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The Day Reviews

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Al S

Super Reviewer

December 22, 2012
A bold and brutal instant classic. It`s one of the most shocking films of 2012. It gets in your head and under your skin quick with its gritty atmosphere, brutal nature and gripping characters. A bone-chilling, stylish, exhilarating and utterly breathtaking edge of your seat thriller. A well-crafted piece of work from Robert Rodriquez`s protege: Director, Doug Aarniokoski, who shows us he`s an exceptional talent and will have a bright future. The cast is beyond great, they have great chemistry and show no mercy. Shawn Ashmore is excellent. Michael Eklund is terrifyingly good. A knockout of an adrenaline-rush. It has echos of From Dusk till Dawn, Mad Max and The Book of Eli.

Super Reviewer

August 29, 2012
Three Stars
May 9, 2013
Beautifully shot in black and white, The Day is an interesting, reflective, and unrelentingly bleak film that explores the human compulsion to survive after the apocalypse. Unfortunately, it feels way too derivative of Cormac McCarthy's The Road to really be impressive at all...
March 6, 2013
Not a single unannoying character to be found (well, maybe Ashley Bell's character... but that's still a big maybe) though I have to give props where props is due. Delivers a pretty darn good climatic siege AND has the cajones to off the terrible children, a thing horror movies usually sidestep.

Halfway satisfying. But some of that CGI... oof. There's no way CGI blood 'n guts are cheaper than practical ones so I don't understand their prevalence.

And if you're gonna desaturate your movie 95% of the way, you might as well just go the distance and do black and white.
January 31, 2013
I really liked this one. It doesn't feel like a hollywood type big budget flick, but it's still bad ass. The girl in this is ridiculous. Not someone you want to mess with. The future is pretty bad. They don't go into how it got bad or pretty much anything, but a group tries to survive a cannibal invasion. The end is pretty bad ass too.
January 13, 2013
In a post-apocalyptic world, five strangers travel in search of safety. They find a supposedly abandoned farmhouse and set up shop there, but there's a cannibalistic gang roaming the area, and has their eyes set right on the farmhouse. Now the friends must survive the night by fighting their way through the cannibal army, or be eaten at their hands.

I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic movies, I find them incredibly fascinating and entertaining, no matter what they are ("The Road," "Carriers," etc). People downplayed this film a lot, so I didn't have a lot of expectations going into it, but what I found was an incredibly tense, atmospheric film filled with drama and lots of violence and gore.

The five actors are five of today's hottest young stars - Shawn Ashmore ("The X-Men"), Ashley Bell ("The Last Exorcism"), Cory Hardrict ("Gran Torino"), Dominic Monaghan ("The Lord of the Rings") and Shannyn Sossamon ("40 Days and 40 Nights"). They all played off each other very well, especially the mysterious character Ashley Bell portrays.

What also struck me was that the film was shot entirely in a dark sepia-like film quality that gives the illusion of hopelessness and sadness (this was done in "The Book of Eli" as well). It was incredible because it felt there was danger at every turn - and in this type of post-apocalyptic world, there was.

To me, it was an all-around great film.
January 12, 2013
Good, not Great, but good. Could have gotten a lot more creative along the way, but its got a couple name actors in it, so who needs a GREAT storyline.
December 30, 2012
This had a couple shocking death scenes, but overall I think watching paint dry would have been more interesting.
September 5, 2012
"The Day" has a cast with the talent that barely exceeds its evidently low budget. You'd have more fun & scares playing an hour of Left 4 Dead.
April 21, 2012
Has ideas from a bunch of things you have probably seen/read before. I still enjoyed it. Most of the acting was good with the exception of one performance that I thought was weaker than the others, but still serviceable for the story.
June 8, 2014
very interesting film, although I have to think a bit before I can write a comprehensive review.
March 25, 2014
Very bad. Plot derivative, acting poor. Even the depiction of their survival skills showed no intelligence. Stomping around making as much noise as possible. Lighting a cigarette so everyone smells you before entering a possibly dangerous area? Stupid.
Dave J
March 7, 2014
Friday, March 7, 2014

(2011) The Day

Shown on black and white with the only thing that is in color are the dreamlike images. Centering on 5 sane survivors seeking for food, and they end up being tricked into staying at an abandoned house for the intention of being eaten by "infected" humans, since they resort to cannibalism. Low budget, and purely a cash grab movie, which I get weary, whenever I see 'semi-apocalyptic' movies, such as "The Hunger Games" and "The Road" that consist to have environments containing many trees and so forth, and there's like not supposed to be any food anywhere nowhere in sight. And that civilize people not taking the time to harvest their own food by using that soil and so forth. The other thing I hate about this movie is the fact, that there's no introduction here, for viewers have to figure out what kind of mangy ghouls or animals these 5 survivors have to deal with, resorting to viewers asking more questions than the movie is willing to give any answers.

1 star out of 4
February 1, 2014
Sensational small film. Powerful acting and directing. Why did RTomatoes give it 1 star???
August 19, 2012
I LOVE under siege type horror situations but, boy did this ever miss the mark. Part cold and discolored post apocalyptic drama; part John Carpenter B-movie. It doesn't work. Every time it gets close to the real palpable meat of what the movie should be about the director opts to have his characters kick ass and slit throats. Ashley Bell did redeem it to some degree.
April 27, 2013
Premise is done to death. The lovely Shannyn Sossamon, while probably my initial attraction to the film, falls completely flat. Dominic Monaghan is clearly a better actor here, but Ashley Bell is the one to watch....if youre going to.
But my guess is you probably dont need too....
I will say the film looks nice, and they leave enough of the back story hidden to provide mystery, but it gets lost in the overall lack of originality.
April 1, 2013
A Action-Horror Trhriller, in a Post-Apocalyptic world, where all animals are dead (the movie does not explain why), and groups of humans are hunted by other ones that become cannibals.

The movie settings are on a farm house and around it, with some good actings and action scenes, with a overall nice dark gritty shots. The characters have a background and personality, and the general feel of the movie its consistent.

But the movie has many cliches of the genre, and it's somewhat shallow in the story. Still a nice choice for watching in the genre - my score: 6,6 / 10,0.
March 31, 2013
I love post apocalyptic stuff and when I saw this at the store I automatically jumped to see it. By the end, I was beyond disappointed, in fact I was angry. The dark scenery is copied from The Road, the acting is awful, the storyline has potential but was not used to its full potential, the special effects are blatantly fake, and the terrible violent scenes almost make you sick. Do NOT waste your money.
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