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Stupidity Reviews

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Emily A

Super Reviewer

October 8, 2007
Despite this documentary, stupidity is a really hard concept to nail down. It's interesting to see how it's an extremely varied thing, from mistakes that seem obvious in hindisight, to knowingly undertaking stunts that will injure oneself, to classical instances of failure to understand, this movie tries to cover them all. It's pretty interesting, but it raises more questions than it answers. I wish I could have participated in this discussion.
_kelly .

Super Reviewer

August 27, 2009
I learned the origins of the words "idiot", "moron", and "imbecile" but I could have unearthed that in an article. I learned who some of the leading authors are in this understudied field of "stupid" but I could have unearthed that in an Amazon book search. I didn't leanr anything about the nature of "stupidity" other than it is hard to find a consensus on the definition of the word, but that lack of consensus hold true for any loaded and complicated subject that tries to pick one all-encompassing word to define it.

I was, at least, impressed by the lineup of intelligent individuals the film-makers were able to interview. My biggest sense of being cheated by this film is that it doesn't do something so utterly obvious - interview and explore the lives of the "stupid". The film also never addresses the idea that stupidity, idiocy, etc can all be defined by their antithesis to a system to which most of modern societies subscribe, the fields of "logic" and "ration". This film just does not provoke enough thought on non-thought, and often ignores the elephant in the room of stating that the film-makers, like the researchers they are interviewing and referencing, define stupidity by a lack of awareness. But I guess that is all okay because the opening disclaimer is that the film was made by idiots.

Just not a revealing documentary and not worth your time. If you wish to further investigate the realm of stupidity and its brethren, watch a few episodes of Jackass and make your own observations on why and what could be considered "stupid".

Super Reviewer

March 4, 2011
Somewhat thought provoking, but really just more "stupid" entertainment. I'm OK with that.
Christopher B

Super Reviewer

February 8, 2008
The worst documentary I've ever seen. It has all the sins I hate in docs: the filmmakers pummeling you with their opinions, looking down on it's subjects and becoming unnecessarily political (of course they start referencing George Bush, who couldn't have guessed they were going to do that?) Also, with the flashy editing and multiple inserts they certainly treat their audiences as if they were stupid. Pure, uncut shit.
Sarah P

Super Reviewer

October 20, 2007
Eye-opening and interesting - of course I'm sure not many people have seen it or care to face humanitiy's spiraling decline into, well, stupidity.
May 26, 2011
Honestly, I don't think they explored the topic of stupidity enough. The clips of the various stupid things that they showed, such as the Jackass clips and the Bum Fight(s) clips made me want to see them interview the guys from Jackass and Bum Fight(s), etc., and get another persons take on why ppl are so fuckin' stupid and why do they admire that quality in others. (Supposedly, Steve-O was in this somewhere, presumably the Jackass clips. I would have appreciated it if they had interviewed him tho, it is important to take note of the fact that Jackass is completely scripted & those guys had/have EMT's standing by when they film(ed) those scenes. Bum Fight(s) is/was very much real!!) It also doesn't appear that those who made this movie actually conducted a single interview depicted in this movie. The various interviews, with the various amounts of video and audio quality, made me recognize that they inevitably took interview clips from various websites, radio stations, tv stations, book signings, & celebrity events, etc., and just pieced them together haphazardly; brevity is not a virtue but, I guess you can say that they got it done. They just didn't do it very well.

Also, the narrators voice is so familiar but, WTF have I heard it before?! On Flixster he's a ghost; they don't even have a picture of him...

