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½ February 4, 2012
A decent family movie for parents to bring their kids to the theaters. It doesn't really offer anything about these felines that we have not seen before on the Discovery Channel but is still good fun, with nice images and great sound design.
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January 13, 2013
An attemp to bring back the wildlife disney adventures of 1960, that said, this movie can't hold a candle to those movies. 1 star
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½ April 24, 2011
This year's Earth Day nature documentary from Disney is a heart warming tale about two mothers, a lion and a cheetah. The film follows them as they raise and protect their young cubs from predators. Of course, the camera captures incredible footage of the packs, the environment, and these creatures in action. Every shot is edited together to create a story, almost like a scripted film, and it's quite wonderful.
My only complaint is that the film focuses a lot on hunting and the mothers protecting the young, not much else. I think in trying to create an actual narrative for the animals, one cannot help but feel the film does not depict the true reality of the environment. Oh well. All animal lovers, as well as those families looking for a good film to see over the Easter weekend will be pleasantly entertained. And Samuel L Jackson narrates, giving the film a Pulp Fiction type flavour - just kidding. But his voice commands the words and makes the story that much more compelling.
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April 30, 2011
I bless the rains down in Africa.
Bradley T. Johnson
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½ September 29, 2011
Another Disneynature success, African Cats may lack the narration quality or ooing and ahing moments from Earth and Oceans, but African Cats stands on its own. Plays almost like an African thriller, the film has some suspenseful scenes but it is also compassionate. Too bad the overly cheesy and sentimental music occasionally puts the film in sappy territory. Overall Rating: 72
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½ May 12, 2011
"African Cats" was my first outing into the world of Disney Nature and their series of documentaries about wildlife and the parts of the planet we live on that we know little about. While I was somewhat unsure what to expect going in, the result was pretty much what I might have guessed it would be and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. This is, by all definition, a documentary. What the makers have done to Diney-fy this film though is to place a story behind this footage that no doubt took months if not years of just waiting for a single event to happen. The animals are given names that are representative of their physical traits and the story line is something out of what was probably a draft of a "Lion King" sequel at some point. Parts of the film are fascinating and others drag. It's a mixed bag, but an entertaining experience and consistently an educational treat for the whole fam.
August 20, 2012
The moral of the story is African Cats are douches unless they're babies. And eff you DisneyNature for depressing me with baby animals dying. Beautiful photography, though. I guess.
July 2, 2012
This was definitely the worst of the Disneynature movies but not bad. It had cute animals and an interesting plot to it. Samuel L. Jackson's narration was good too. On the other hand the middle got really boring, and kinda felt like it should be called African Cat Naps. But overall, ok movie.
March 30, 2011
I love when Disney does documentaries! They always are magnificent works of art and the babies were so cute!
December 2, 2011
(4 Stars) Disneynature makes some really great nature documentaries and African Cats is another in among their impressive films. Granted, it's really hard to not be astounded by most nature films since the documentarians get so close to wild animals and show us fascinating behavior. This film does a good job of trying to keep a story. I know some people are miffed by Samuel L. Jackson's narration. I'm okay with it; it seemed funny for about five seconds, then I got back to the movie. If you're interested in the material at all, see African Cats.
½ June 10, 2011
I really enjoyed this nature documentary. It had a good plot, great music and great nature scenes. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone.
May 7, 2011
i loved it! they really have a struggle those single mothers! take your mom's to see it for mothers day! its nice
April 24, 2011
I feel the story was almost forced. I love lions and have been a fan of documentaries about them ever since I was young. Although i understand this was made by Disney, and may have been more geared towards kids and families, I feel that the story itself was a little soft and lacked "realness".
April 30, 2011
Almost beautiful like "Earth" and "Oceans," but it's the darkest Disneynature documentary yet with dark and most dramatic footages. Jackson has the right voice to narrate these "African Cats." (B-)

(Full review coming soon)
April 23, 2011
Nada fuera de lo normal, pero una historia de estos hermosos seres con suficiente corazón, hacen de African Cats un buen documental para ver con la familia.
½ January 20, 2014
If you're in the mood for a good nature documentary, DisneyNature knocks one outta the park with this one. While most of you know my passion for animals constantly overflows, I recognize I may have loved this more than most. With that said, this Disney doc does a great job at exploring and exposing the brutal realities that big cats in Africa endure day in and day out; more specifically Lion prides and Cheetahs. It's not as brutal/graphic as a NatGeo documentary might be, so is a good doc about nature to watch with your kids. My only complaint, Sam Jackson's narration was overdone. He tried way too hard to be impactful and time his dialogue just right that it just came across as annoying and cheesy. Would have preferred a different narrator. Otherwise, this doc is great! These cats may just tug at your heartstrings. Lord knows I was a sobbing mess. :) Looking forward to watching the Chimpanzee doc next.
December 22, 2013
Good natural history documentary with family story building.
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