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½ October 21, 2011
I originally saw Hell Ride when it first was released, and despite a good enough cast (aside from Eric Balfour, who is the worst actor here) the talent is waste on-screen. The film has nothing going for it; the plot is paper thin, a total mess and is poorly constructed. Hell Ride tries too hard to be Easy Rider, but fails. The film fails all together. Fails as competent piece of cinema and as an action/biker film. Director Larry Bishop provides us with little substance. Hell Ride had potential, but Larry Bishop doesn't know to effectively build a clever story for this film. The film is sloppy, unimpressive and it doesn't have any redeeming qualities. Hell Ride could have been a great film. I mean the cast here is pretty impressive you have such acting legends as Dennis Hopper and David Carradine. Unfortunately their talent is wasted on such a poor film. Hell Ride is a poorly crafted film that fails to really entertain. The story is sloppy and the cast are wasted. Above all, director Larry Bishop doesn't know where to take the story, thus it fails at being an effective, thrilling and entertaining film. This film could have been something very good, instead because of the scripts limitations, the film ends up being very bad, and the cast is wasted. There's really nothing interesting in Hell Ride, and it is actually one of the worst films that I have seen. The film tries too hard at being a clone of Easy Rider, and it fails. I hated this film.
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July 3, 2009
I didn't think "Hell Ride" was all that terrible, but it completely failed to capture the spirit of Grindhouse cinema and in the end wasn't all that fun (despite trying real hard to be). Larry Bishop's direction is kind of flat and inept, but it's his performance as one of the most uninspired, bargain-basement bad-asses ever that really underwhelms. At about 80 minutes, the film is harmless entertainment, Albeit the most forgettable kind. On a more positive note, it's always nice seeing Michael Madsen and Vinnie Jones.
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½ June 26, 2010
this move sucked so bad. it was painfull to sit through. quentin tarantino produced this, what the hell was he thinking. F
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½ September 2, 2009
A bit of a shambles in every respect. It was hard to figure out what the hell was going on, with the incoherent story, choppy narrative and poor acting. The acting is really bad, mostly from Bishop. He tries to become more and more intense, but just comes off as lecherous, seedy and in desperate need of a huge shit. As the film plods along it simply wreaks of Kill Bill camaraderie. Carradine shows up, Madsen and Bishop are there, Tarantino produces. This is a film they've made for themselves, from a lost genre,but haven't bothered to improve on the failings.
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March 22, 2009
This Larry Bishop film of motorcycle gangsters is so badass and kind of ridculous. Everything, from the look of the film, the cinematography, the editing, the dialogue and the acting, is geared in super cool mode from the get go. It took only 80 minutes that made it feel like going quick. But I liked the scenes of beautiful and naked babes - whooooo!!
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November 12, 2008
Clunky "homage" to biker movies and Tarantino-style filmmaking.

It fails on both levels.
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October 29, 2008
"The rebellion against all there is"

Veteran AIP genre star Larry Bishop (son of famed Rat Packer Joey Bishop) directs and stars in this gritty revenge tale concerning a biker gang that rallies to avenge the violent murder of a fellow gang member. An homage to such classic biker films as Chrome and Hot Leather and Angel Unchained, Hell Ride was conceived when director Bishop was invited to Quentin Tarantino's home to view a print of The Savage Seven. Upon realizing that there hadn't been a true biker film in years, the pair quickly contacted Bob Weinstein and conspired to produce a lean and mean two-wheeled revenge flick that would more than make up for lost time.

Hell Ride is all Larry Bishop's fault, I will say that right now. He thought he was making a cool, kick ass bike-sploitation movie but in reality, it was all a horrible snooze-fest and just disappointing in its entirety. The script is weak, it tries to be engaging but you just couldn't care when the leads stutter every word they say. The acting is horrible too, blame it all on Larry Bishop who cast a British actor to play a Western biker and a totally miscast Dennis Hopper post-Easy Rider days. Bishop acts but doesn't deliver, he swears a lot but is out of context. At some point during the film, he will just swear out loud without reason whatsoever, at least that's what it was to me.

Its a shame really because Quentin Tarantino executive produced it, and usually if you have Tarantino's name attached to your film it will lay golden eggs but unfortunately, this one laid green, rotten eggs. There is nudity but strangely enough, all the naked women in the film has the hots for Larry Bishop's character Pistolero. Yeah right, if I'm gonna direct and star in a film might as well get all the hot ladies and screw all the others. A couple of pros before I end this review, first the soundtrack. As much as how bad this movie turned out to be, at the very least the movie's soundtrack was spared. And second, Vinnie Jones. It's odd enough that a British actor is playing an all-American biker but at least he did his best with the given material. He brought his British bad-assery to Western soil and the guy is still impressive as ever.

In conclusion, Hell Ride in its entirety is horrible: lame script, bad acting from leads and amateur directing from Bishop but the music is jivin' and Vinnie Jones is rockin'. Not recommended.
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½ August 31, 2008
You can tell Tarantino had a say in this film.....plot is chopped up and it doesn't really make sense till near the end, even then its kinda loose. Guys getting gunned down by other guys and your not sure who is on who's side :(

Although I like girlie's hehe this film just seems to be an excuse for lots of topless girls groping themselves, kissing each other and screwing bikers lol in between there's a feud between two bikers gangs thats all mixed up and of no interest really.

