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March 16, 2008
Interesting movie. While hanging out with friends one night, Rohit meets and saves the life of a terrified Sapna from a group of assailants. The two instantly fall in love, and Sapna fears that it will create havoc for her family. Despite her fears, she decides to give her relationship with Rohit a chance. This enrages her father and brother, and the two vie to permanently separate Rohit and Sapna. Amisha Patel, Hrithik Roshan, Kiran Kumar, and Hemant Pandey stars. Worth seeing!
August 17, 2007
i didnt hate this film but i feel kaho naa pyaar hai was a great story for amisha and hrithik 2 stick 2. Not go and do this crappy story line! they both looked nice anyway though.
½ May 10, 2007
This was an ok movie...god amisha patel cries way to much in it...and her crying sounds horrible! Though I liked the Rambo touch at the end...oh Romeo & Juliet, you shall live on!
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