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March 21, 2010
Just under two hours, i felt like i was watching 3 hours. There was so much here, just not enough good. This movie tried to do something but I am not sure what. I felt everyone seemed to be overacting and I just did not feel an attachment to the characters. The premise is a solid dark different take on zombie films but seemed to go all over the place in its course to a very very dark ending.
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September 15, 2014
Deadgirl is fucked up, at least conceptually. In terms of execution, it doesn't really take any chances. Two horny, beer loving, but less than alpha-male friends find a girl in an abandoned hospital who seems like she can't be killed. In other words, she's a zombie, but they don't know it. JT, one of the boys, decides this girl is the perfect version of a sex toy, and pretty much spends all his time having some depraved but naughty fun.
Rickie is bent on impressing his childhood crush, who is dating one of the boys who bullies him. He doesn't agree with JT, but is soon caught in between.
There's a lot of opportunity here for a movie that could probably tackle interesting issues like women as objects of desire, sexual attraction, teen isolation. Nope. It does none of those. It goes for the gore, but then forgets to go all the way with its concept.
Thus, you're left with a film that is predictable and lifeless. It ends up being just another ordinary zombie film, which is a shame because it's trying to be everything else but that.
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½ July 22, 2014
No other recent horror film has had the disturbing quality that Deadgirl possesses. This film concept is one of the most shocking and depraved ideas that I have seen in a genre film, and it's a refreshing take on the genre. This is a well acted and directed film, one that is a riveting, thrilling picture a film that boasts powerful atmosphere and tense moments that make the film quite unforgettable. The cast are quite good in their performances and the film's story is well thought out, and steadily manages to unfold in order to create the maximum terror effect. The subject itself is one that stretches the limits of shock and terror and it's a film that will surely make an impact on you whether you like it or not. Deadgirl is an expertly executed experiment in thought provoking horror, a film that dares you not to look away and will make you think about what you have just seen. It's always a good thing when a horror film pushes the limits and takes no prisoners in the way the material shocks it viewers. With that being said, Deadgirl will surely raise eyebrows. Deadgirl is a well crafted horror yarn, one that is entertaining from start to finish, as well as being very disturbing in the way it uses its ideas. For what it is, Deadgirl succeeds at being a truly shocking horror film that would stick with you. The film may not be perfect, but it works on many levels and for what it is, it's well worth seeing if you want a superbly crafted horror yarn that is one of the most original genre films in years.
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½ January 28, 2013
A disturbing but memorable tale that explores the very darkest parts of the unfairer sex. Deadgirl is all about two guys who find a dead girl in an abandoned mental asylum. Only thing is, she's more undead than actually dead. One of the guys decides to make deadgirl, as she becomes affectionately known, his own private plaything. He doesn't see her as a person, but a toy. Something he can beata nd sexually abuse to his heart's content. Soon others get wind of this little supernatural woman and the boys must face becoming foul and wretched 'humans' or do the right thing. It's a bizarre film that doesn't settle on a genre. Instead it would much rather just make you uncomfortable. Having a monster movie where the monster is chained up allows man to become the monster through his own devices. Despite the out there premise, you still have to stretch your disbelief in order to accept certain characters' motivations and actions, which can stop the pacing dead. But with some hypnotic camera work and soft music, this is an original gem that is a confrontational joy to watch.
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July 31, 2012
With an interesting premise Deadgirl's execution is what let it down, it feels uncertain about what kind of film it's trying to be. It has moments of comedy, splatter gore, horror, and times where it is trying to be so much more, which is when it's at it's best, these sections are dragged down by the rest of it though resulting in a B-movie style mash up which doesn't work.
paul o.
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October 25, 2011
Its hard to watch due to its moral conflicts of rape...but with a zombie. There was no way to make the film any better than the state it was in when the screenwriter first thought of the idea.
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½ October 7, 2011
"You Never Forget Your First Time"

Two high school boys discover an imprisoned woman in an abandoned mental asylum who cannot die.

Call me one sick puppy; I may even be sicker than I think, because I really enjoyed this grizzly stomach turner. Morals and a battle of wills come into play when a couple of teen never-do-wells skip class to drink some beers and literally raise some hell in an abandoned mental institute. Rickie (Shiloh Fernandez)and J.T. (Noah Segan)make a horrifying discovery that is far from being anything that is right. Things get real horrid when the two share their "discovery". You will find it pitiful before slowly losing control of your stomach contents. A lot of nudity and graphic sexual situations and more may be hard to digest. You've been warned. At the moment I'm willing to sample a second helping.

