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½ July 29, 2010
A film about survival after a viral pandemic outbreak. It was more of a drama than a horror film, so if you're expecting zombies etc, you'll be disappointed. It touches on a few issues of trust when everyone has to look out for themselves, a very bleak film overall. The cast was good and it's well made, you might just be a bit misled by how it's advertised.
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½ August 30, 2009
After a viral pandemic wiped out the majority of mankind, four friends are crossing the USA to what they hope to be a remote former holiday resort. What easily could have been just another zombie or contagion thriller actually avoids most stereotypes in the first half and makes quite a few smart and interesting decisions. The pictures of abandoned homes and country highways are accordingly impressive. The main problem soon turns out to be that the main character is rather unlikable, which the film uses rather smartly to ask uncomfortable questions about what such a situation does to people and which decisions they would have to make. The ending is a tad anticlimactic but at least doesn't take the easy way out. So quite a recommendable take on the topic. Must see for fans of post-apocalyptic settings.
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½ June 8, 2011
I thought Carriers was going to be a pretty cool movie. A virus has swept across America and 4 friends are trying to avoid becoming victims to the virus. It's been done before, but I still like good additions to the already overflowing amount. But Carriers isn't one of them. The actors weren't horrible but they didn't have much to work with. The dialogue was very bad and the connection between the characters was lacking. A movie like this shouldn't be boring and Carriers for me was.
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½ August 24, 2009
"Sometimes choosing life is just choosing a more painful form of death."

I love post-apocalyptic movies, so half of Carriers' work was done before I even popped it into my DVD player. I was predisposed to like it. Fortunately, it happens to also be a pretty decent movie. Nothing really new or mind-blowing, but it works.

There's always the question of what brought about the end of the world in these kinds of flicks. Carriers goes with a deadly virus, instead of the always popular zombies, natural disasters, and nuclear wars. The virus is still very much active and the infected have nothing to look forward to other than a painful, lingering death, so our survivors primarily concern themselves with avoiding any of the few still living who may be carrying the infection.

Carriers is a relatively small movie with a small cast. The main characters are two brothers and the two young women who accompany them. It's a tight group, basically a family, and most of the drama comes from the hard decisions that have to be made when the group encounters a chain of events started by finding an infected young girl and her father.

There are other dangers, too. Specifically the groups of desperate, dangerous survivors that always pop up in this genre. As I said before, Carriers isn't exactly innovative. It doesn't feel stale, though.

I recommend it. The filmmakers made the wise decision to keep the length of the movie pretty reasonable, but it's just long enough so that you get to know the characters well enough to invest in them. The cast is pretty decent, too. Check it out, if you're interested.
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August 13, 2009
This offers the kind of scares the OFLC would class as "mild apocalyptic peril". In its place is a stealthier suspense, bedded in the stark dilemmas of survival and an altogether weightier issue: the death of trust. Most apocalypse movies assemble a band of strangers; here, a closely knit group unravels in surprisingly engaging ways. Chris Pine and cast do a good job maintaing tension, but the film lacks urgency. Here's a movie so pulseless about the holocaust that it actually stops off to play golf. It's full of odd decisions like that (even its bleakest scenes are shot in sun-drenched exteriors), but its also what sets it apart; a steady drama in a scrapey, chasey genre, and certainly more thoughtful than the usual histronic yuk-fests.
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August 12, 2009
I DVR'd this, so I had no real preconceived expectaions other then it sounded interesting.

And the story (while not ground breaking) WAS interesting and disturbing.

The character development fell short and probably left a lot of people feeling far less moved by how the story unfolds and ends.

But for those who are able to step back and think about the story as a whole, it is actually quite bleak and psychologically brutal.
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May 18, 2010
Overall the movie was okay. Nothing special. I kinda felt like I've seen this before but I didn't. No oh-my-God scenes. Just fearing a disease and trying to run from it. I wasn't really expecting much because of the low ratings. But watched this just to see whether it really deserves such a low ratings or not. It's too simple to enjoy. I wasn't bored but wasn't impressed either. But I must say one thing touched me deeply is that, even a disease could cause so much distance. The ending was pretty sad.
Most of you might find this boring. Skip it or see it is your choice.
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January 9, 2010
To be honest I didn't have really high hopes for this film, but having seen it, I really regret having waited so long before watching it. It is absolutely terrific. It's a very simple and small story, a fairly straight-forward horror movie about a horrific virus that has crippled humanity. You can think of it akin to a zombie movie, but the death that the victims of this virus suffer is no worse than if they re-animated from it. From so simple a premise comes a remarkable film, about four average young folk who just want to make it to thier destination in a post-apocalyptic, death-ravaged world. What makes this film remarkable however is the writing and acting: The story follows beautifully from one event to the next, all the dialogue sounds fluid and organic and every character has genuine motivation for what they do. It's very refreashing to see a contemporary horror film not be propelled by freak accidents of acts of a malevolent outside force but by the characters themselves, doing what anyone would do in thier shoes and trying to survive.

