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October 21, 2010
Two medical students encounter threadbare sets, dull conversations between extraneous characters, a serial killer, telepathy technology, an MRI machine, cheesy geometric CAD animations, lots of incongruous shots of furniture, and a ghost in this baffling movie. It's so odd and badly constructed that people have debated whether it's a hoax or an avant-garde experiment rather than just a plain old bad movie; one thing is sure, the only real point of interest is in trying to figure out what in the world the director was thinking with some of the choices he makes here. If it's an experimental film, it couldn't be called a succesful one.
½ April 21, 2010
One of the worst movies ever made. I watched this as a chalenge from a friend. I guess this movie had a 6 million dollar budget and was shot on 35mm.
½ January 3, 2016
What were they thinking? What were they thinking?! I keep asking myself that question over and over after just seeing "After Last Season". A plot barely exists, the "CGI" looks like something an 8-year-old would make in about 15 minutes after just watching a tutorial on 3D Max (eg. gray cubes floating around on a gray background or polygon models that seem like they were made in the '70s), the editing is incredibly bad (eg. shots of empty chairs, a ceiling fan and other random items seem added at random locations for no apparent reason), the acting is more flat than Olive Oil's chest (and half the time the actors forget their lines), the set looks like empty offices, an empty bedroom and a few empty boiler rooms with some random objects added to them, the lighting is crap, etc. I'm pretty sure I've met 10-year-olds in my life who could direct a better film in pretty much every aspect, which makes me wonder what the budget was used for. Was it just a scam to rip off the investors? Either that or the writer-director is a moron with narcissistic tendencies and lacking in social skills since only such a person would consider this film worthy to release in theaters.
October 10, 2015
At least since Edweard Muybridge's original experiments with motion photography, no other combination of sound and/or colors in the history of moving images has ever succeeded so thoroughly at making the incorrect aesthetic and technical decision at literally every possible juncture as this film does.

It is so erroneous that at least once every 100 frames, this film raises fundamental questions about the cinematic arts that no scholar at any university anywhere in the world would ever have though to ask, had it not come into existence. If a film-school graduate set out to deliberately make the most incomprehensibly wrong film s/he could possibly create, that person would still fail miserably to come anywhere near the frequency and degree of genuinely mind-bending levels of wrongness that occur in this film. I'm not joking, It is seriously astounding that a person with no former film-school training was able to actually create this artwork.

Time, lighting, basic human relationships, music, storytelling, visual composition, and almost everything else about both movies and our physical and emotional selves in some form or another is somehow mysteriously queried by this film. Not since Kuleshov's original experiments with the manner in which the human brain derives physical and spatial relationships from the combination of different film sequences has an editor destroyed the entire concept of cinematic geography in such a stomach-churning manner.

If Salvador Dali could see this film, he would demand a more coherent plot structure. If you could show it to Ingmar Bergman he would watch the entire thing in silent awe and then slap you in the face and walk away without ever uttering a word. If you could show it to Akira Kurosawa he too would watch the entire thing in silent awe, then watch it a second time, then slap you, and then commit ritual suicide also all without ever uttering a word,
This film came out on June 9, 2009, kicking off what is sometimes referred to as the "Summer of Death" due to the large numbers of celebrities and high-profile persons who passed away during that time period. This is not a coincidence.

5 Stars. Absolute must-see.
August 7, 2015
After Last Season is the answer to the concept of the "So Bad It's Good" film. This is a film that, if compared to any so-called bad movie on their worst merits, are their equal or worst. You do not know what a bad film is until you have seen this one. It is a complete failure in every sense; acting, pacing, effects, set design, sound. I advise everyone to see this, just to increase their enjoyment of every other film they will ever watch.
January 8, 2012
it's like Plane 9 From Outer Space married " Not Good" and they had a messed up kid. this movie is that kid. oh and his friend who would hang out with that kid too.
½ March 6, 2011
This film is absolutely the worst film created by mankind. I first researched the film and discovered that... it was released in four theaters, all in Texas, and it is so bad that the studio had called the theaters that carried the four existing reels and did not ask for them to bring them back; they told them to burn the copies. This is considered a lost film that I am the only person within 500,000 people who knows this exists. The film was shot on 35M, there is no lighting crew (so that you could see the shadows of the people, and at some points, of the camera), and it was filmed in the basement of an office building and surrounded with some white sheets and cardboard. There are computer animated sequences that look like blender if you had just put shapes on sticks, and there are scenes of going through colidescopes that tries to convince you of what telepathy is like. When I say that this will never be heard from again, I mean that it will NEVER BE RECOGNISED AGAIN FOR ANYTHING! There is only one use of this movie. We could set it aside in a drawer, and if eugenics ever becomes popular again, we could use this to decide who lives and who dies.
November 9, 2010
Utterly bizarre and hilarious. See this instead of Tommy Wiseau's THE ROOM!
½ September 21, 2010
Amazingly, this incredibly terrible, low-budget film got a theatrical release. This is a movie feels like its trying too hard to be a smart thriller, but instead this would definitely make a better comedy. In fact, that is the only value in this movie. The only way you will get any entertainment value whatsoever out of this movie is if your hammered with a bunch of buddies.

