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July 21, 2011
An intoxicating and satisfying loose sequel to the brilliant "In the Mood for Love." Wai manages to tap into that same tonal vein as the predecessor. But rather than exploiting an old feeling, he manages to breathe new life in it, which is one of the highest praises that I can give a sequel. The acting is superb as well with Maggie Cheung and Zhang Ziyi really delivering outstanding performances.
I don't recommend watching this as a stand alone picture as I think one would find it hard to care about Tony Leung's character without knowing what took place in the previous film.
Put 2046 in the end of your Wong Kar Wai marathon. It isn't his best, but is great for fans who want to spent a little more time with a characters they came to love so dearly.
As they say in the film, 2046 is a place to recapture lost memories. Wai eloquently does this in 2046 and makes them feel fresh again.
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June 8, 2007
Labored and overly fanciful.
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½ February 23, 2011
Except for the visual excellency, this movie sucked at more levels than it worked. Owing to its high IMDb rating and having heard too many positive responses, I decided to check it out. But little did I know that it's going to be a yawn-inducing love story. The movie must be good, but it didn't work out well for me. I can't sit through movies falling under this genre, all the more when they're told in a wannabe-extraordinary way.
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½ May 3, 2009
2046. A number of a hotel room. A place/ year where nothing ever changes. A place from where only one man ever returned. A sci-fiction story called 2047. A story about love or whatever it is.

The fragmentary shooting is like the story itself: life is a bunch of lost moments and memories, some of we try to hold and keep forever, and love, it end up being a college of idealizations and of what could have been.
"Love is all a matter of timing. It's no good meeting the right person too soon or too late. If IŽd live in another time or place......my story might have had a very different ending".

Three movies came to my mind:

Chungking Express, for obvious reasons: Faye Wong and Tony Leung Chiu Wai costarting after ten years.

The Double Life of Veronique (or Kieslowski himself) for the stunning use of colors (specially the green and red) and for the "poetic" focus on gestures.
And Hirokazu KoreedaŽs After Life, where people can choose only one memory to take to eternity.

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June 5, 2007
A step back for Wong Kar Wai because he essentially remakes In the Mood for Love but in a more convoluted and unnecessary manner.
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August 2, 2008
The technical aspect of a film has to be at the service of the story, and never the other way. Wong Kar Wai is yet another lecturer of visual masturbation with very few reasonable arguments to make a cinematic statement. This film is like a series of advertisements, beautifully shot, but non-transcendental, dull and meaningless. It surprises me that some people think the man behind this empty shell is the second coming of Christ.
Vacuous and endlessly pretentious.
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July 2, 2008
Huge fan of In the Mood for Love so I was very excited about this. Maybe something got lost in translation, but I didn't get half of this movie. Tony Leung is always good, but towards the end, the story just becomes too convoluted and confusing.
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April 19, 2007
Really pretty, Really confusing
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November 26, 2006
Wong Kar Wai's sequel to In The Mood For Love features the life of a writer in 60s Hong Kong working on a science fiction novel that reflects his own life and relationships. The visuals are as sumptuous as you would expect from Wong Kar Wai, with beautiful composition and use of colour complimented by a stunning yet skilled cast. For me though, the story engaged enough to keep me from getting bored but was little more involving than that. A series of vignettes in which two attractive people meet, don't fall in love and then part just did not involve or move me in any way. The film felt like over-intellectualized softcore erotica which although technically flawless, was probably just not aimed at my demographic; it may be a thinking woman's chick flick, but it's still a chick flick!
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August 20, 2006
A stunning piece of art from Wong Kar Wai. Tony Leung breathes more life and expands the role started from In The Mood For Love. The subtle and quiet pace is perfect for the themes of love expressed. The futuristic scenes are unmatched on film. One of the most beautiful looking films of all time.
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May 28, 2007
A lot of stars of asian cinema in the rather confusing story of an author and his love affairs. While nicely shot and well acted somehow the movie drags along between a couple of scenes of heartbreak, sex and glimpes into the future of the novel he is writing. Confusing and just not as interesting as it could be .
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May 19, 2007
This is a lovely movie to look at. In that sense it's just about unbeatable. But it's too damn long a movie for nothing even merely engaging to happen in two hours and a quarter. I've sat through terrific movies that play over two hours, and no, not necessarily war epics, but 'meandering' romantic movies as perhaps this could be considered. But the lack of real-time action of any sort, replaced by an excess of flashbacks and irrelevant rants over things already stated made it begin to drag at around the first hour and a half. Zhang Ziyi has way too little screen time to make up for the flaws (which I forgot while she was there), and Tony Leung was pretty good as the main character, but his charm was eventually drowned by the saturation. Aesthetically, it's a treat, but as far as interesting enough to keep you sitting in front of the screen, it falls short.
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February 27, 2007
Freakin' fascinating! To say that this is a "loose" sequel to Mood pretty much hits the definition of "loose" on the head. But whoa! One great cast, including, amazingly, Japanese soap idol Takuya Kimura. He's excellent. Not to mention that there is one gifted actress after another here. Flixsters, I tell you true, I never get remotely close to being tired of Ziyi Zhang, I kid you not. She is wonderful in this. Hey, forget all the time travel critical commentary; don't let it throw you off track. This is a story, actually very straight-forward, about the loves that occur in a life, and how, even if there is one "great" one that shredded you more than the others, you continue to miss opportunities if you are walking an unfortunate path dedicated to the memory of that "one." Yeah, this film's a wee bit of a downer in that way, but what a brilliantly bright burning bittersweet tale. Big points for couching the story in the arena of the creative writer. Remember Crystal's advice to his UCLA extension students in Throw Mama from the Train? He says: "A writer writes always." And you know what, gang? That's exactly why some writers miss connecting with the next potentially "great" love of their lives. Too much time writing, brooding, and generally cogitating about grand story ideas and the eternal varities and stuff that numbs and/or blinds you to your opportunities. Life can pass these folks by. I want to see Wong's third installment, and I want it to be an upbeat comedy where Tony Leung Chiu-Wai actually connects with his character's next "true love."
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½ October 8, 2006
Certainly from the beginning I thought it would be as good as "In the Mood for Love" but, as the film progressed ideas within the film didn't seem to make sense and got me confused. Those ideas though, complex they may be, but mixed with the stunning cinematography I was totally fixated by it.

