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Antikörper (Antibodies) Reviews

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Super Reviewer

January 11, 2011
Splendid German made serial-killer thriller. Yeah it's very similar to the likes of "The Silence of the Lambs" and "Se7en" but it's's still gripping and grisly enough for fans of the genre to enjoy with a plethora of twists to keep you hooked till the end. André Hennicke is creepy in the extreme as the sick paeodophillic killer. The films ending is an odd one but it doesn't completely ruin the film. Worth a watch!
Thomas J

Super Reviewer

January 3, 2011
Not since the movie "Seven" has a dark thriller been as disturbingly exciting to watch. Slow at times, but those moments are needed to catch your breath!! As far as psychological thrillers go, this one is hard to beat! Only flaw is reading subtitles distracts from the tension!

Super Reviewer

March 28, 2010
"What did you expect? Hannibal Lecter?"

Long wanted serial killer Gabriel Engel gets arrested in a spectacular police strike. Small town cop Michael Martens travels to the big city to interrogate him. He associates a brutal murder case with the killer's method and hopes to close the case by getting a confession from Engel. Instead the clash of the two totally opposite characters shakes Michaels beliefs to the ground, turning him into a dangerous threat to the people around him.

This is a very dark, very twisted, very well made serial killer flick that has much in common with Michael Mann's "Manhunter" and Demme's "Silence of the Lambs". It has what some would call an aberrant sexual slant. After a suspected serial killer with a Hannibal Lector-style genius is finally captured, a country cop is brought in to get the psychopath to spill his guts. What he spills embroils the cop in a complex web of dark sexuality and strange discoveries involving his own family. Director Christian Alvart maintains the tension and does not shy away from disturbing imagery. The material involving the murders of children is potent but not gory. One scene involving a girl slashed upwards from the vagina is suitably horrific. Special mention must go to composer Michl Britsch for his disturbing, industrial score. This grim German film that explores the darkest recesses of human behavior is an absolute winner.
The Gandiman
The Gandiman

Super Reviewer

January 7, 2010
"Silence of the Lambs" German ripoff is not without its own distinctive appeal. It reaches for great psychological struggle and almost gets there but is hampered by out of character twists and bridled exploration of Möhring's psyche.

Super Reviewer

October 4, 2009
After seeing Pandorum I decided to give Alvart's previous film a try.
As it turns out I'm glad I did because Antibodies is a damn fine psychological thriller with a bit of Silence of the Lambs thrown in. Nice twists and an unexpected ending.
On the down side: It feels every bit of its 127 minute running time and the CGd deer look like crap.
Drew S

Super Reviewer

February 28, 2009
Derivative, hackneyed and over-obvious in every possible narrative sense, Antibodies is only as enjoyable a film as your brain will let it be. It's basically Germany's response to those really shitty police procedural thrillers with sociopaths that Hollywood drowned in after Silence of the Lambs. The results here are as expected; mechanical, overworked, and simplified for the sake of accessibility, Antibodies is out to get as many pulses pounding as possible and then fade from view completely.

It's fun in a hilarious trashy sort of way, and I found that most of the allegedly shocking dialogue was really just mindless rude babbling. The serial pederast/murderer on display here never really earns the right to jerk off while about cutting a little boy into pieces after raping him, simply because he's just poorly conceived. He's a tool for shock, not a character. Even sociopaths need to have compelling qualities...Engel is just a collection of rapey soundbites and lascivious sexual threats. My brother and I just laughed throughout most of the movie.

To make matters worse, the film is rammed full of shallow-cut attacks on religion, saying nothing new and not doing a particularly good job of it. I'm about as far away from religious as you can get, but to me this just came across as the immature ramblings of a cynical director. The power of a higher deity is laid bare - Christian Alvart's screenplay would completely reject the notion of a just or omnipotent God - yet toward the end of the film the main character's belief in God is seen as redemptive and reaffirmed. So really the movie is just confused. Is God only sort of there? Does he just kind of tune in when he feels like it?

The movie is vaguely fun to watch, especially given its sensible and colorful visuals, but it's an ideological mess and a massive ripoff of infinitely superior Hollywood movies. I guess if you're hard up for ~*~SHOCKING MOVIES~*~ this might do in a pinch. Then again, if you've actually seen a truly shocking movie, this is going to hit about as hard as weak piss.

