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April 8, 2010
cute and funny but nothing too exciting.
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½ March 11, 2013
Predictable, unfunny, terrible acting, there isn't a real reason to waste your time on this.
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½ August 15, 2011
The Bounty Hunter was a painful and boring experience that I hope I must never endure again. The story is so boring and stupid, it starts as a romance then aaction film then espionage, I hated every minute of it. The cast was bad all expcept for Gerard Butler and Jason Sudakis, and Gerard proves he can be a funny guy with this movie. The jokes were horribly written and I did not laugh ONCE, I didnt giggle, smile, cheer or ect, it was just plain unfunny. I hated this movie with a passion, and even a couple of good cast members can't save this crappy romantic comedy.
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½ July 19, 2011
I wouldnt watch it again, but I like Butler and Aniston together for this romantic crime comdey, was really good!
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½ June 23, 2011
Gerard Butler is one sexy man. Definitely made this film more watchable than it really is. Jennifer Aniston is just as hilarious. Sort of like Mr & Mrs Smith.
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March 6, 2010
An adorable movie, I loved it soooo much. I love Jen she's just adorable and Gerard is as well. I just really enjoyed this movie and it was a memorable experience because I watched it when I had my Sweet 16 Birthday Party :) Just such a great movie :)
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March 21, 2010
Gerard Butler plays Milo, an ex-cop turned bounty hunter with gambling debts to pay... Jennifer Aniston plays Nicole, a journalist working a big case who, in typical Hollywood fashion, lives a lifestyle far too rich for her profession and she is also Milos ex wife.......
They supposedly cant stand each other but of course in fact they cant live without each other. they find themselves caught up in a mystery involving a "suicide" that was actually a murder, and some pretty serious police corruption.
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April 8, 2010
three stars
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March 26, 2010
Milo is a bounty hunter and he gets a dream job going after his ex wife Nicole for skipping bail. I really think they are too old for this type of movie.
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½ October 18, 2010
It's a Jen Aniston chick-flick, so I knew what to expect. It still wasn't really worth a shit. Gerard Butler was pretty decent in it, but Aniston was her usual self (not good) and the jokes were pretty tired and not that funny. Had some good action scenes in it (for a movie like this, I mean), but still pretty formulaic. Only for certain audiences (you know who you are).
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October 3, 2010
I'm not going to lie, I have seen much worse. The film starts off with a divorced couple, and they are the complete opposite, but because of that reason, it draws them together. It is cliched and funny at the same time. No it does not provide actually laughs, but even though the plot is one of the worst I've seen in a long time, the movie was still a little bit fun! I am not going to say I hated it, but there was nothing good about it. I don't like the bounty hunter, but I thought I was going to like it a lot less than this. It's not horrible, but it's pretty bad! Plus, the running time will make you want to listen to nails on a chalkboard! Nearly reaching a 2 hours run time for a bad romantic comedy is hell, but if you forget all these facts, you may just be able to endure it and have at least a little bit of fun. Other than that it is definitely a really bad movie!
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½ March 20, 2010
Not as bad as I had heard. Got a few laughs out of it and cared enough to sit and watch the whole thing. Jennifer Aniston is always watchable, though. Clearly not her best, but not the disaster I had been lead to believe. Good for a DVD night in.
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½ February 27, 2010
Well this doesn't seem to be too popular. I can see why, I found it ok but far from great or laugh out loud funny. One that plays on the male/female relationship during an usual setting and events. Seems a popular choice of idea with The Killers, Knight and Day also out this year. However for a Rom-com The ugly truth was way better and for more action go for Knight and day.
Nate Z.
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½ August 15, 2010
When a woman runs out of a trunk and is chased down by a man who then tackles her and drags her back to said trunk, how would you react? Horror, right? This scenario is the opening minute of The Bounty Hunter, an abhorrent romantic comedy that fails in every regard. The opening scene is supposed to be funny because it?s two stars and we learn, via onscreen text, that the guy and gal are formerly married. Somehow this knowledge makes the scene ? funny. Because in real life no spurned ex-spouses inflict punishment on their former halves. This disastrous and bizarre opening clued me in that The Bounty Hunter was going to be one hell of a slog to sit through. It made me want to put a bounty on the filmmakers who made this mess possible.

