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½ July 12, 2009
Tries pretty hard to be weird, but a lot of the characters seemed pretty pointless and their actions unmerrited.
½ October 21, 2011
I like movies that make you think. And although it was an indie film, the movie did manage to portray an effective message and an impacting plot.
February 28, 2008
Sad and slow, the worst possible combination for a movie. I should have stopped this one before I got half way through, but it was such a train wreck that I couldn't turn it off without finding out the meaning to the whole thing. Turns out there was no meaning or hidden plot, it really was all about pointless death and lies.
July 10, 2009
Two years ago I didnt even know who Steve Coogan was but since seeing him in Tropic Thunder and Hamlet 2, I have become a fan of everything I have seen him in since. The guy has a balance of comedy and drama that brings back memories of the late great Peter Sellers. Here he plays a reporter in 1986 sent to cover a story on doomed teacher/astronaut Christa MacAullife prior to her ride on the shuttle Challenger. There he seeks out a college buddy whom he later learns committed suicide leaving behind a special ed class of emotionally challegened students who loved the guy and immediately take to Coogan as their late mentor's replacement. Good story and great supporting job by Duff, Peck, and Shannon.
July 9, 2009
Campbell Babbittt is a reporter who is sent to New Hampshire, to cover the story of home town teacher Christa McAuliffe, who is going up in space on the Space Shuttle Challenger. Campbell's college pal ,also a teacher, dies that same week, in that same town. Along the way Campbell gets mixed up in his life and the class of outcasts that he taught at the local High School.
I saw a preview for this movie and thought to myself " Hmmm a class of misfits, set in the 80s, that could be good." I was sadly mistaken.
HAD this movie taken the comedy route that it's previews led it to be, it may have saved itself, and even been a decent film. Instead, you have a bunch of people thrown together in an almost antithetical way. You are never really explained much about any of them and they are all just there, aimlessly.
There is some decent talent in this film, so I was very shocked that it was such a dud. Olivia Thirlby was tolerable as Tess but even she didn't totally shine like she could have in that role.
Overall I was bored and unimpressed with this film. Sometimes What Goes Up comes crashing down on it's face.
½ July 6, 2009
This is a drama movie that was not that good. Hilary Duff has done movies that are a lot better than this one. I would not recommend.
June 14, 2009
Director Glatzer has too many things going on, the film lacks focus, but he does have an interesting style, and time will tell if he develops it effectively. The cast tries, Steve Coogan is quite bland though. Too many slow and uninteresting stretches.
April 12, 2013
What a load of crap! I thought I would've stumbled upon greatness as I did with indie gem "Wendy and Lucy", boy was I wrong. Disappointing performances from notable stars such as Steve Coogan, Hilary Duff and Josh Peck this Dramedy if you can even call it that failed in ever sense of the word. Set in 1986 with some characters not even looking the part, the story had potential at first but fell on its face hard with nonsensical subplots and overly dramatic characters. I would challenge my movie watching friends too watch so we can pick it apart but everyone else, Avoid avoid avoid at all cost.
March 27, 2013
December 29, 2012
I found this movie quite interesting. The troubled teens gave good performances, and all in all they portrayed well the major difficulties that often turn teens into really bad things. The fact that they were deeply drawn into a former teacher's confidence and love for them was a major pivot point in the movie. One can see that we adults can have good impacts on troubled youths. Steve Coogan was excellent as the newspaper reporter who came into these youth's lives during an enormously traumatic time for them, the loss of their beloved mentor. Coogan was great, his manner and expressions were right on. The end of the movie had to be predictable in a sense, as the two leading characters seemed to be falling in love with each other, yet their age difference had to be a major factor in their breakup.
½ October 23, 2010
This movie really sucked! I want my 2 hours of time back.
March 11, 2010
It is Saturday morning, February 27, 2010. It is a quarter past noon and instead of watching the men's bronze medal game, Switzerland V Sweden, I am watching the most ridiculous and most boring movie I have ever had the displeasure to watch. I don't even want to say the name of the stupid movie, but I guess I have to otherwise you might accidentally watch it and then I would just feel horrible about that because my job is to warn you against these hideous movies. What I'll do is, refer to this heaping pile of dog snot with some sort of creative expletives, so when you see them you know I'm talking about this disgusting pant load. Blech, I shiver just thinking about it!

This vile extrusion of soft dung is about some jerk journalist who fell in love with one of his subjects. One day he covered this story about a poor woman whose child had been shot and died during a random shooting. He thought she was so brave for the way she was handling this terrible tragedy that he fell for her. He wrote an article about her and began dating her shortly after. However, one day he came calling, he entered her apartment and noticed a strong smell of natural gas. The stove had been left on and next to the stove was the dead body of the "brave" girl he had fallen in love with. Very sad, very tragic and the start of a really good movie, normally, but no, they manage to turn this into refuse, a big dumpster full of 3 month old refuse!

