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½ February 15, 2010
how can I describe it in two words ?? ?? only "Steven Seagal "
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August 18, 2010
Steven Segal has found new was to make his enemies SUFFER...LMAO! When in the world is he going to accept that he is a grey haired man...and let some in! Regardless...he is in full form with an extremely young cast in this save the hostage and get me my revenge thriller...
It forces you to pay attention, while he goes to work to get his life back in order. Same Segal...new ways to show pain. It was okay.
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May 6, 2012
A Dangerous Man is probably the best thing Seagal has done in his last decade and a half of direct to video output... and by "best" I mean it's a passable action flick; decently shot, lots of guns and explosions and karate chops and gruesome deaths. And it also keeps the cheese and juvenile plot structure to a bare minimum.
Once again Seagal is a super-duper-secret-top-ex-military-commando with nothing to lose (but with a heart of gold) who gets involved in some thing involving a bag of money and some girl's kidnapped uncle. Fortunately, this film functions more or less like an excellent Hong Kong action-thriller that somebody decided to shoehorn Seagal into.
½ January 4, 2010
Somewhat dissapointing. Not as good as The Keeper. Less plot and he's back to the voice dubbing. The only saving grace is that he uses his
December 8, 2013
The title says it all, and I knew the movie is not going to be good, maybe except for Seagal's knack of pulling off his best martial arts' choreography. It has blood here, grimaces there, and gun-shootings almost everywhere throughout. As a film-goer-slash-critic of Asian descent, I feel very ashamed and crestfallen on how my race is portrayed in it.

My Rating: 2/5 stars; Grade: C; Gesture: One Thumb Down; Status: Below Average (Rotten); Emoticon: :-/
June 9, 2013
This movie has it good bits but not to many of them while the story is lacking the fighting scenes are still good.
I don't care what anyone says Steven Seagal can still kick butt and take names.
½ March 27, 2013
Dirty cops of America, watch out! Steven Seagal is coming to get ya...
March 9, 2012
Friday, March 9, 2012

(2009) A Dangerous Man

Straight-to-rental with Steven Seagal as an ex-military soldier this times and is 30 pounds heavier, has just been arrested and sentenced for a thug who tried to mug his wife and was beaten to a pulp. This same thug was later found dead with all fingers pointing to Seagal who was later cleared because of DNA. But as a result of this long absence, his wife leaves him with nothing to go for it. He then comes across becoming a witness of an execution of a random police officer stop who eventually turns out was working with a particular police force who aligns itself with a Chinese gangster involving human smuggling. After stealing a bag of money from the bad guys vehicle as well as a kidnapped girl whose been knocked unconscience nearly escaping with a young teenager who steals cars for a living whose father has ties with the Russian mob! They become allies against the Chinese gang and against the corrupt police officers which look like that it invloves the rest of the force!

Very boring and tiresome action sequences even though it has a fair amount but very unintersting using a convoluted formiliac plot device filled with some of the worst acting imaginable! Almost unbearable to watch!

2 out of 4
September 24, 2011
Classic action movie story well done and with a good rhythm. The chief russian guy casting is great. Enjoyed it
March 9, 2011
Mais um filme de xutos&pontapés com Seagal, tão mal actuado e violento que chega mesmo a doer...
January 12, 2011
Considering that the entire plot of this revolves around a guy who has nothing to lose who was in the wrong place at the wrong time means that it doesn't make much sense at all. This is definitely not good. This also isn't 90's Seagal either which makes it not as good. However, I did find some enjoyment out of the action which means that if you really like watching horrible action movies (which I do) then this is worthy of a watch. Otherwise you have no reason to ever watch it.
½ January 6, 2011
If you like non-stop action and scene after scene of gun battles, then
this film is for you. Steven Seagal plays a large, soft-spoken
lumbering man whose martial arts hands (and legs) are quicker than the
eye. He looks 20+ years and 30+ pounds past his prime. The character he
plays is -- well, it's not important, because the story is so
unimportant. It's just a vehicle for action and violence: explosions,
knifings, bone breaking, head slamming, death by saw and emotionless

I must admit this is not the kind of film I would normally watch, no
less review. But I saw it because an old high school buddy had a
prominent role (Jerry Wasserman playing a crooked cop; for the short
amount of time he was on screen, he was fine).

The direct-to-DVD movie was a great vehicle for the special effects man
(if you like those kind of effects) and he should have been well-paid.
Certainly more than the writers or actors received.

The one decent thing about the film was the music. Actually it was a
great score. Good enough for me to give a higher "score" to the overall
film, raising it to a "1."
½ June 28, 2010
I cannot believe how poorly made this movie was. Seagal has gotten terribly out-of-shape and the fight scenes were shot close up with snap zooms to hide his gut.

The dialog was stilted, mediocre and uninspired. The plot seemed to move forward only to move to another sad excuse for a 'fight scene' where a has-been martial artist can attempt to relive the glory days.