Super Reviewer

October 11, 2008
Hugely derivative serial killer genre movie which, despite the director's denial on the extras, cribs mercilessly from 'Silence of the Lambs' and 'Seven'. Lush cinematography and score, and a cracking opening help but deja vu soon creeps in, and as for the ending .......
Lady D

Super Reviewer

April 21, 2007
Antibodies really exceded my expectations on many levels. Firstly as a fictional story of a serial killer, this has to be the best one since ?The Silence of the Lambs?. It was controversial, made you feel uncomfortable in parts, it was casted well, especially in the case of the serial killer.

In terms of World Cinema, this is way up there with the best, it?s also high up there as a Thriller, as there are twists and turns that left me shouting at the tv screen!

If you enjoy films which cover any of these genres (Serial Killer, World cinema and Thrillers) give it a watch, it?s impressive, you won?t be disappointed.
Ross C

Super Reviewer

February 7, 2007
Another moralistic murder mystery in the Silence of the Lambs interview with a serial killer style. Though this movie feels much more sinister throughout with a grittier & gory edge. The plot's central premise is clearly a religious (mis)concept, which is very annoying, but putting that aside it's still a good, clever idea for a story.
Luke B

Super Reviewer

July 30, 2008
Spectacularly portrayed German thriller that owes a lot to Se7en and Silence of the Lambs. Not that this film would be afraid to admit such a thing, since it even mentions Hannibal Lecter by name. The film's main star is the absolutely wonderful cinematography, and ironically it is often a brightly lit film which doesn't make it any less unsettling. The ending builds to an unbearable nerve shredding crescendo. The journey of the main character is one of paranoia, love and fighting the beast within. The film is at its best when in the lush visuals of the countryside as it avoids comparison to other work. Hell even the opening credits are wonderful. An excellent piece of film making.
Jens S

Super Reviewer

December 3, 2007
Another German thriller following American footsteps, this time a pretty graphic mix of "Silence of the lambs", "The Pledge" and "Se7en". The acting, especially of Andre Hennicke as one of the most evil persons ever put on German film, is pretty good, so is the cinematography. While some parts of the plot are more surprising than others the movie still entertains at any moment, is sometimes even downright exciting. Only the ending with the CGI deer is somewhat odd, as well the rather strong religious undertones of some parts. Some people might also be put off by the very vulgar language, nudity and violence. For those who don't mind all that, a pretty good thriller.

Super Reviewer

October 28, 2007
This guy makes Hannibal Lecter look like big bird. This movie will freak you out, unsure why never heard of it when it made the movie rounds. A worth buy. Will be sure to make her crawl up next to you. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Alex M

Super Reviewer

August 2, 2011
This was a great movie for three reasons. First, perfect pacing. It starts off pretty interesting, builds up in the second act by presenting questions, and in the third act has you dying to know what's going to happen next. The ending scene was done really well, although I can think of an outcome I would have liked way more.
The pacing of this movie was done almost as well as Das Experiment, confirming my prejudice that Germans are just awesome at planning shit out.
Second reason this movie was great, it blurred the lines of morality. Good vs evil isn't just overused, it's unrealistic. In the real world, there are no good or bad people, but there are plenty of people trying to be "good." Antikoerper presents a conflicted main character who comes off as very human, struggling to be a good person while his "bad" animal instincts are being awakened. The blurring could have gone further, it could have gone into how good/evil is purely subjective, but for what it did, it did it very well.
And lastly, there's the killer. I loved this guy. He's one of those bad guys who just loves being bad. He mindfucks the main character into questioning everything he knows, sets up an awesome plot, and has the mannerisms of both a sadistic bastard and an evil genius. And yes, the awful german language helps his intensity.
If I had to nitpick, some of the decisions the main guy makes are a bit out there. Not so out there that you'll be like, WTF?, but just out there enough to make you think it's kind of unrealistic. Still, it earns the four stars I rated it.
Sylvester K

Super Reviewer

September 5, 2013
One of the best serial killer thriller ever, filled with religious reference and cruel psychological torment. The film constantly challenges vierwers' psyche and makes you think about what is going with the events and who is the real killer of Lucia. Great performance from everyone and shockingly blatant in it's graphic details, a grand German film.