Also in the cast: Candice Accola, Eric Podnar, Nolan Gerard Funk, Christina Blevins and Jenny Spain, as the "Deadgirl". Heavy and moody music by The Liars, The Spokes Men and The Black Summer Crush.
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½ October 6, 2010
This is a pretty bad movie. Two guys fool around in an abandoned mental hospital and happen upon a locked door deep in the bowls of the place and open it to see whats inside.
They find a dirty naked woman chained to a table and do what any teen in a horror movie would do. They keep her chained up and have sex with her. After they discover she is a zombie.
And that's where I tuned out.
The jump from "Oh, man... it's a woman tied up!" to "We can keep her chained up and have sex with her anytime we want cause she's a zombie!" happens in the space of about three minutes. So stupid.
I also found one of the main actors, Fernandez, to have one of the most annoying faces in film in a long time. He constantly has this look on his face like he's smirking and trying to kiss the air at the same time and I founf myself growing angry at the stupid expression and that just added to the lameness of the movie. I tuned out and started playing Angry Birds on my iPod about 30 min and barely looked up at the screen after that.
Avoid this one.
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June 2, 2009
If you are a fan of Deadgirl then I should apologize in advance. It wouldn't be politically correct for me to trash your film without showing some sensitivity and empathy for your point of view. It's just that a movie about high school boys keeping a naked zombie girl chained in the basement so they can repeatedly rape her didn't appeal to me. Not only that but your film is missing a few key elements, namely empathetic characters, a little comic relief, intelligence, logic, appeal for anyone with an IQ above 50, etc. etc. etc. So there, I've said my peace. Hope you'll forgive me for throwing a few disparaging words at this little lump of cinematic tripe. Have a nice day! :)
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½ January 4, 2010
This sucks! Questions as to how a girl chained to a table who, despite appearing to be alive, is in fact a zombie, ended up there, who she is and what the cop would make of it are discarded in favour of - and seriously, WTF? - making her "our fuck slave". Not surprisingly, this doesn't end well, although by that time J.D.'s (Noah Segan) moved into the basement and raped the girl repeatedly, drunk on the power he lacks in the real world but has down there. Rickie (Shiloh Fernandez), meanwhile, is the sensitive conflicted one with a heart - until the final frame reveals he's just as big as cock as his mate.
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½ August 1, 2009
This is a well executed serious take on the outrageous b horror-exploitation flicks this writer usually makes.

This is effective as a "make you think about fucked up shit" movie, not a jumpscare thriller or a gore showcase. As such, it has to make some characters that matter, and it does. These characters have dimension and their actions correspond to what we can expect of them.

I watched it twice. Would serve as a nice boys' version companion piece to Teeth in the category of modern (super fucking weird) sexual development horror.
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½ October 11, 2009
Another instance where all the hype seems unjustified. It will require a second viewing to be sure, but the film felt overlong and undernourished. The shock scenes weren't that shocking (sorry, I've seen too much horror cinema), the characters were unlikable and somewhat unbelievable. This one will probably disturb more those viewers who are not already steeped in horror.
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½ September 13, 2011
A good little horror flick that did something much different than most zombie films would do. I enjoyed it.
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October 25, 2009
Some interesting visual touches and clever music cues, and what seems like a script struggling to say something profound are not enough to overcome the massive shortcomings found elsewhere - particularly in the acting department (Jenny Spain excepted) and in pacing. It doesn't help that both "The Woman" and to a lesser extent "Teeth" did this much better. Killer ending though.
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November 28, 2011
On the surface, it's a shock film involving necrophilia and rape.
Look a little deeper, and it's a coming of age story about prejudice based on class, and the feeling of helplessness people can feel because of their social standing.
It also serves as a commentary on the soullessness of girls. Deadgirl represents the only type of girl poor kids will ever have. She's nothing but a sex doll, rotten from large amounts of meaningless sex. JoAnn, the popular rich girl, will only be with popular, rich guys no matter how cruel they treat other people. This movie is so misanthropic, I'm surprised it wasn't made in France.

So, morals aside, is the movie entertaining? Yes it is.
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July 26, 2009
Jesus, this movie needs two separate ratings -- one for overall quality and one for WTF-disturbia. "Disturbed" probably is a word that many people have and will continue to use when describing "Deadgirl." Don't watch this with anything resembling a full tummy. I was pretty empty, but by the end of the film (and even the following day), my stomach was ready to dig up anything it could find to puke out -- it's that graphic and maddening.