My favorite scene would have to be the one in the makeshift hospital. To say any more would be criminal. This film is great not just as a horror flick, but as a character-driven thriller. If it languishes unseen on DVD, it will make me very sad.
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½ September 11, 2009
I've taken this stance that infection-based zombies should be allowed in the zombie genre, but this film has no zombies, just an infection. This is a straight post-apocalyptic drama that aims for the profound though it was marketed as an infected zombie horror.

Too bad this movie is not profound and none of its characters are worth caring about for. The only exception to this terribly slow and uneventful movie is one standout scene where the older brother finally lays out how much shit he has done to spare the younger brother the torment of morally ambiguous actions. It's a clear message about moral relativism and how a post-apocalyptic climate reveals the selfish survivalist instinct that dominates human actions. Too bad this has been done better hundreds of times before and will continue to be done better with far smaller budgets and even less talented actors (and that says a lot when you judge the poor caliber of the acting here).

If you MUST see every apocalypse film made, then I suppose you are obligated to watch this, but that is the only condition under which anyone should be forced to sit through this uneventful disaster.
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October 28, 2009
After watching this one you will have your doubts,such as
'What would I do and how far would I go just to survive,would I do ANYTHING?'
The questions will be difficult to be answered...
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December 28, 2009
Carriers is a character driven film about 4 friends in a post epidemic world where everyone has been infected by a deadly virus. It's similar to 28 Days Later except there's no zombie factor. In Carriers, when someone becomes infected, their demise is imminent.. but they do not transform into the undead or zombies. That aspect makes the film a bit less scary, but the director still managed to keep the pace tense and filled with suspense.The four main leads all did a great job and it was nice to see newcomer Chris Pine (Star Trek) in another role. I wanted to give this a higher rating, but it just seemed to be missing something. The ending was uninspiring and anti-climatic, but Carriers is still an underrated film that a lot of people haven't seen yet. Fans of 28 Days Later should check this out.
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December 13, 2009
I think it was a very effective movie and more of a sequel/American version to 28 Days Later than the actual sequel. It had a great surreal camera style, it was character driven and the plot actually went somewhere. It was on a lot smaller scale, which actually made it a lot different than most Zombie/Disease type movies go. The acting was definitely a nice touch and made the story all the more sad and meaningful.
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December 7, 2009
What bothers me most in the Horror Movies are those The car runs out of gas, the gas station becomes increasingly more violent. Scenes, but over all it is a nice Movie with a solid story and the acting was not bad either.
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½ September 3, 2009
"They'll die out there."
"Everyone dies"

Four friends fleeing a viral pandemic soon learn they are more dangerous than any virus.

Two brothers and two girls are traveling across country trying to avoid those who are infected with a horrible disease. The disease has killed most of the population. They are doing okay until they run across a father and his infected daughter, who are looking to get to a government clinic with a serum that promises a cure. The two groups are forced through circumstances to hook up and the journey changes their outlooks on the situation. It also marks the beginning of events moving out of everyone's control (or at least the realization that things are not in their control).