Super Reviewer

March 24, 2009
This dark, dark thriller grabs you and won't let go. It questions morality, human nature, Catholicism, divinity, etc. in a pretty interesting way. It is like the german version of ¨Silence of the Lambs¨ but ¨Antibodies¨ is more of a psychological drama.
Acting is very competent from the two leads, as well as, the cast and the cinematography is very good.
In conclusion, this is a very good movie with a very strong script.
Christopher B

Super Reviewer

July 9, 2008
An outstanding horror film that is a cross between Dexter, Silence of the Lambs, The Wicker Man, a certain bible passage and a Jack Ketchum short story I read a while ago. It's great when the maker's of a horror film use their brains and the payoff is just a good as the setup. The ending in this one is truly awesome, something I usually fear is not going to happen when a movie's setup is this damned good. I don't want to say much about this one except, "See it".
October 15, 2013
"Antibodies" tips it hand far too early and closes with an inexplicable third act, but succeeds in creating an unsettling atmosphere with a palpable sense of terror throughout. Slick and sadistic, this German serial killer thriller delivers some chills respectively, but it's not nearly as clever or as compelling as it thinks it is.

Serial killer Gabriel Engels (Andre Hennicke) is captured while fleeing from his apartment, because he is the prime suspect in the killing a young girl several years earlier. Small-town cop Michael Martens (Wotan Wilke Möhring) has been investigating the 18-month-old unsolved murder, and may now have his big break in the case. Michael must go to the big city to interrogate the suspect, in the hopes that he'll get a confession. His decision unexpectedly pays dividends, and details slowly begin to surface. Möhring's deeply conflicted performance anchors the movie, as the confession from Engels and his mind games slowly push Michael back towards his own hometown. But soon, as Martens comes under the influence of Engels, he finds himself in a dark place and questions his own faith, as well as his entire existence.

The plot twists and mind games that should shock and surprise are transparent and obvious, while director Christian Alvart tips his hand too early in a film where the run time clocks in at two plus hours. The third act of "Antibodies" shifts its primary focus to Michael and his son, and it creates one of the strangest biblical allusions I've ever seen. The story shifts from the profile of a serial killer to that of a man's existential identity crisis, and then to his redemption, when he didn't seem to deserve it in the first place. Desperately attempting to create the illusion of something profound, it backfires and comes across as absolutely absurd. In comparison to other films in the serial killer genre, this one hovers somewhere just above middle of the pack at best.
February 29, 2012
One of those lesser-known, out-of-the-blue foreign films that proves to be quite impressive, Antibodies is a German film from director Christian Alvart that is a cross between the successful American suspense flicks Silence of the Lambs and Se7en. The criminal in Antibodies is beyond-disturbing and it makes for a rather uneasy watch at times as he is a serial-killing rapist of young boys (I even think necrophilia is hinted at here). This killer has finally been caught and captured and locked into a maximum-security cell (think Hannibal); but as a neighboring town had a similar murder occur there a few years before the town's police chief wants to question the criminal regarding the murder. There is some doubt as this young victim was a young girl who's genitals were mutilated -- but as there are no other suspects in the little town and the officer would like to put the case to rest he rather reluctantly agrees to place the blame of this other killing on the serial rapist. The killer knows how to upset our "good" police officer and he appears to want to play a mysterious guessing game with him ... all while telling the cop that he knows he is capable of many things. Fearing a less-than-pious life, the officer descends into self-doubt and self-loathing -- and he is also bothered that the rapist is fully aware of his young son the father fears might be heading down a path of darkness (the son has killed a pet). The film is nicely layered and structured and the fear of our crime fighter and his own personal conflicts makes him a rather interesting character. He becomes rather enigmatic himself and by the end of the film we begin questioning who we have been watching. The fear he holds regarding an interior struggle between good and evil is compelling and the well-written script actually gets one to questioning everything near the film's conclusion. I'm not sure if this is a case of "this is a great movie" or the alternative "this was good simply because I expected NOTHING from it". If it weren't in German, I could see this as a moderately successful Hollywood film as it has all of the right elements.
March 31, 2010
Pandorum made me curious for whatever else that guy did. And he did this. And it is one of the most disturbed movie I?ve seen, almost strictly because of the acts and brazen dialogues from the killer in this movie. Twisted, warped, look away and plug your ears if needed. Overall, this movie wasn?t bad. It just gets a little drawn out.

This movie is one of those Silence of the Lambs inspired stories, and the cat and mouse part of it is not bad. The rural home stuff is not bad. The ending comes close. But there is also too much directions with extreme moving crane shots and other bits where it looks like the director was just trying things out. Overall though, it keeps it together and is enthralling enough to recommend to the non-morally-squemish.
October 1, 2009
I loved this movie, it had me guessing all the way to the end, and it had great action and bloody scenes!!!
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