Do waste your time, even if this movie is free.
½ May 2, 2010
March 17, 2010
Why are people ripping this movie as if they didn't know what they were getting. This is a Seagal direct-to-video movie. It has plenty of action and keeps moving throughout. It doesn't try and be something else. What it's trying to be it does just fine.
½ March 12, 2010
This movie is one of the absolute worst movies I have ever seen. I only watched about 15 minutes of it....Normally a movie this bad I wouldnt have made it through 5 minutes- but Steven Seagals absolute ridiculous acting made me hang on a little longer. You just cant imagine how bad it is.
½ February 17, 2010
This movie is loaded with the usual problems that come from crappy action movies like "War" and "The Transporter" movies. It's problems are bad writing, horrible camera work, the camera angles constantly change during action scenes and the action scenes are poorly done. There are some decent parts in the action scenes of this movie, but that's really all that's good about this movie; nothing else really stands out. 3/10
February 12, 2010
Action, action and more action! That's what I want when I watch a Steven Seagal movie. I don't want any of that artistic stuff, a plot full of learning about the inner child of characters nor do I want a sappy love story. When it comes to cheesy action movies all I want to see is ass kicking, sexy women and a fast plot where I don't have to think. A Dangerous Man is exactly what a Seagal movie should be.

The story starts off with Shane Daniels, Seagal, attacking a random mugger who attempted to rob his wife. Soon after the incident police find the mugger dead and Shane is interrogated about his past in the Special Forces. The evidence is damning and Shane is condemned to a life of prison. While he's serving his sentence tragedy strikes as Shane's young sexy wife leaves him to move on with her life. After 6 years of hard time, Shane's luck changes and he's released when neglected DNA evidence proves he wasn't the killer. This scene is just long enough to get all of the information we need about the character for the movie.

Now that the first 7 minutes of the movie is over, including the credits, Shane is back on the streets and trying to make a life for himself. Being alone in the world is hard for a recently released convict, as one can imagine, and Shane finds himself dealing with his problems and loneliness at a local liquor store. As Shane leaves the liquor store with his cheap bottle of bourbon he's confronted by two thugs looking for some easy money. Shane doesn't take any of their guff and after some colorful words, gives them a lesson in the art of implanting his fist into their faces.

The story continues, we're about 10 minutes into the movie now, we find Shane reminiscing about his former wife in an almost empty park (some car thieves stop there to use the bathroom). His wife really is way too sexy for him, which explains why he's so lonely as he remembers has flashbacks of their love. Aside from being dangerous, Shane is also very emotional.

Alas, his time alone is too good to be true when a police officer pulls into the parking lot and begins to question some Asian Mafia gentleman for an unknown reason; maybe it was speeding, in the same park where Shane is trying to sort out his emotions. We all know what happens from there, the mafia members kill the police officer and attack the car thieves. As a peace loving man, Shane sees it as his duty to get involved and thoroughly explains why violence is wrong by giving the mafia members some tough love; like any good step dad would give his red haired son.

After a quick search of the mafia member's cars, Shane finds a duffle bag full of drug money and another sexy girl in the trunk. Shane, being the humanitarian that he is, decides to help the woman get back up on her feet and save her family from the Asian Mafia while keeping the drug money for himself as kind of a payment for his services. And this is still in the first 20 minutes!!!!

A Dangerous Man is a far cry from the movies he's released in the past few years. The film quality and production is better than some of his movies that actually made it into theaters in the past. The plot is fairly bad and doesn't make very much sense for example; the Chinese military is trying to capture a man who did the accounting for their large drug organization and the most of plot revolves around saving him. There is some dubbing in the movie but it's not nearly as bad as the sound was in one of Seagal's recent movies called Kill Switch, where a majority of camera work was shot from behind Seagal to cover up the bad dubbing. For the most the action scenes were done well aside from some bad editing here and there.

This movie has everything, the Asian Mafia, the Russian Mafia, corrupt police, the Chinese military, strippers that can't dance and of course lots of action. The movie doesn't go into any real depth since that would get in the way of the action but honestly what do you expect from a Seagal movie? When you watch the movie you call the main character Steven Seagal instead of the characters real name, these kinds of movie aren't about the characters or story as much as they're about the star.

A Dangerous Man is made for a younger male audience and isn't the kind of movie I'd recommend for women, since some are objectified in the movie. For those people who like Steven Seagal movies this movie is a solid mix of everything that we'd expect from him but for the people who like movies with a well laid out plot, realistic circumstances and a story that is believable the movie scores a meager 1.5 out of 5. The rating for all of those people who like Seagal movies is 4 out of 5.
February 11, 2010
This movie was what one would expect from the Seagal Direct To Video release. Bad acting, plot holes so large the universe could pass through them, stunt doubles and violence. This is actually very graphically violent and Seagal plays a less than heroic character. There was a scene near the beginning of this feature that was something I had never seen before, and in a good way. Just brutal. The stunt doubles are there but not that obvious. The direction seemed to be competent as well as the camera work. Tightly edited and paced. A step up in quality from most of his previous films. So, I can't really suggest this film, it is not technically good, but does rate an 80% with the Seagal Curve. If you are not familiar with the "Seagal Curve" visit this my blog.
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