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April 19, 2011
I'm not sure why this movie hasn't had better ratings. Maybe it was a little slow at times, but I found it very good, and very moving. It was well done, with some really great actors...complete with a very nice, satisfying ending.
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½ May 22, 2010
True to life. The stuggles of coming to terms when something horrific happens, especially rape, for both men and women is severe. It doesn't always just affect the ones who were raped... it affects their partner, their family, and their friends. I think they did a great job showing the emotional breakdown of everyone in the film and each of them coming to terms with things in their own way.
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January 3, 2008
Here's an interesting movie about one woman's post-ordeal through a most horrific experience that anyone could ever imagine. Robin Tunney and Joel Edgerton stars. They play the couple that are just about to get married and begin their life together, until that awful act of rape alters their dream. They try to cope in their own way, and then finally try to mend their broken relationship before its too late. Cybill Shepherd and Elliot Gould co-stars. Definitely worth seeing!
June 2, 2013
This starts out with a point and then grows rather aimless. Cybill Shepherd was absolutely terrible.
½ September 21, 2009
Makes one think about what they do if the same happened to you or a member of your family. How would you react.
February 5, 2009
An interesting movie on a topic most of us don't want to hear about: rape. Lots of real, therapeutic issues come up and there is a subtlety and intelligence that shines through.
December 12, 2008
I have a few friends that struggled the same way that robin did in this film... so it was close to heart
July 22, 2007
The slow pace, distracting music and questionable directing are the only things that hurt this otherwise good film.
November 26, 2013
Despite other what other reviews say I would 100% recommend this to anyone. I found Mia Goldman's account to be raw and honest... this might be because it was her own story or because there was no fluff. I've heard people say they find Izzy insufferable... but through out the movie as she copes with her rape you begin to see more and more into her head. She is grieving. Sometimes she is inconsolably sad, in denial, and angry. As someone who has been there... it was by far the most honest account in a film. And I give kudos due to it not relying on a graphic rape scene to carry itself through.
August 26, 2012
The plot is about as slow-paced as it gets, but I still enjoyed it; a very honest film. Tunney and Edgerton played their parts well.
October 17, 2010
Adequate acting. Somewhat predictable plot.
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