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May 23, 2013
Vicki" is the remake of "I wake up screaming" .

It's an excellent thriller,part whodunit and part film noir ;not only it features two fifties beauties,Jeanne Crain and Jean Peters ,but it also contains one of the most disturbing portrayal of a cop masterfully played by Richard Boone.

"Vicki" is wrapped in a deadly atmosphere where the keynote seems to be "mourning": the flowers in the cemetery or the altar complete with candles and photographs.

The cop's hatred knows no bounds .He cannot forgive Steve ("Pretty boy" ) for being a handsome man whereas himself can only dream of dating the stars (a two-bit star in this case for she was first a waitress in a cheap restaurant).Sometimes the viewer stops and wonders whether this detective is really on the "right" side or whether he gets on with a merciless revenge .Who killed Vicki in the end. 4 Stars 5-17-13
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½ June 19, 2008
Mediocre remake of "I Wake Up Screaming". The original is superior in every way, stick with that.
½ July 12, 2015
a very good 1950s film noir with a good cast of actors and actresses i enjoyed this movie.
½ March 25, 2010
Vicki is an okay film. The cast seems miscast and tried to do a decent job. The script was acceptable at best. I thought the good but not the greatest I have ever seen. I would not recommend this film.
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