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The Hunting Party Reviews

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Jens S

Super Reviewer

November 4, 2007
This film about journalists on the hunt for a Serbian war criminal suffers from being a bit undecided what exactly it wants to be. Sometimes it's a really dark commentary on the meaningless and brutality of war, the necessity to report about it as it is and then it tries to be some kind of satire, which just does not fit together that well. Whenever it concentrates on the ruined Bosnian houses, cities, and the lonely hills and forests, with the protagonists traveling through that hostile environment it has some really good moments. The humor seems out of place then, and the final info texts before the end credits try to make it look like a much quirkier film than it was or should have been, for that matter. Technically and as far as the acting is concerned, there is no reason to complain.For a film that is trying to portray reality the solution to the story comes a bit too easily and realistically. Entertaining but not entirely satisfying.
Cynthia S

Super Reviewer

September 5, 2010
This is a very well done, really exciting movie. I am starting to search out anything with Richard Gere in it, anymore. He doesn't do a ton of movies, but what he does do always proves to be of really good quality

Super Reviewer

July 3, 2009
Richard Gere, Terrence Howard, Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Kruger, Mark Ivanir

DIRECTED BY: Richard Shepard

A young journalist, a seasoned cameraman and a discredited war correspondent embark on an unauthorized mission to find the no. 1 war criminal in Bosnia; they find themselves in serious jeopardy when they are mistaken as a CIA hit squad and their target decides to come after them.

I thought this was a really good movie. It held my attention all the way through. Entertaining with action, comedy, and some drama mixed in. Really well done. Also the fact that it's based on three journalist and most of it is on true events makes it even better. There are some very intense scenes. The things that happend in that country is both sad and sickening. The acting was good by all three leads. Their characters are very likable as well. A really good movie that should be seen.

Super Reviewer

January 26, 2008
"How can they find the world's most wanted war criminal when the C.I.A. can't? [by actually looking]"

An emerging journalist (Jesse Eisenberg), an experienced cameraman (Terrence Howard), and a discredited reporter (Richard Gere) find their bold plan to capture Bosnia's top war criminal quickly spiraling out of control when a UN representative mistakes them for a CIA hit squad in a light-hearted thriller inspired by Scott Anderson's popular Esquire article. The Weinstein Company provides stateside distribution for a film written and directed by Richard Shepard (The Matador).

The Hunting Party does not cover all aspects of the complex and brutal Bosnian war of the 90s. It is obvious that such movies can't possibly cover all aspects of a war, it has to pick and choose a perspective it thinks will make a good and informative movie, and which people would want to spend money on.

This movie is unique and it gives us something from a journalist's perspective...very ambitious journalists actually! The acting is consistent and solid throughout, and the movie is shot beautifully. There are some smart and funny lines along the way which makes the movie entertaining.

Another good flick that respects history while never failing to provide entertainment along the way! People who liked Charlie Wilson's will enjoy this one too.

Super Reviewer

October 25, 2008
Absolutely another best movie Ive seen in a while!!!

The only reason why this is a notch above others such as "Battle in Seattle" is because of the two leads, which also happen to be two personal favorites of mine, and they were great. Gere should really become recognized as a dominant big screen figure for his quality and work. He is really a screen legend.

This is a great original movie, something different, funny and yet deadly serious. Think of it as a real adventure in the modern day.

Basically, join up with Gere and Howard, the best journo crew of the 90's, in a hunt for the most wanted man in Bosnia, a war criminal whom noone can seem to find... but by luck and a little digging, the team end up literally grabbing the tiger by the tail.

The movie is narrated by Terence Howard, and starts off with a great introduction of the characters and the whole philosophy of the movie, which is about digging deep and running hard, and having a good time to boot. (well I certainly did watching this movie)

What is great is that the movie also has underlinings of sarcasm, cynicism, a mix of humor and of course, a good amount of realism which combines into the sort of movie I would personally enjoy, characters I can connect with and a script and story which I can follow as if it were tailor made for my mind to digest.

Its loose and funny, but the story is set and keeps on track. The music is a mix of rock and simple easy beats, which change according to the mood of each scene.

