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½ September 21, 2010
This was okay. Not boring though. A bit scary. Nothing like the disney Cinderalla. Some scenes were hard to understand as it was way too dark. I did liked the story. But sometimes it was confusing. Not willing to watch it again though.
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½ February 3, 2010
There are some decent ideas being thrown around in here, but by the end they all feel like a gimmick and Cinderella amounts to little more than average genre fare. The confrontation of Korea's obsession with plastic surgery is always interesting, but Time did it far better, and for this movie it just seems like a coat rack to hang some overbaked atmosphere and jump scares on. Good acting and occasional aesthetic surprises all seem counterbalanced by the fact that the movie is so fucking dark, you can never actually see what's going on. Most likely a budgetary constraint, Cinderella's already barely-coherent plot is further crippled by this lousy choice.

Definitely skippable, unless Asian horror is your comfort food (as it is mine).
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December 1, 2009
This is the creepy version of Cinderalla. Very disturbing.
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February 9, 2009
Rather than tackle the subject of plastic surgery and using the horror as a subtle commentary Cinderella is the same Asian horror movie we've come to expect. What starts out promising, with more naturalistic performances than most similar films, soon descends into a familiar and dull mystery horror. The twists are predictable and the connection between the story and Cinderella could have been so much more. The mother split between daughters is quite an interesting character on paper, but she is simply played and written as a stereotypical antagonist.
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August 10, 2009
Loved this suspense horror/thriller movie! Story is original and I was intrigued throughout the whole movie. Loved it! Got to see it for yourself! :P
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April 22, 2009
This might have been a little more frightening had I not seen similar effects in Ringu, Shutter, and Juon. The story itself was ok but a little confusing as to who was who.
May 22, 2012
This movie is sick, twisted, bizarre, disjointed, slow-moving and often confusing... and despite all that, I really enjoyed it. I don't find it so much scary as sad and disturbing, but I definitely think it's something that will haunt me for a while. This is definitely worth sitting through the subtitles for.
½ November 27, 2010
the only good thing is the mom is sooooooooooo prettttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. It is confusing which is good for a horror movie, but dos not offer more
½ October 1, 2007
The plot was pretty interesting so it kept me hooked thru-out, but the movie falls prey to asian horror cliches and that's what ultimately hurts it. Tho honestly, you have to expect that if you're watching near any asian horror so you can't really knock it for it.
July 27, 2007
The ending has me at a loss. Who's who and what the hell is going on? Other than that, it's not bad for a face surgeon kind of flick. Not scary. More drama if anything. A surgeon's daughter was in the car when it caught fire, she got badly burned and scarred, no hope of surviving... The mother however won't let her baby girl go, so she has been secretly treating her and keeping her alive in a secret room. She made many skin masks for her daughter but they were temporary and requires constant change throughout the years. When a little orphan wandered to her door, she took the child in and used her face for her daughter's. As adults, the adopted daughter it seems lived in solitude in the secret room and was discovered late in the movie by the real daughter... hence confusion here, the line seemed to blur on which girl is the real daughter. A sad ending.
½ May 25, 2007
I love this movie.. it doesn't beat out Tale of Two Sisters as my favorite Asian extreme.. but comes close.. I really didn't see it coming.. I thought I had it figured out.. but not quite..
½ April 12, 2013
Bong Man-dae's Cinderella is one of the most criminally under appreciated horror movies of the 2000's. If you have any taste for horror, you will track down and watch this movie immediately. It takes much influence from the Giallo films of Italian directors like Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci, which emphasize gore, psychological trauma, and emotional impact over beat-by-beat storytelling. It liberally blends the real with the fantastic, often switching points of view to create an atmosphere of complete psychological damage.

