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August 26, 2014
A movie with the great Pierce Brosnan can't go wrong really, everything he does, he makes look effortlessly cool.
The story about the diamond heist though, seems secondary to the beautiful locations, and Brett Ratner's obcession with filming Miss Hayek's chest from all conceivable angles (not necessarily a bad thing). Although Hayek is SO botoxed that she can barely move her facial muscles to express any kind of emotion.
Woody Harrelson and Brosnan make a really funny team, and if they make a sequel, I hope it concentrates on their two characters, because they have a great screen chemistry. 5 Stars 5-2-14
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½ October 8, 2007
Well although not rated in the highest aspect at all i still thought this was an okay and watchable movie, even if its just a simple movie to watch on a late sunday evening whilst pottering about!
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May 9, 2011
It is a movie that looks like a James Bond movie but isnt, while Pierce Brosnan acts very much like 007 but the movie does not have all the juice.
Well Pierce Brosnan (playing Max Burdett) and Salma Hayek (playing Lola Cirillo) are diamond thieves and have decided to "retire" in the Paradise Islands in the Bahamas. Lola wants them to enjoy their wealth and stay away from crime. An FBI agent (played by Woody Harrelson) still wants to catch them though and almost does.There is lots of action packed drama played out mostly on the beautiful tropical island
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½ September 4, 2006
Almost a little similar to the character that Brosnan played in The Thomas Crown Affair, yet a good relationship developed with Woody Harrelson, easy watching, no brainer
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November 21, 2009
After The Sunset is another example of what James Bond does when he retires.Sometimes he becomes Harrison Ford's dad. Sometimes he ends up in The Spice Girls Movie or Boat Trip (+1). Occasionally he ends up being in films co starring The Nanny or Daffy Duck. Or you end up being George Lazenby. So welcome, Pierce, to the pasture that holds all of the former 007's. You'll never live it down (unless you're Scottish).

The film is about a jewel thief (Brosnon) who commits his last heist with his girl (Salma Hayek) so that he can retire to the Bahamas. Of course, we know it won't be his last heist because there's still an hour and a half left in the film. The couple are living the good life to its dullest until the FBI man he ruined (Woody Harrelson) shows up to harass our thief over a cruise ship docked on the island that holds yet another huge, unsellable diamond.

To make a long story short. Sure, the film is way over the top with most of the characters having telekinetic powers. It's like a criminal X-Men because they can plan each others moves like clockwork. The script is ridiculous and knows it. That's what's OK about this film. it knows its borderline crap and goes with it. There isn't much action involved with Brosnon making Harrelson look like a horses ass throughout the film, but it's acceptable because it won't really bore you. And it's better than Mamma Mia.
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September 24, 2009
Quite good considering I had not expectations for it! Brosnan is still a bit Bond like though and will have to work hard to shake the typecast!
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½ January 4, 2007
brosnans best non bond film, good flick
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October 3, 2007
It was trying to cash in on the heist flick craze of the time and I don't think it really delivered. It has a huge cast thought and it was sad not to see it used to it's full potential.
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½ July 31, 2007
A movie with nothing new nor distinctive to offer. still mildly charming. a harmless entertainment.
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June 11, 2007
All star cast in this mix of buddy/action/heist movie with a tropical setting. Perfect for a rainy night in!
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½ October 22, 2006
A predictable but fun heist movie
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½ September 6, 2006
A great caper flick. Packs on action, humor and brilliant twist that has you guessing till the very end. Wildly hilarious.
It mixes romance, suspense and buddy comedy all in one fun movie.
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½ June 21, 2006
It has Don Cheadle and plenty of scenes with Salma Hayek scantily clad, and that's enough for me.
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December 9, 2007
Good movie. The storyline wasn't as fleshed out as it should have been and so the leaps in logic are a little daunting. This movie is funny dramatic action packed and has a touch of romance.
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June 16, 2010
Tried too hard, an ended up all over the place. I was confused.
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½ February 26, 2009
Quite entertaining. Goes well with a big tub of popcorn and soda.
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March 13, 2008
briliant well thought drama, nice to keep seeing pierce pop up now and then he is a great actor and so many of the ex 007's usually dont do much after the effect, bravo pierce
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December 25, 2007
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½ May 28, 2007
Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek are a pair of jewel thieves who've retired after their last big score to the island paradise of Nassau in The Bahamas. Woody Harrelson is the bumbling FBI agent who follows them, looking to settle an old grudge. Don Cheadle and Naomie Harris provide the support in this beautifully shot, light comedy/crime drama from director Brett Ratner.
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February 28, 2007
Not a big fan of Brett Ratner... but this movie is enjoyable and isn't overpopulated with unnecessary crap...
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