Small scale film is a nice compliment to films like 28 Days Later or even the recent zombie cycle, though there are no walking dead or crazed cannibals here. It's a dark horror tale more about the horrors of life then of monsters and madmen. How would we react to a situation like this? This might be an indication of what we might do. I like that the film doesn't full tell us everything that happened before. Things are not overly explained. We're given enough to work things out for ourselves and its more frightening that way. Its not a perfect film, but it is compelling and tense. It's a good enough film to make me wonder why this film hasn't gotten a big release. Perhaps the lack of monsters and its reasonably realistic (and bleak) nature have made it a film the studio doesn't know how to market. I really like this film, it's a nice find. Recommended.
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June 30, 2009
Intresting and surprise movie not about a virus spreading but the after math and the effects and of 4 survivers trying to get to a safe place and out run the virus.Its a kind of road movie and is more characters driven.Anyone looking for a 28 days later clone will be disappointed.The 4 leads are great in there roles.The movie is bleak and dark and is little hard to watch in places as i was thinking what would i do in there situration......not easy!
Over all a great horror/drama movie and worth people viewing.
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July 19, 2011
A descent post-apocalyptic horror\suspense film. The plot was great, and the story was genius. There was just not alot of action or scenes that were actually "SCARY". They could've made the ending a little better, but overall I say it was a pretty good movie.
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½ July 6, 2011

People need to stop making so many apocalyptic films. They're seldom exciting; few of them are actually good. They all feel like the same bleak, slow-moving ride. Of course, there are some good films in this new wave of excessively hopeless films, and "Carriers", the film I am reviewing, is not one of them.

I can't say I'm surprised. What exactly did I expect from a film about an apocalyptic epidemic, which never sounded like it was going to deliver anything relatively new? Did I expect anything more than mildly entertaining? Perhaps I did. But I didn't have high expectations for this movie, regardless. It's a typical fight-for-survival film; no twists, no surprises, no reason to see it.

I am, in no way, saying that this is a bad movie. Plenty of effort went into it, and I admit that it is well-made on a technical level. But it lacks the ability to create true suspense, it's never really scary, and when it wants to be dramatic, it lacks an emotional edge. It fails at many things and succeeds at others. This very reality makes it feel a tad uneven, and thus, I felt myself drifting away, possibly to a better movie; and even with these derivative apocalypse films, there are ones that are "better".

A virus, with a source unknown, has spread across the world, killing everyone. The remaining survivors will kill to stay alive, and they will also steal, lie, and deceive. The film begins with four survivors, one of them which is played by Chris Pine (I only say this because you might actually know one of the actors, for a change). His character has a brother; and they both want to get to a "special place" from childhood, in the form of a beach, where they and their love interests can hide out for some time. Maybe the infection will die out.

Shortly after we get thrown into the middle of their grand adventure, the four pretty much take hostage a man and his daughter. The daughter is infected. The man is determined to keep her alive as long as he possibly can. On the journey, which takes up the entire film's story, the lot runs into many things; more infected, empty homes, and even crazed survivalists.

Yeah, it's not that exciting. It's sometimes intriguing, and comes pretty darn close to being mildly fascinating, but you give the audience some; and in return, you must also take some (from your movie). The film feels either unfinished or just told with extreme mediocrity. I felt bored for, perhaps, more than half of the movie. The other half was indeed sort of engaging, but there were too many faults that were attached to this movie.

I wouldn't tell you not to see the movie. It's not bad; but it's not good either. A decent movie, no doubt, but none-the-less one that failed as both a drama and a horror film. It's not "bad drama" or "bad horror" that gives "Carriers" the edge of mediocrity that it dons; it's the director...and the screen-writer. It is a beautifully shot, decently acted (aside from Pine, who is obnoxious and unlikeable) movie that didn't inspire much sympathy from me. There was little to like just as there was little to detest, and in determining whether you should watch it, the choice is up to you. You are either drawn into its story of an emotionally charged road-trip, or you are not; and I was not.
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½ June 21, 2011
Carriers takes on a very big subject in a small-scale way, and it ultimately works. Though there are some scripting issues, with occasionally clunky dialogue, and an uneven performance by Piper Perabo, Carriers still has an authentic and tense feel. There's no forced happy endings, just a stark, unrelenting reality. Entertaining and thought-provoking, check it out on Netflix instant.
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½ August 30, 2009
A sureal look at the end of humanity through the eyes of 4 survivors of a deadly virus. Unlike many other similar stories, Carriers follows two brothers and shows just how far people would really have to go in order to survive something of this nature. It's raw and graphic and made me wonder if this is how the people who lived through the plauge felt.
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January 9, 2010
A decent little horror film well-made and acted by it's young cast particularly Chris Pine the breakout star of the new Star Trek film. A compelling tale of four survivors traveling the backroads of America, after a worldwide plague has killed most the people on the planet, their ordeal is both horrific and very suspenseful. A chilling look at fear and desperation. Recommended.
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