FYI - This is not a zombie movie. There may be a zombie in it, but that's not the overarching point. This is not a "Watch the zombie terrorize a town by eating people's faces and causing panic" thing. This is a "See how humans react to an 'available' woman in a disturbingly feral and boys'-club way" kind of thing.

The overall story is solid -- lame, misunderstood, bottom-tier high school guys find weird, maybe-dead-maybe-alive woman chained to a table in an abandoned asylum, and very messed-up hijinks ensue. The movie hasn't been screened too widely, even though it's a 2008 film, so I don't want to give too much of it away, but it delves into male-female dynamics, social hierarchy, sex/power addiction, and the always-present moral dillemmas. Moreover, "Deadgirl" explores what is perceived reality and what is pure fantasy, and how do two (ok, three) people who grew up together act differently to the reality/fantasy issue?

"Deadgirl" really was a fascinating story. However, it's a story that I much rather would have read than watched. I went to a midnight showing of this, which to me made it feel all the more surreal. As the film went on, the scenes presented kept getting more revolting, more gritty, more... everything. I had to watch through my hands through much of this. I don't deal well with control/rape/deeply psychological movies anyway, but this one completely jarred my system more than just about any other.

Aside: After the movie, a friend and I watched several episodes of "Family Guy" to get the "Deadgirl" taste out of our mouths. This didn't help tremendously, as I still had horrific dreams that were more disturbing than usual. Even now in the afternoon, I'm having difficulty not seeing "Deadgirl" in my head, and I feel quite unsettled.

So yeah, "Deadgirl" was a horror movie; just not in the way one usually expects.

The writing generally was good. Like I said, the story itself is intriguing, and the character study was well done. Friendship, betrayal, unrequited love and fatalism all are explored to great degree. However, there are a few cheesy lines and scenes that seemed thrown in for "Har-dee-har-har" factor and didn't advance the movie -- in fact, those useless pieces took me out of it, a bit. In addition, there are a few scenes that I (and obviously people around me) thought "Wait, there's just NO WAY that would ever happen. NO ONE IS THAT DUMB." I don't think the writers meant for those elements to unfold in a B-movie way; I think they just didn't think them through OR they just really wanted those scenes come hell or high water.

All in all, it was a good movie, a good departure from the usual horror stuff, and something to talk about and occupy the mind long after the credits roll. That's also the problem, though -- sleep can be hard to come by after watching "Deadgirl."
Francisco G.
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½ December 3, 2011
A great and shocking premise that could've had fantastic results on the right hands is completly plagued by atrocious acting, lame artistic choices, boring situations and an overall feeling of "what should we do now..."

But the worse complaint really should be adressed to the main actors. Sure, they're supposed to be detestable but they're so lame on how they act it's almost laughable. Imagine the worse looks, phrases from everyone's favorite soap operas and multipy it by an atrocious factor of x100.
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November 1, 2011
Two friends wandering in an abandoned mental asylum sees a tied up nude girl. And they decides to "keep" her. Very interesting horror thriller with lots of awesome set pieces.
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April 15, 2011
I really enjoyed this one. I had heard much said ahead of time about Deadgirl, and how it's legitimately scary, uncomfortable, and upsetting and the hype was all true. It is also a very original movie and is proof that it is still possible to come up with new way's to scare people in horror films. The film deals with two alienated youths, who decide to skip school one day and drink beers at an abandoned mental institution. In the basement they find a naked women chained up who seems to have been there for quite a long time. The one dude, Ricky, tries to make an effort to save her, but his friend JT has other plans for this girl. While Ricky keeps his mouth shut about what they have found, JT quitely begins having his way with this women, and comes across the discovery that she can not be killed as she is already dead (a zombie sex slave of some kind.) He begins telling other kids from school aout his recent discovery and the zombie sex slave begins to be passed around amongst he boys at the school, with seemingly only Ricky seeing anything wrong with this. While the thought of a group of teenage boys repeatedly raping a zombie girl might not sound like a very appealing idea for a movie, the film is very well executed, and most of the sex and violence is implied rather than overly graphic. This allows the film itself to focus on the psychological side of the situation more so than the physical. This also forces the film to create strong characters that matter, and forces it's audience to ask themselves questions that they might not be comfortable answering to themselves. Not for all tastes for sure, but this film is really in a a genre of it's own. It is an intelligent and uncomfrtable movie experiance that is unlike any other you have likely seen before and probably will disgust you, but in many ways that's what horror movies are supposed to do. Definently worth a watch if you enjoy brains and originality in your horror.
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