The cast is the usual Tarantino crew of Muppet's doing their usual spiel, Marsden being Marsden like he is in every film he's ever made. In this he wears a tucks like he's just stepped out of a wedding.....but it has the bikers gang badge n name on the back which is really hilarious cos he looks like a gas station attendant hahaha
As for Vinnie Jones hmmmm should of stuck to football coaching I reckon lol
he wore out his cockney tough guy persona afew films ago now, its been done, its over Vinnie.

A case of the poster and idea being waaaaay better than the actual film I'm afraid, and Tarantino is just out of it now, he's just a name that everyone associates with good films but that was along time ago.
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November 25, 2013
I'd like to open up with the fact, that I'm going to rate this film in a terribly biased manner, based on one simple fact. A simple fact of just two words. Gothic. Strippers. Yeah, there's a strip club somewhere out in the desert full of rather attractive punk and goth girls wearing little to no clothing. But without any further ado, here's my actual review of Hell Ride.

There's a couple of Tarantino greats in this film, plus a lot of his flair in the cinematography, but you could tell from the script he had very little to do with the film itself. I was counting on Vinnie Jones to hold it all together, and though he was pretty good, it was a bad role for him. So much of his power and charisma comes from the fact that he's a bad ass Brit and the character of Billy Wings was all American Male, which just didn't work. It was actually Michael Madsen playing The Gent (in the photo above) who stole the show.

The fact that every character was a 1%er, meant that none of them were particularly likeable. But it's the sort of movie were it doesn't matter quite so much. The "Sugar" or emotion of the piece was somewhat... lacking. They have this whole mother/son-revenge-betrayal-tearjerker thing going on, but honestly it was hardly worth it. They didn't put enough effort in, they just took up their quite short amount of footage by bothering to include it. I don't know, maybe I missed something but it really seemed a bit of a cop out to me.

Take all the senseless violence, bikes and copious nudity, it's very obvious that this movie's target audience is male. Which I have the good fortune of being. Still though, they're often the movies that you sort of watch once and then leave, but I'll see how it goes. Having the main character also be the person who directed the film can be awkward, so maybe this is part of the reason for some of its short-comings. But you still have to respect the guy for doing both in a full budget film.

If you're looking for a short action film that can't pick its pace, filled with liquor, tits, petrol, testosterone and Western music, then it's pretty perfect, but if you're looking for anything else in a movie, maybe go elsewhere. I didn't really feel it was a waste of time though, and I did enjoy it, just not special.


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August 7, 2008
A tiresome retread of Quentin Tarantino and Rob Zombie's faux-grindhouse jones.
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½ September 15, 2011
Feature film from Larry Bishop released under the "Quentin Tarantino Presents" banner, that in this case means absolute nothing considering the amazing and absolute CRAP that this movie is.I don't believe i waste my time (till the credits) in this.Argh!
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½ December 23, 2008
Stupid. I only watched it because Eric Balfour was in it. And I knew from the first few lines that Quentin Tarantino had a hand in this. And I actually like Tarantino! It just had all this meaningless dialogue, it felt like a less-intelligent movie version of Sons of Anarchy. It was trying to be super cool with all these leather-skinned geriatrics riding around on hogs, bedding countless women a 1/3 of their age. And the one piece of male eye candy in the entire film isn't even seen with his shirt off! Unfair. It was like these old fogeys used this film as an excuse to live out their fantasies of rebellious anti-heroes who get ALL the girls. 99% of all the scenes in this film involving a woman, were sex related! No redeeming qualities in this film, not even Tarantino. Not even Dennis Hopper. Or David Carradine.
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April 30, 2009
After having worked with writer/director Larry Bishop on Kill Bill Vol. 2 (best known for his work as writer/director of the film Mad Dog Time), Bishop had a thriving urge to make a biker movie, and Tarantino being a fan of 1970's biker movies, gave Bishop the total freedom of writing and directing one such biker film. Tarantino gladly produced the movie.
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½ March 20, 2009
Pretty lamo! If Quentin directed this movie, he would have made this more darker and bad ass! The story was pretty confusing and Madsen wasn't his usual bad ass self in this flop of a movie! :(
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½ February 20, 2009
Great fun. There's plenty of beer, bikes and booty, with a few familiar faces thrown in. It's a lot better than that Boondock Saints crap that everyone on Flixster keeps raving about.
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December 28, 2008
Im not even finished with the movie and I love it. Naked chicks everywhere, bikes, brotherhood and booty. The cast is fat and the death is quick. It's like Quentin is talking to my soul......
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½ November 23, 2008
I expected an awful movie due to the bad reviews it got. It's not great but I did almost like it. It's sleazy and gruesome but also stylish. I also think the 3 leads had chemestry .

While everyone in the movie are in good badass mode. I think Dennis Hopper owned every scene he was in though. He's still cool and funny decades after Easy Rider. While Michael Madsen also hasn't lost a step since Reservoir Dogs. Dogs.
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August 27, 2008
Hell Ride Directed and Starring Larry Bishop is suppose to be one of those old school grindhouse biker movies that was so good back in the 70's but this one falls kinda flat and trys really hard to be cool. The story follows members of the six six six biker gang lead by Vinnie jones and the Victors Biker gang lead by Larry Bishop and the unfinished business between them also stars Micheal Madsen playing his usual old school cool character and small roles by Dennis Hopper and David Carradine. All in all worth a watch for the B movie lover just not for some lookin for that old 70's feel i would check it out again.
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