Like all good journalists instead of reporting that she had died, he decided to write daily reports about how brave and strong this woman was and I'm thinking, "Where is the body in all this?" I am sure after a few days this chick is probably as stinky as this movie! But NOOO! He went about this for days and then his boss started to get on his case because he was spending way too much time on this story. She wanted him to move on to something else, something fresh.

The editor sent him to Florida to cover the story of the teacher who was about to go into space. Oh, that's right, this movie took place in the mid 80's, a week before the Challenger was about to make its final...well, you know! When he got down there, instead of checking into a hotel, he decided to visit an old friend from college who he hadn't seen in years and see if he could stay with him so that he could save a couple of bucks. His friend turned out to be a teacher who was really good at relating with outcasts. All of the losers, nerds, geeks, dweebs, sluts, and dickheads all adored this man. He was a real influence on them. He was so interested in them that the school board thought he may have been having an inappropriate affair with some of the girls he was helping. However, we don't know that until much later, what we do know is that the body of this man was found just outside of his apartment building where it was thought he had jumped from the roof to end his own life, probably because of the accusations or maybe he just fell. Who knows, they never freaking making it clear!

As if that is not enough to turn you off, here is where it gets really bad! The journalist saw a story with the kids. He wanted to write about how lost these students were without the only person in the world that understood them. He used the fact that he knew the teacher to gain the students' confidence so that he could get close to them and get more information about them. He deceived them with "personal" stories about him and his friend, when in reality he hadn't seen him in over ten years. And after all of that, they did nothing with it. They didn't follow up, commented or explained anything of his behavior. I was as if they did that solely to fill up space in the movie.

I feel as though I wasted two hours of my life for nothing. It is pretty difficult to bore me. I usually find some angle that I can relate to, but I honestly don't even know how the editors or producers found any part of this story interesting.

As I promised, I must tell you the name of this piece of shit movie. However, I don't want to because I know if I do you might watch it just to see if I was right or not. Well, if you do that it is your own fault, don't come crying to me if you do. I am going to type this title and then I'm going to go take a long shower with a nice bar of extra gritty Lava soap and a one to one solution of bleach. I'm shivering just thinking about it. If for some reason you have the movie What Goes Up in your Netflix queue, please remove it immediately. Don't say I didn't warn you!
November 3, 2009
I love all movies Hilary Duff is in. She's the best actress and singer on Earth. That's why i love this movie!
September 7, 2009
I really got the meaning of this movie. I watched I twice just to make sure the meaning was the same. I got the fact everybody has a hero. The fact the progression to expose everybodies hero come to light at the end makes the whole movie make sense. You have to see it twice to get it. Steve Coogan did a great job and all the suporrting actors Laura Konechny (Lute Lement) and Ingrid Nilson (Ann) did a very good job and should win awards on their part. Hillary Duff showed she can act under any condition. John Glatzer nailed it. I think this Movie will have a great following like Breakfast club and will be the topic of discussion in coffee houses like Muholland Drive. this was very well thought out and the story has a great build

Steven C Johnson
August 31, 2009
Pointless whirlwinds of events that you really need to stop to think about just to make sense of, "What Goes Up" offers you nothing more than a highly amateur job at a pretty senseless Dramedy.

With no actual point to the story, you find yourself having to thread in pieces from dozens of minor sub-themes and tie them together to make some sort of actual sense to the film. While the actors all perform very well, and are believable to a point -- you almost feel bad for them; due to the inexperience of director, Jonathan Glatzer, this completely choppy film high disappoints. Even Hilary Duff performs above averagely, yet it goes unnoticed due to the insanely unnecessary amount of things being thrown at you.

With a borderline American Pie-esque scene, having to do with a handicapped teen & uncomfortably awkward boyfriend having sex serving as the only smirk-worthy part of the film, the actual "Comedy" is heavily lacking. Thankfully, the characters of Sue & Ann serve as are the main / only entertainment in the comedy aspect and perform very pleasantly.

Overall, I would not recommend this movie to many people. In fact, the only reason why I even stumbled upon this movie was on a sheer accident. Let the dust collect on this one, folks -- you'd have to be pretty into the kind of dark "comedy"(?) to find this movie the slightest bit of relatable, entertaining, or even worth your money.
August 30, 2009
A waste of their time making the movie, and my time watching the movie.
August 23, 2009
this terrific movie that takes your mind on an intellectual adventure that is sure to make you laugh. It has a terrific cast and they put on unforgettable performances.
½ August 15, 2009
What goes up was a thought provoking look at how people in general, and teenagers in particular, handle grief when people they look up to dies. Though there are parts of the film that carry a light humor, this was more of an honest evaluation of the different emotions that individuals go through, as the make their piece with themselves from the perspective of an outsider who also has to make piece with himself. I think this was a great drama.
July 13, 2009
wow. i traveled back in time to the 80's and watched an awesome movie about the 80's. Totally Radical Dude!!

Hillary duff did sleep with her teacher and does not sleep with the reporter.
July 12, 2009
Steve Coogan doesn't lift this one alone. It never blasts off.
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