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½ July 8, 2011
This movie is a little slow, but the cast is good. I always thought Fischer was easy to watch as an actress, regardless of what role she plays, and she doesn't disappoint in this one. Worth watching, but not going to win any awards.
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October 7, 2011
A Little Help is what I wish I could have given to the main character, who is so trapped under the dysfunction of her family that she is wreaking havoc on herself and within her mind. I was really surprised by the level of dramatic tension and haunting dexterity of Jenna Fischer's performance. Most well known for her awkward comedy chops on the NBC show The Office, Fischer seems destined to be a dramatic indie actress. She molds this film expertly as the disheveled Laura, who goes through a life changing experience and doesn't change. Early on her husband dies, and a chain reaction is set off that ruins the life of her son, changes the attitudes of her mother, sister, and brother-in-law, and leaves her penniless and lost without hope. Throughout the film we watch Laura squirm to find some salvation, some answer to the reason why she is outcast from everyone she meets. Laura is likable in many respects, and real in her lapses in judgment and the way she lives her life. She does try to find simple comforts, or at least some escape from the bitter mourning of her husband, and the judgmental looks of her young son. Her son, by the way, was certainly the best part of the movie, as he maneuvers through life by letting his mother lean on him in times of crises, and sets her out to dry during the others. The actor in question (Daniel Yelsky) is one to watch in the coming years. Really, it's about people whose lives haven't turned out the way they wanted by simple events they can't control. It's set in 2002, a while after 9/11, which was addressed within the film. It really helps open the wounds of many characters, and shows the pink underbelly of those with little to cling to. Really, it's impressive what this film did with what it had, and was great to say the least.
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April 11, 2011
Cast: Jenna Fischer, Chris O'Donnell, Rob Benedict, Kim Coates, Lesley Ann Warren, Brooke Smith, Aida Turturro, Nadia Dajani, Arden Myrin

Director: Michael J. Weithorn

Summar: "King of Queens" creator Michael J. Weithorn makes his feature-film directorial debut with this indie dramatic comedy starring Jenna Fischer ("The Office") as a recently widowed single mom. Looking for solace anywhere she can find it, Laura (Fischer) reconnects with an old beau -- perhaps not the wisest of choices, since he's also her sister's spouse.

My Thoughts: "Jenna Fischer is quite good in her role as Laura. Laura is a wife to a cheating husband, a mother to an absolute brat of a child, a daughter to an over baring mother, and a sister to Kathy who is angry and jealous of her. Laura is a mess who anyone can relate to. She finds herself in a somewhat mid-life crisis after her husband passes. I really enjoyed the movie. Rob Benedict was great as Paul as well as Daniel Yelsky as Dennis. It was a great indie dysfunctional family flick. The kind I like. It helps to remind you your family is just as insane as everyone else's and you're not alone in the dysfunction of it all. Good stuff."
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June 6, 2011
Laura: YOU SUCK!

After a man (Chris O'Donnell) dies due to a panic attack caused by stress given by his "lovely" wife Laura (Jenna Fischer), this dental hygienist attempts to re-establish a sense of security and normalcy for herself and her family, and she goes to great measures to make such preposterous events happen.

Well this was clever. It's always fun being the only one in the theater (everyone else was seeing 'Drive', which is magnificent if you haven't already seen it), but also kind of sad. 'A Little Help' is criminally underrated. This gem is charming, poignant, realistic, and an all-around good time that's enjoyable for anyone who has been down in the dumps.

This is a solid transition to indie cinema for Jenna Fischer of 'The Office'. You will barely think of her role on that show once you see this. Aside from being the best, most emotionally heartfelt performance of the year; Fischer is in the run for an oscar nomination. Other performances stand out too, including Christ O'Donnell, Kim Coates, and newcomer Daniel Yelsky. An all-around terrific film.
½ February 28, 2014
I am glad I watched it through NetFlix. I found it had some good moments but really did not work for me.
½ May 30, 2011
I was definitely let down by this movie. The whole plot was slow and Fischer's character was a mess from the beginning to the ending when she drove away while the credits rolled. Maybe someone will find the deeply hidden moral message of this movie and let me know what I missed.
November 17, 2011
I lost interest immediately. There no one to love or care about in this movie. Just a waste of time on a hollow story.
August 2, 2014
Brilliant and terrific performance by Jenna Fischer!
July 18, 2014
Jenna Fischer proves she has what it takes to achieve big-screen stardom in this interesting character study.
½ June 2, 2014
It's a shame to see such a lovable actress in something so unlovable.
½ May 16, 2014

Slightly more grounded in reality, then most its of its type.
½ January 18, 2014
The resolution of all of this was just a little too convenient . . .
November 18, 2013
I've been trying to put my finger on why I enjoyed this movie so much: It's not a polished flick, it is not a perfect script, and it is not without its flaws. A tiny, independent film, only generated about 100k at the box office, but here's the thing: Jenna Fischer was incredible, in fact, all the performances in this film, was top-notch, organic, and real. I believed in these characters, their relationships, and their conflicts, and I honestly cared about their lives and their complex, messy world. I have no doubt, after watching this film, that Jenna Fischer, is an actress that is going to break out in Oscar-worthy ways. A Little Help, is a little flick, that you'll be able to go back and say, this is where it began. I believe you can watch it for free right now on HULU, and I think it's worth a couple hours of your time.
November 14, 2011
Much too depressing for the cute girl we know and love from the Office.
December 30, 2012
This movie is about a bunch of idiots and assholes I couldn't care about. Everyone treats the "protagonist" like crap and she just keeps letting them and never learning her lesson, not even by the end. Plus, several characters make clear they think her only value is in her good looks. The movie doesn't make a compelling argument that she has much else going for her and the idiot actually encourages this behavior.
½ January 17, 2012
So, I actually really liked this. The story is pretty interesting, and I was really not expecting the big lie that gets told. It did a nice job of walking this fine line between being a drama and a dark comedy. But honestly, what makes this movie is Jenna Fischer's performance. This character is fascinating, you feel for her and you see her faults all at the same time. That she's just trying to do the right thing but she has no idea how. Overall, I really enjoyed her performance. Now, as much as I liked some characters, some of the other ones, the mom and the sister in particular, I hated just a little too much. As in I almost didn't believe that people could be that vindictive. And as for the story overall, I really liked it, it built really nicely, but then it drops off really suddenly, and you end up just waiting for the ambiguous ending. In the end, this is one to see, if anything, for Jenna Fischer's performance.
½ July 20, 2012
Ever feel like everybody sucks and your whole worldâ(TM)s falling apart? Then watch this film. I pitied and adored this poor girl, Laura, the dental hygienist portrayed by Jenna Fischer, relating fully to her dilemmas. There was a time I used to be just like this--strong willed people mistaking my kindness for stupidity and imposing their selfish agendas on my easy-going passive personality. An amusing story and sad at the same time; every character is interesting and well-developed; thoughtfully written and a great character study that wraps up bittersweet with some good life-skill training you can take home with you.
July 4, 2012
Jenna Fischer is Laura. She has an unfaithful husband who has an untimely death at the beginning of the movie. Laura has a son she has to raise on her own and has to deal with her small amount of income. Her husband doesnâ(TM)t leave her anything to work with and she has many struggles she needs to handle on her own. Filled with an obnoxious mother, nosy sister, and spacey father. This movie captures the relationship growth between her and her distant son. It was interesting seeing Jenna Fischer in a different role. Overall an interesting movie but it didnâ(TM)t stand out too much.
May 20, 2012
Good rainy day flick about how everyone is dysfunctional. I really liked it. It's on VOD right now.
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