The American Ruling Class Reviews

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June 12, 2007
What can one say about this movie? It's a mild mix between a musical and documentary. But it's not really either. The closest relation I can find to this movie are the documentaries made by Micheal Moore.

However let's get this straight, this movie is by no means a "classical" documentary. A better term to use would probably be molded documentary style storytelling. The movie is in the documentary tradition, however, the main characters are played by actors that interact in a landscape where some are aware of their role (other actors) and others are completly oblivious.

This really belongs in a genre all its own. If a more refined movie of this type was created, a filmmaker could easily create a believable and satisfying piece of cinema.
½ July 10, 2010
Conceptual and Entertaining. Informing in a almost sarcastic way. At times it caused me to feel underprivileged then immediately over privileged. Although I can't relate to any of these people, but thats part of the point. (I guess)
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