The best way of describing this movie is like watching films like 3 Kings, Jarhead and El Salvador (which i need to buy). You have the easy going, crazy ideals and humor of 3 Kings, the cynicism and narrative style of Jarhead, the emotion and subtle drama and the horror of war from El Salvador. This is about as good as it gets when combining so many unique themes and ideas to make a really good yarn, cause in the end, this is what it really is... a really good story to lose yourself in. No mind numbing violence, no brain dead commentary and stories, just a smooth flick of a team of journalists taking a crack at the impossible.

Simple, easy, enjoyable!

Two thumbs up!!
Al S

Super Reviewer

October 7, 2007
An excellent movie. A brilliant gem of a film that develops the story and characters finely. An explosive, tremendously entertaining and terifficly fun thriller. It's thrilling, frequently funny, gripping, engagging and exhilerating. A great mixture of serious drama and wicked humor. Director, Richard Shepared crafts his most impressive work yet, by sending a message and also making it enjoyable to watch. Riveting, stunning, compelling and unforgettable. It's powerful, deeply moving, shocking, heart-pounding and breathtaking. Loads of suspense and laughs. An adreniline-pumping edge of your seat adventure from start to finish. Richard Gere and Terrence Howard are outstanding. Showing their charisma and talent that shows why they are stars in the first place. Diane Kruger is teriffic. Jesse Eisenberg is wonderful.

Super Reviewer

January 21, 2008
A fine fast-paced, smart and exciting true events inspired on this explosive movie with Richard Gere and Terrence Howard.

Super Reviewer

July 11, 2008
Really Enjoyed this on, maybe because I did some work in Bosnia and saw too much. But I will add this one to teh collection.

Super Reviewer

February 3, 2008
Excellent movie! I enjoy it very much, not alot of these kind of movies are made that's why it was very good and original.
"In war what you see, and what really happened, are sometimes two very different things." TV News reporter Simon Hunt (Richard Gere) and cameraman Duck (Terrence Howard) have worked in the world's hottest war zones: from Bosnia to Iraq, from Somalia to El Salvador. Together they have dodged bullets, filed incisive reports and collected Emmy awards. Then one terrible day in a Bosnian village everything changes. During a live broadcast on national television, Simon has a meltdown. After that, Duck is promoted and Simon just disappears. Five years later Duck returns to Sarajevo with rookie reporter Benjamin to cover the fifth anniversary of the end of the war. Simon shows up, a ghost from the past, with the promise of a world exclusive. He convinces Duck that he knows the whereabouts of Bosnia's most wanted war criminal "The Fox." Armed with only spurious information Simon, Duck and Benjamin embark on a dark and dangerous mission that takes them deep into hostile territory. It's the scoop of a lifetime but will they live to report it?
Aaron N

Super Reviewer

August 20, 2007
Simon: I know where he's hiding, I know where the Fox is hiding.

The opening text on this movie sets everything up pretty well:

Only the most ridiculous parts of this story are true.

The main premise of this story did actually occur. A group of journalists in Bosnia following the war by five years, decided to go on a search for a famous war criminal. There strategy mainly consisted of them just asking around. Eventually, they were mistaken for a CIA hit squad out to get the criminal and the journalists simply played along with this in order to delve further. This eventually resulted in the involvement of top American officials getting involved.

In this movie, Richard Gere is a washed up TV news reporter, who convinces his former partner and camera man, played by Terrance Howard, to come along on a hunt for this war criminal known as The Fox. They also bring along a rookie reporter played by Jessie Eisenberg. They get involved in some heavy situations, and we learn about Gere's character through flashbacks to see what is driving him to find the Fox.

Director Richard Shepard, who also directed The Matador, wisely turns this into an dark comedy/adventure film, easily comparable to a movie like Three Kings. The lack of real seriousness the cast takes towards certain events provides for a nice wit for the film and keeps the idea that this movie is supposed to be fun.

Gere continues to show that as he gets older, he seems to get better as he has with other recent movies he's been in. Howard is very good, and its nice to see that his recent rise in fame still allows him to choose quality roles. Eisenberg is okay in a way that reflects his status as a rookie compared to the seasoned journalists, although one particular scene on a bus is way off.

