his job is done.

However, years later, such thoughts are put to the test. We see the same policeman again, but this time, he is accompanying a bus filled with delinquents to an old, dirtied hotel run by an elderly woman who cannot give it the ol' cleaner-upper single-handedly. I feel no need to name the delinquents, the police officer, or the innocent old hotel keeper because all characters here are irrelevant. You won't care about any of them. Not for a second.

Upon the arrival to the hotel, the filmmakers are walking an over-used but potentially intriguing path by making us wait for things to happen. I can't say I was involved during these moments; far too much talking and over-indulgence for me to actually enjoy myself. The mistake of those behind the camera is that they give us stupid, annoying characters and dull visuals to stare at for all those "tension building moments", which are less "building" than one should (or would) be lead to expect.

The hotel is home to hidden evil; to be precise, the same man that attacked the police officer. It's not quite touched upon how the officer with one arm was able to get out of the house from the film's opening scenes if the attacker had not be pronounced dead, but in a film without logic, nobody cares and nobody should.

Knowing that the big man (Kane) is just around the corner, waiting to slice up each evil-doing delinquent, you know how the rest of the film will go; he will kill, they will scream and run, we will snore. "See No Evil" is appallingly bad in how it lives by the stereotypes that cannot be ignored in the world of the slasher film; it's a needless accumulation of all the things about movies that I resent.

I can't say anything good about this movie. It looks bad. It sounds bad. The hotel is creepy at moments (especially when there's no characters in the frame, oh joy!) and in others, uninspired. I've already said all that I can about the characters and the story. Perhaps I must discuss the psychopath at the center of it as well. He too, like the people he is stalking and subjecting to sadistic torture, is flat-out boring. The writers tried - ever so hard - to give him the kind of back story that makes horror movie villains like this work, but each flashback and every additional detail is so poorly done that you lack any sympathy. On the brighter side of things, Kane is convincing - if only visually - as his villain character. He lacks the emotions that his character should lack; but he never quite gets the part down as I would have wanted him to.

Do I see no evil? I would say that, in the end, I actually do. In fact, I see a lot of evil. Evil that attempts to assault the audience's intelligence. Evil that doesn't understand how to balance the conventions and clichés of a genre film effectively. Finally, "See No Evil" contains the kind of evil that lashes out with vile, sadistic, violent, and ultimately unconvincing force. The film is far too poorly done to truly be disturbing; while at the same time, I found it unwatchable in an entirely different way. I was not disturbed. I was bored. And insulted. And stupefied. I have seldom seen movies like this be this dumb; but hey, someone's got to make them.
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May 31, 2011
An interesting horror film about a WWE wrestler killing a bunch of juvinile teenagers. I really had fun enjoying this slasher flick.
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½ January 10, 2008
Great horror movie. Kane is marvellous in his role. the movie and the plot was the same as all these horror movies, offcourse the recent ones, the acting was good.
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½ March 8, 2008
It's badly shot, badly written, and the performances in it are laughable at best. Simply put, there's nothing good about this movie. Period.
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June 18, 2007
A WWE horror movie. What more needs to be said?
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November 7, 2006
Incorporates minor touches that would seem all the more ridiculous were they not demented distractions from their tepid surroundings.
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