I would actually have appreciated it if they had done more indepth interviews. This might have added to the seriousness of the film which could have taken away some of the humor but, I wouldn't have minded if the interviews were relevant and insightful. I found it to be quite funny but, it could have been a lot better.
July 10, 2009
This was a decent documentary about a subject I find interesting. It is very low budget and looks like a television news documentary which I believe it was in Canada. It is short but entertaining. Dont be fooled by all the famous names listed in the cast though because most of these people are not even in the documentary. Maher speaks for about 2 minutes total and the some of the others such as Bush and Steve-O are shown in brief clips from various stupid occurences previously filmed. What I found most interesting were all the different definitions for the words we use all the time and most likely do not understand where the word originated or what its actual meaning is. Worth watching if you can catch it on cable, but I would not pay for it or rewatch it. Netflix has it on their instant queue. I would suggest checking it out there if you have access.
November 3, 2012
The film ‚(TM)Stupidity‚(TM) by Albert Nerenberg explores the phenomenom of stupidity and ignorence in modern society. The movie also summarizes the history of studying intelligence. Scientists and notable publicists were interviewed during the film on the subject of stupidity in the media and culture.
I personally believe that the topic ‚(TM)stupidity‚(TM) is very important, and it‚(TM)s problematic, that it haven‚(TM)t been really discussed so far. So I was very curious about the movie, unfortunately it didn‚(TM)t really meet with my expectations. On the contrary I found it almost as stupid as it‚(TM)s subject. I didn‚(TM)t find the plot structured enough to really understand what the film wanted to say. Although the film tried to analyze different parts of stupidity but it never got deep enough. Every scene was almost as superficial as people called stupid. Sometimes the movie was so boring that instead of stopping it I had to forward it a few minutes. For this reasons I would like to expound my personal views on the topic in the next part of my essay.
People are definetely not stupid, that‚(TM)s why we are humans not animals. We constructed incredible inventions in order to improve our lifes. Creativity, curiosity and the will to move forward are the basic human values. The so called stupid masses in modern societies are not stupid, they just don‚(TM)t have to be smart and creative. The basic idea of consumer society states that hapiness is equal with spending money. Researches have proven that earning and spending money stimulates the same part of the brain as cocaine. It‚(TM)s obvious that most people will follow the easier way to achieve hapiness.
As far as consuming will stay as the main source for hapiness in modern societes, people won‚(TM)t be smarter. But as soon as we‚(TM)ll empty our planet‚(TM)s resources people will have to use their brains in order stay alive. So the formula is not that complicated.
July 15, 2011
By the end of the film I still thought when it would actually start. It's much too superficial, presenting only what's always been obvious. I'd say it's stupid.

Super Reviewer

March 4, 2011
Somewhat thought provoking, but really just more "stupid" entertainment. I'm OK with that.
Christy Leigh Stewart
August 19, 2010
It came off as a 13 year old boy's elaborate Youtube documentary.
sean m.
July 20, 2010
Interesting premise but the same clips that are used over and over and odd acting take away from the potential greatness of this documentary.
December 7, 2009
A great idea ending up falling on its face.
Blind Pariah
April 20, 2005
First up is "Stupidity", which is an attempted analysis of the "dumbing down" of mainstream culture, and the celebration of the foolish.

From trying in vain to define the term "stupid", to a discussion of how the words "idiot", "imbicile", and "moron" came to popular use, the film relies on heavy use of clips from other well known sources and interviews with various authors and academics to try to get to the bottom of it.

In making only a couple statements about how most of us feel threatened by higher intelligence and like to laugh at the misfortunes of others, I didn't really see anything in this film that furthered any serious discussion.

It did have some moments of humour, both from the antics of the examples and from an author, whose name escapes me (duh), who had ten easy steps to stop thinking, thusly creating a better life which will make all those miserable thinking types jealous.

I also found amusing a brief targeting of meditation, which commonly involves emptying the mind of all thought, but the reference was surely meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

Once Were Warriors contains elements that can please many viewers, for positive and negative outlooks alike.

Misogynists, misandrists (term included for Yum-Yum), and misanthropes will be delighted with the antics of "Jake the Muss" (the only good thing I have ever seen Temuera Morrison do on film), as he beats his wife, swills the beer, and terrorizes his children and community alike.

Indeed, Megan of Suburbia would chafe violently at the societal treatment of women as servants and sex objects. Every time Beth (Rena Owen) tries to stand up for herself, she gets the beats.

Indeed, even young Grace (Mamaengaroa Kerr-Bell), just coming into the flower of womanhood is brutally violated by "Uncle Bully" (Cliff Curtis), with further tragic results.

Underlying it all are racial tensions in the community, and each of the children in the Heke family find different outlets for the rage fueled by poverty and conflict.

Optimists might find, in the end, a heartwarming story about a family sticking together under tremendously difficult pressure.

Pessimists may point out a chilling look at what modern society has in store for the outcasts.

Macabre cynics will get some laughs during it all, as some of the line delivery is funny and does distract from some crucial emotional moments. (Pete Smith as "Dooley" provides many of these unintentional laughs)

So, it's fun for everyone, but not quite up to the standard of a SS Spin '8', which is very much like a '10' in a journal written by a mere mortal. Again, I save 9's and 10's for those films which stand up over repeat viewings. I have watched "Once Were Warriors" at least 4 times now, and I like it very much, but 7 it is. It is more of a statement about how my ratings jump exponentially.

4 = reeks
5 = ok once, but not for me
6 = one view will do
7 = quality film that I recommend
8 = great movie.
9 = I will never get tired of it
10 = Favorites

Am I too tough? Who cares. As Jake the Muss drunkenly growls, stay the fuck out of my way. heh heh
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