Something that makes this movie even more pathetic is the incredibly stupid props and effects. Yes, this is a low-budget movie, and yes, I have seen low-budget movies that I loved, but this one goes to the point of being lazy. Normally, low budget movies will use creative practical effects and imaginative methods to make the effects work, despite the low amount of money. This movie doesn't even try. Some of the props look like they were done on the spot. Paper signs, a guy tugging on a bin, poor computer graphics that look like a fifteen year old video game, and cardboard CT scanners make this movie hilariously bad.
August 9, 2010
Watching your aunt's 3 hour handshot holiday movie is a more compelling watch than this.
February 7, 2010
The most inept film-making I have ever had the displeasure to experience. Truly horrendous cinema.
November 9, 2009
I would consider my self a little more than a fan of bizarre cinema, and this just happens to be one of the most bizarre films that I have ever seen. It's not that the plot is all that strange, it's a murder mystery with a little SciFi thrown in. It's that the entire film looks as if someone who had never seen a movie created it. For starters, there is an "MRI machine" that is obviously made out of cardboard and covered in white paper, and the room that the "MRI machine" is in is obviously an apartment bedroom with a ceiling fan, pink walls and carpet. Not the environment in which you would typically find an MRI machine. The first ten minutes of the film are devoted to a scene in which a doctor explains how the "MRI machine" works in a way that any layman would and it turns out that the "MRI machine" really has nothing to do with the plot of the film. This is just the first 1/6th of the film!

A good portion of the film is obviously shot in a warehouse with strange set pieces (usually with paper stuck to them), and furniture that no sane person would use. I was constantly asking myself questions like, "Why is this "bedroom" completely empty except for that industrial metal self?" or "Why is only half of that wall covered in wallpaper, and why are there a bunch of exposed pipes in this 'office'?" I still don't understand why they couldn't use regular furniture, like a couch or a table, or shoot in a furnished house or office.

The golden moment is a scene towards the end that takes up at least 1/3rd of the film, and it consists of two doctors sharing thoughts via this tiny chip that they place on their temples. The shared thoughts are actually terrible mid 1990's 3d computer graphics. Seriously, they look as if they were created by an infant, and apparently this is where most of Region's budget went. During this sequence things in the "office" start to move of their own volition and the killer (remember, it's a murder mystery) enters the room, but he is invisible. Then, it turns out that this whole part of the film was a dream, there really is no thought-sharing ship, and the killer isn't invisible. I want to mention quickly that during this sequence of events, one of the doctors is having some sort of psychic connection with the killer, and they have a vision of a man banging on a door in what appears to be a storage closet and he blurts my favorite bit of dialogue: "Hey, someone left a book in the living room, is it yours?" The film is rife with this sort of dialogue.

Anyway, I gave the film 80% because I honestly couldn't tell if the awfulness was intentional or not. I believe that one really has to try to make something this bad, because it is bad on so many levels: set design, acting, dialogue, plot, editing, sound (traffic can often be heard in the background), effects, etc. If it is intentional, then this film is a brilliant jest on the film industry, if not, then I have no idea how this film was created and actually got distribution. But seriously, get a bunch of friends together, have some drinks and watch it, but be sure to openly mock it. It's the only way I made it through, and it made for a really enjoyable experience.
½ November 8, 2009
You don't know what you are missing until you see this movie. I watched it twice in a row to figure it out, and I could not quite figure out what I was missing.
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