Milo (Gerard Butler) is an ex-cop who currently pays the bills as a bounty hunter. Nicole (Jennifer Aniston) is an investigative reporter looking into a series of suicides that might not be what they seem. She?s also due in court for hitting a police horse with her car (the reveal of her actual crime is intended to be a payoff; you?re welcome for having it spoiled). Nicole gets too close to a crime conspiracy that has connections inside the New York City police force, so goons chase her down to kill her. Naturally, she misses her court date and becomes a wanted fugitive, which brings her ex back into the picture. Milo is elated that he gets to drag his ex-wife to jail and get paid for doing so. Along the way, the couple improbably rekindles their old romance while being chased by hordes of goons with guns.

First off, The Bounty Hunter is one of the more unpleasant, tone-deaf comedies I?ve seen in years. It assumes if two people, with obviously zero chemistry, will bicker long enough in shrill voices, eventually comedy will emerge. This is the comedic equivalent of the faulty scientific theory of Spontaneous Generation. The comedy just isn?t coming. I never laughed once during the entire painful 115 minutes. I failed to crack even a smile. I sat dumbfounded, looking back and forth between the screen and my wife?s reaction, to gauge if I was truly missing something, mainly the ?comedy? part. These people are unlikable and not once do you ever believe that they are capable of even expressing a realistic human emotion. These are people that shouldn?t even exist in a crummy romantic comedy. These are the background players in a crummy romantic comedy, given starring roles and proving with every exhalation why they should have remained Angry Dinner Couple #2. Milo is a jackass who?s full of himself and Nicole is whiny and annoying and they both have massive egos. Butler and Aniston have various acting abilities, though both seem to be in rapid decline, but their hammy acting is trying to overcompensate for the film?s numerous shortcomings. They?re playing broadly, but now they?re just broad, unlikable idiots rather than unlikable idiots. The only way anybody could like these characters is imagining that they?re completely different people.

The premise itself routinely destroys any plausible sense of believability. Milo chases down his ex-wife in scene after scene, taunting her, spitefully laughing at her misfortune, harassing and threatening her. At NO POINT WHATSOEVER in the entire movie does a single person look at this ongoing relationship and cry foul. Nobody calls the police, nobody intervenes, nobody notices what explicitly looks like a woman being stalked and kidnapped by a creep. At no point does Milo flash a badge to at least provide some context or explain his actions, so scene after scene looks like a blatant kidnapping with the female captive kicking and screaming. There is nothing wacky or amusing in watching a world of apathetic rom-com extras ignoring what is obviously somebody in trouble. The fact that Milo can get away with this behavior in a gala of public venues only makes the movie, and every living being within it, infinitely dumber.

The very nature of the comedy oddly results in plenty of cruel slapstick. Nicole has an officemate, Stewart (Saturday Night Live?s Jason Sudeikis), who is smitten with her after a drunken bout of making out. He follows her to Atlantic City and eventually gets hijacked by the goons after Milo. There are several astonishing scenes that just involve the goons torturing Stewart. They hit him in the leg with a golf club, they inject a horse tranquilizer into his neck, and all of this is somehow supposed to be funny. It?s really just mean and rather distasteful. The fact that The Bounty Hunter thinks that this situation is a comedy goldmine speaks volumes to me. Watching a dweeby character repeatedly get injured is not funny on its face, and it?s even less funny when the film just lets it keep happening without comment. Stewart doesn?t deserve his pain and neither does the unfortunate audience watching this garbage.