The idea of Chow's book running parralel to his life was also a little confusing at times but also proved to be an assit for me, as I understood Chow a lot better and ,certainly you're able to synpathise e a little with him.

The three leading ladies; Li Gong,Zhang Ziyi and Faye Wong were all very good but a bit under developed. Perhaps that was the case for Li Gong and Faye Wong, Zhang Ziyii seemed to be very childlike at times but was certainly the better out of the three.Tony Leung Chiu Wai was pretty good. I understood how he felt and what the affair meant to him in In the Mood For Love.

One of the best things in this film and from
" In the mood for love" is the brilliant soundtrack. It captures the emotion of the film and the atmosphere. I loved the slow motion at certain points, like a freeze frame in time- just brilliant

I recomend everyone to watch 2046 but watch In the Mood For Love first as you will be able to understand it a lot better.
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½ December 17, 2006
When the pulp fiction writer writes the story of sci-fi novel that is a bit like Blade Runner version of romantic. Zhang Ziyi does an excellent performance in this masterpiece film without martial arts movie.
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½ September 24, 2006
Strong acting, indefatigable style, ceaselessly moving directing, an amazing score, rife with moments of visual ectsasy - an incredible experience.
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½ December 2, 2006
[font=Century Gothic]"2046" starts in 1966 when a writer, Chow(Tony Leung Chiu Wai), has returned to Hong Kong after living in Singapore for several years. On his return, he finds the only work he can get is writing a society column about nightclubs where he meets Lulu(Carina Lau) and spends the night with her. Obsessed with her, he returns to her hotel, only to discover she has been stabbed by a jealous boyfriend. Nevertheless, he rents her old room and is inspired to write a science fiction novel while staying there.[/font]
[font=Century Gothic][/font]
[font=Century Gothic]"2046" is a stylish movie that starts off well but eventually gets bogged down in an ever deepening morass.(Wong Kar Wai should have had the audacity to make the entire film as science fiction.) Obsessive, Chow only pays attention to other women on his floor, thus giving the movie a particularly claustrophic feel. And themes of loneliness are hammered into the ground by the movie taking place over more than one holiday season. [/font]
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April 13, 2009
Wong Kar Wai employs a subtle and gripping imaginative vision. Apparently the recent efforts with American actors have not been as rewarding
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September 3, 2009
A fascinating. complex love story with a time travel twist approached in an original way.
Visually very strong. Cool camera angles, amazing sets, wonderful costume design.
I was able to enjoy this film with my right brain as I was taken in my its' beauty instead of over-analyzing the concept (as I often have a tendency to do!)
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