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March 10, 2009
I like these sorts of stories. It is like a whodunit, but instead of a CSI figuring out who the killer is, we have to figure out how everyone is connected. I wondered for most of the movie what Mr. Quinlan (Pete Postlethwaite)'s connection to the story was.

I saw this movie a second time and liked it even more the second time. Scary stuff - Belfast in the 80's.
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October 21, 2008
Not that crash hot, although I did sit through the whole thing. It really had the feel of a tv movie, and the worst soundtrack ever. The scenes with Ethel and Teddy are nice, but I wasn't too keen on the rest of it. Neve Campbell is highly unappealing in this, the scene where she takes on her mother, talk about over acting. Even Shirley MacLaine is not all that likeable as she generally is. The ending just fell flat and the big secret not worth waiting for.
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January 9, 2008
Fantastic romantic epic and enthralling story of young love. Director Richard
Attenborough helms a deeply moving love story beautifully interwoven between the 1940s and the present.
December 1, 2013
Attenborough is a past master at this type of drama, and he confidently shifts between the decades, avoiding the confusion so common to non-linear films like this. this one is good and most watchable but just a footnote to Attenborough's filmography.
½ April 19, 2009
3.5 stars! I don't like having emotions wrung from me and this is another of those movies that tries to do that (to me, at least).

Part war movie (WWII), part love story, part international (Belfast), part political (IRA), this movies tries too hard to include EVERYTHING and falls short in bit in reaching too high for meaningfully lofty.

Shirley MacLaine was as spot on in her character as ever. Christopher Plummer had a tender character role it was hard not to love. I wanted to embrace him myself. Neve Campbell seemed not quite in touch with her character and that didn't really play well, in my opinion.

It's more a movie about relationships (all encompassing, love, friendship, parent/child, the gamut) and promises kept and broken than anything else. Maybe I'm just p*ssed off because lack of communication fueled it ALL!

It was hard to follow at times because they kept switching back and forth between then(1944) and now and between Ireland and American. Brenda Fricker did an outstanding job as always, as Jimmy's Gram. Pete Postlethwaite was mysterious and cantakerous and Martin McCann - a relative newcomer - was just delightful as Jimmy. The cast, overall, was outstanding but the attempt was too far reaching for a story of this magnitude. To cover all the back story that needed to be covered, especially regarding the IRA and what the American military were doing in Belfast in June 1944, would need a good bit more time than a 2 hour motion picture allows for.

I give 3.5 stars is because it ended well. They tied up all the loose ends and had closure, grieving and finally, happiness between Ethel Ann and Jack (MacLaine and Plummer) in the end.
February 9, 2009
First: don't read the Flixster plot notes; they are misleading and underestimate this movie. This is a BIG movie and I loved it. Established and famous actors with newcomers who never miss a beat; remarkable. You might shed a tear; you will certainly laugh, if you're paying attention. Bring compassion to the characters in this movie, and they might teach you something in return.
½ February 7, 2009
finally a new movie that comes close to the emotional impact of the notebook or the english patient-powerful
May 10, 2014
The best film I have seen for ages. Three generations of superb actors. The plot and direction are remarkable in their close observation of the human condition. Maybe you have to be a romantic and not a cynic to appreciste this. The final scene with a buzzard couple circling in the air brought a lump to my throat.
May 27, 2012
Good movie and interesting story that keeps you guessing
April 1, 2012
An intensely emotional film, that brings its plot together so well at the end after what appeared to be a confusing story.
May 6, 2011
Great story, just wish this movie had a little more action and better actors in it.
½ November 29, 2010
Sweet and innocent love story.
½ February 14, 2010
This film takes us on an emotional journey between Michigan in 1941 and Belfast in Northern Ireland, 1991. It is a story of the love between Ethel and Teddy who promise to love each other til death doth them part. The story starts in wartime as Teddy and his two friends go off to fight the war in the air. Before he leaves, Teddy asks one of his friends to take care of Ethel should harm befall him. Teddy and Ethel marry each other and exchange a ring, which Ethel insists that Teddy takes with him on his missions.
The action moves to Belfast in 1991 where two men are digging in the dirt of a hillside. The younger of the men finds a ring in the mud. The ring is inscribed 'Ethel and Teddy'. Jimmy determines to return the ring to its rightful owner and sets out to find her. Leaving the unrest in Ireland Jimmy sets off for Michigan to hand over the ring, only to find that the return of the ring brings much conflict in Ethel's family circle.
There is much suspense in the film and plenty to commend it.
January 25, 2009
In the RT data base twice. The period detail is fair at best, as is the score. The cast however is a big plus. Fine art direction, the cinematography is quite good. It's surprisingly not that involving though. Good effort.
January 23, 2009
Nice film for older audiances or young girls. Some really good acting and some Canadian talent, although Stephen Arnell may not be so talented. But dont worry guys, MIscha Barton shows her boobies (and her perfomance is also really good).
½ May 24, 2008
from what the other reviews say of this film, i really wasn't sure what to expect when my cousin sat me down this afternoon to watch it.
Like most film of this kind, which are liked by soppy women, who break into tears over anything, i was expecting the whole thing to be long, dull and over the top, but i was clearly mistaken.
I was genuinley inthralled for the whole two hours, which took me by complete surprise.

I won't give away much but this is a story revolving around lost love, and the secrets that come out about it after a family tradegy. The story jumps from place to place- for instance from Michigan to belfast, and skips from war time to 1991, and back and forth. Now when movies do that kind of thing it often annoys me, but it was done very well, skipping at the appropriate times so that the story and environment was a little more varied and I did not find the time and location jumps confusing at all, which can often be the case in some features. In this movie however I welcomed them, and I think if the whole thing had been set in one time and in one place than I would have got bored.

I found the plot very well constructed, and it may not be the most enthralling, creative or complexed plot, but it is very satisfying and unravels nicely throughout in a controlled manner, and dosn't bore you by being predictable or being filled with to many cliches.

the acting in it, i must admit was not the very best, it was to a good movie standard, but i just found it a little bit more melodramatic at times than it really needed to be.
Overall, this is a well contructed love story set across two times and locations that smoothly bind their way together into one enlightening feature, however it's not for everyone, and people who arn't into romance or drama, or if you find sudden location and era jumping annoying, then perhaps won't find this as appealing as i did, but bare in mind, It is much better than I had been led to beleive in my opinion, so it's worth a watch!
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