Director Andy Tennant (Hitch, Fool?s Gold) and screenwriter Sarah Thorp (Twisted) wouldn?t know comedy if it chained them to a car door. Tennant?s idea of comedy is to stretch the comedy, play things as big and as long as possible. There are plenty of moments that have a rather slipshod comedic setup (oh look, they?re chasing a guy on a golf course in a golf cart! This has to end well right?), and then the movie just keeps going and going, long after what was designed to be funny crashed, burned, and had its ashes scattered at sea. His visual style also leans on bright pastel colors that heighten the cartoonish atmosphere. The comic set-ups are along the lines of? Milo chains Nicole to bed. She crawls over him to reach for gun. Sexual dialogue about a ?gun.? Milo chases a guy on stilts. Stilts! How could you resist that? And then at one point Nicole tries to make a break for it in a rickshaw. I?m already not laughing. And then the movie wants to be an action caper and lo does it fail miserably at this as well. Nicole is being chased by a bevy of goons because she knows too much. Milo is also being chased by his own bevy of goons that want to collect on his gambling debts. Then there?s a mutual friend/cop who may be dirty or might not be, but it?s just way too many extraneous characters chasing after the likes of Milo and Nicole.

Thorp lacks an ear for dialogue. She seems to have some basic grasp on the ingredients of funny, but she can?t make them come together and work. Every line alternates between being clumsy, obvious, or clumsily obvious. We?re supposed to be amused by Milo and Nicole?s banter. It?s grating, like you?re stuck in someone else?s miserable family vacation. There?s a moment in the end where Milo has distracted the bad guys and come to save his ex-wife, and then instead of bolting they sit and glumly talk about the failed state of their relationship. Could that not have waited until you were safe? The tone is decidedly uneven and the second half of the film feels like an eternity. The comedy completely gets smothered in the last half because now the movie wants to be taken seriously and we?re supposed to care about the characters getting back together, as if their reconciliation was ever in doubt. Thorp?s screenplay feels like a pastiche of 1000 different movies. There isn?t an original thought anywhere inside this movie. Even worse, there isn?t anything funny. This is the kind of movie that you say, ?Well, it had its moments,? except The Bounty Hunter doesn?t even have those ?moments.?

The Bounty Hunter is a colossal miscalculation on the part of everyone involved. It is neither funny nor romantic in any sense, it?s weirdly cruel and very casual about it, and the entire movie exists in some contrived, sketchy realm of reality that only exists in the furthest reaches of the rom-com universe. I find it funny (much funnier than anything in this movie) that Butler and Aniston were rumored to be dating after filming this movie. They have no screen chemistry whatsoever, though they can argue in annoying tones effectively. As the film neared its merciful end, I thought about calling somebody to round up those responsible for such an egregious waste of time and money. It?s not just that The Bounty Hunter is a bad movie; it?s a woefully clumsy and excruciating movie even considering the depths of romantic comedies. And if anybody sat through The Ugly Truth, or Over Her Dead Body, or anything with Freddie Prinze Jr. in it, then you know exactly how alarming that statement is.

Nate's Grade: D
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February 22, 2010
Average marital comedy collides with the action thriller - it's completely ridiculous, at the same time as just not being funny. The characters are one dimensional and under developed.
For all their likability, both Gerald Butler and Jennifer Aniston seem to be on auto pilot. Butler is his own charming persona and Aniston is well though they exhibit some chemistry. But Christine Baranski is wasted in a role far beneath her talent.
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½ February 5, 2010
The Bounty Hunter fails to locate any laughs or charm over two punishing hours as its chemistry-free leads, Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, mug their way through two of the worst performances they've ever given.
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July 8, 2010
This is an Alexis movie if ever there was one. Sexy, likable cast, funny, exciting, clever little romcom with dirty cops and a happy ending. I loved it.
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½ February 1, 2010
Well, even I'm not enjoying this movie very much, but I know that Bounty Hunter wasn't just a typical comedy... At least the script was pretty good, and of course teamed-up Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler wasn't a bad idea because I love their chemistry in this movie... Even there is some conversation that I don't get pretty well, but I was pleased with this movie... Thumbs up for Andy Tennant!
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February 21, 2010
This movie in no way justifies comedy, romance, or action. It is a weird, disappointing, and blithe tale of two people without chemistry or appeal, and the plot is more abysmal than can be explained.
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½ July 13, 2010
Now, "The Bounty Hunter" is an unabashed, big name, romantic (action) comedy but I honestly kinda liked it. Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are what really propel the picture. They turn in charming, fun, light performances which in tern make the film, charming, fun and light. Sure, it's pure nonsense but sometimes its just fun to watch some pretty, big name stars just having fun.
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