The setup is simple, a mother and plastic surgeon who is obsessed with her daughter's beauty performs several operations on her daughter's friends, who begin to die of seemingly self inflicted injuries. From that, you'd think you'd know where the film was going, but like a good Giallo film, the most obvious twist is really just the tip of the damn iceberg. The situation becoming more grizzly and horrific than you could possibly guess from the outset. The best part is, though there is a pretty definitive villain of the story, the real villain of the story is South Korea's (and indeed most of the civilized world's) obsession with physical beauty.

If you like movies like Deep Red, Tenebrae, and Audition, you MUST see this movie.

Rock on Fright Knights and keep the darkness scary.

-Count Jackula
½ October 7, 2012
Pensaba que este filme iba a ser muy bueno pero me decepcionó. La trama es muy lenta y tediosa. Hay muy pocos momentos de susto y no son muy originales. Además de que el climax es confuso. Otra cosa que me llamó la atención es que no tuviera un elenco muy virtuoso, ya que usualmente las producciones koreanas no importa el género siempre cuentan con un elenco talentoso, pero aquí las actuaciones son para salir del paso. Lástima, ya que la trama general tenía una buena idea pero fué plasmada pobremente.
January 22, 2010
definately not the little kids story i have known. this is one horror/suspence movie that acctually scared me and kept me on the edge of my seat. there is mystery behind every character. you have to pay very close attention to the story or else you will get lost and stay lost. of course it isnt in english, but i think that adds more intensity to the movie. the plot was unique and i have never seen anything like it before. the only thing that bugged me was the ending really, it wasnt what i would have had happen.
½ November 27, 2009
There was only a couple things about this movie that bugged me. At some points it got really confusing. That and some of the young girl actresses got annoying. Other than that, it was great. Once the movie ends, you get the whole story put into your mind. It is a crazy story, but you feel relieved for the fact that you are kept in suspense the whole time. This movie hits hard on a personal level between mother and daughter. A real added twist would be the fact that the mom is a plastic surgeon. The name of the movie is Cinderella. Everyone knows the story of Cinderella. This film takes the concept of not fitting in and being pretty from Cinderella and really puts a demented twist on it. Very interesting movie to watch.
½ November 6, 2009
It takes guts to be pretty

Hyunsu is a Korean teenager with a mother who performs face-lifts. Superficial beauty has become the latest rage with kids and Hyunsu?s friends begin pursuing her mom to perform surgeries; however, shortly after having the surgery, the children begin seeing things and some of the kids die. As Hyunsu begins investigating why these things are happening to her friends, she uncovers a tragic past of her own.

?I want a pretty face and a birthday party!?

Man-dae Bong, director of Masitneun Sex Geurigo, delivers Cinderella. The storyline for this picture is rather intricate and far more involved than I anticipated. The characters are well developed but delivered in a frustrating manner. I had to keep asking my wife, ?is she doing ?X? to person ?Y? or is this really _____.? The acting is solid despite the film containing cast members you would not recognize.

?It?s time to become pretty. Open your mouth.?

Overall, this movie was better than I anticipated; however, it can be a very frustrating film at times. First, there were many scenes in the dark that did not need to be (who has a birthday party with the lights off). The mother was also a very frustrating character who could be mean and conniving one moment and then spontaneously overcome by grief. Nevertheless, the ultimate resolve of the film was interesting even if you never know what ultimately happened.

?First, I?m going to stick a needle up your nose.?

Grade: C+
September 27, 2009
Hmm...I'm a bit at a loss as to what to say about the movie. Its more of a suspense than a horror movie. The only moments the audience even remotely feels scared are in the first moments of the movie. I'll try not to give spoilers, but the strange happenings that cause death to her friends are unjustified. And as such, you wonder why the antagonist doesn't just go after the main character. The movie tends to leave you lost.

Besides that, I like the movie for the plot. The premise is interesting and the movie does well at telling the story.

I still don't like the protagonist very much and the ending left me at a loss. I would not recommend this solely for the ending, but if you think the plot will be interesting, then you won't be disappointed. See it, if you want. Whatever.
½ April 8, 2007
scary. poor / confusing ending though.
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