The movie does a good job of keeping the entertainment aspect going, as well as handling some of the post war Bosnia aspects and showing off the locations. The end feels a bit off, but it does provide for a hilarious cameo by Dylan Baker.

The end credits also provide a little more into what is true, although one has to remember that the truth is only a way to establish the idea for the movie, and the rest is about creating a good enough story.

Duck: Watch the land mine.
Michael S

Super Reviewer

September 9, 2007
Possibly the year's most underrated film, THE HUNTING PARTY is a political thriller that blends jet-black comedy and male bonding into an engaging and gripping story. With THE HOAX and this gem, Richard Gere is on a certified role. One of the year's biggest surprises.

Super Reviewer

September 9, 2007
Another interesting role in Gere's career resurgence, but unfortunately it's tonally all over the place, which undermines the film's impact. Can't decide if it wants to be a black comedy or a war drama or a suspense film or whatever. Gere and Howard are mighty good, and the film has some good points to make about global sociopolitical machinations. If only it had been more coherent.

Super Reviewer

October 1, 2007
[font=Century Gothic]In "The Hunting Party," Duck(Terrence Howard) is in Sarajevo in 2000 to film network anchorman Franklin Harris(James Brolin) at the commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the end of the Balkan War when he runs into Simon(Richard Gere), an old comrade in arms. Simon used to be a top correspondent until he had an on-air meltdown leading to his firing and a downward spiral through several war zones. Now, Simon claims to have a tip on the whereabouts of a Serbian war criminal(Ljubomir Kerekes) who has a five million dollar price on his head.[/font]
[font=Century Gothic][/font]
[font=Century Gothic]All of which is inspired by a true story.[/font]
[font=Century Gothic][/font]
[font=Century Gothic]"The Hunting Party" is sometimes little more than just a polemic but it is also an entertaining well-acted polemic that unfortunately does veer off into conspiracy theory territory on occasion.(For the record, I do think that a journalist's role is not to get involved in the stories they cover. Simply report and let the audience take action.) But it also asks questions that somebody needs to answer one of these days. The movie provides a valuable history lesson about the war and the region; showing its best moments(the 1984 Winter Olympics) and worst moments(bullet holes are visible everywhere) side by side. What it is especially concerned with is the non-capture of war criminals, specifically one who is not mentioned until the final credits - Osama bin Laden.[/font]

Super Reviewer

June 28, 2009
Amazing film. The performances are top notch by Gere, Howard, and Eisenberg. The film is thrilling, exciting, and shocking at times. I definitely recommend the film.
William G

Super Reviewer

September 15, 2007
Quite the entertaining war-torn docudramedy.
Stephen E

Super Reviewer

November 29, 2011
Part of me wants to really like "The Hunting Party" and then part of me wants to dismiss it as the forgettable result of a lazy script. Personally, I think it's sort of a mixture of the two. Good chemistry between Richard Gere, Terrence Howard and Jesse Eisenberg and some clever scenarios give it the same kind of enjoyable 'feel' that Richard Shepard's "The Matador" has, but then it has areas that lag and feel uninspired and it closes on a hurried note. I won't say that I didn't find "The Hunting Party" fun and, at times, original, but it isn't nearly as ambitious as it could have been. Shepard should release a director's cut that tacks on about twenty minutes.
Jonny C

Super Reviewer

September 28, 2009
Good movie with enjoyable performances from both leads. I loved the authentic action scenes, and the sharp dialogue between all the characters. Based on a true story? maybe a slightly exaggerated one. The Hunting Party is great fun all the same.
Chosen 7

Super Reviewer

October 29, 2007
Decent flick for the most part, expected better.
Sunil J

Super Reviewer

March 9, 2008
Another exciting movie about journalism but this one is also funny.

Super Reviewer

December 14, 2007
This one has a little bit of everything, comedy , drama, ethnic cleansing. Gere plays a really great part in this as the burned out correspondant. Basty subject matter but it needs talking about.
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