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½ July 24, 2008
quite a hated movie!
although it isnt original its not a terrible movie and is quite a good movie, it kept me entertained and interested in the movie and i thought it was pretty interesting.
I enjoyed the story and its based on real events as well and i enjoyed the acting and writting of the script i think the movie showed how men are predujice and sexist when a women does a supposed male job that no women should do, and i think it projected that across brilliantly i really enjoyed the movie.
Meg Ryan is brilliant and so is omar epps i love tony shalhoub in this hes brilliant as the horrible trainer businessman.
Meg Ryan pays a women whose bossed about and finally gets the chances to take on a fighter for boxing but she takes a risk with an unsuspeciting surprise that turns to be a huge bonus, but will the fame get to her and will she continue to have the fighters best interests at heart?
Funny in places and keeps you entertained and a real good emotional journey through the life of a women who gets everything good movie!
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½ April 10, 2009
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½ May 15, 2007
Good bit comedy, but filled drama in fight film with my one of favourite beautiful actresses, Meg Ryan. Interesting inspired tale by the life of Jackie Kallen, the most successful female manager in the world of boxing.
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½ August 23, 2008
Interesting. Not original but it was okay.
½ May 28, 2008
I didnt enjoy it as much i thought i would of .... meg didnt really pull it off ... she tried to be manipulative yet caring.. u cant half way this
½ October 22, 2007
I thought this was a good flick. Had comedy & drama & boxing of course!

I love Meg Ryan it it was fun to see her in something besides the normal girlie chick flicks. I liked how she had a mind of her own, was opinionated & knew what she wanted. Her accent drove me crazy & some of her clothing ideas were biazzare.

Omar Epps was hot in this movie & I liked the relationship that was formed between him & Ryan. I think there could have been more fighting besides the brief second clips & the last fight scene.

Still worth the watch for the mood I was in! Just shows girls can be better than guys!!
September 4, 2007
I really had my doubts about this one but she is the best. I adore Meg Ryan and everything she does she makes believeable.
August 6, 2007
Meg Ryan is one of my favorite actresses but I had a hard time believing her in this role...I think she overacted a little...but then I don't know what Jackie Kallen was like...overall the movie was ok...just not a boxing movie fan.
½ March 9, 2007
I like when when people such as WOMAN rise up and take charch even when people look at them with a descriminatory eye
August 29, 2014
Despite the fact that it's loosely based on a true story, there's not a lot of authenticity to "Against the Ropes," a watered-down boxing melodrama filled with sports movie cliches and boring, stock characters.

I get that spunky Meg Ryan being cast against type as real-life promoter Jackie Kallen is the big draw here, but the actress is terribly unconvincing in the role. Her persona doesn't have the weight to pull it off, but it's really the screenplay that lets everyone down here.None of these characters are written very well, and the relationship Ryan has with her boxer is especially weak. Omar Epps is just fine in the role, but not once do we believe the bond between him and his manager, and that's essential to the success of the picture.

The weakness is further strengthened by the fact that the Ryan character isn't very likable most of the time , especially when it becomes apparent she's only concerned about herself. The first-time direction by Charles S. Dutton is very stiff and mechanical, and it's even more distressing in the boxing scenes. They aren't very exciting, and they should have been the centerpiece of the film.

Instead, since the writing is so weak, we don't have much interest invested in these people or their story. Even the championship fight feels anticlimactic, but the whole things ends predictably enough. "Against the Ropes is as routine and by-the-numbers as movies get, a lazy and uninspired drama centered around a story that didn't need to be told.
September 11, 2012
Lots of cliches,some cute regular Ryan-looks and that's all. Boring.
½ January 12, 2012
Awful chick flick. Corny as hell.
October 31, 2011
cant relly review this one too much because i couldnt finish watching it.this movie would probably only appeal to mid 20's to middle age women who want some girl power.the only thing i could say i really liked was the DMX song they play in it.
½ August 22, 2008
This was the worst boxing movie I ever saw. Against portrays the story of woman boxing manager and pioneer Jackie Kallen. What makes it so bad is this movie is fictionalized and steps into the usual Hollywood underdog-against-all-odds storyline when the truth about Kallen's life is far more interesting. It would have been great to see a story about her managing James "Lights Out" Toney and their eventual falling out and their often times tumultuous business relationship. Or what was she thinking constantly matching Bronco McKart up against Ronald "Winky" Wright? We will never know because this movie does not delve into that. It is the usual formula taken from Rocky Balboa. It would be nice to see a movie based on the true story of Jackie Kallen much like you would see with Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull but this isn't it.
½ July 30, 2010
** (out of four)

Meg Ryan tries to halt her career from being KO'd, but it doesn't work in this predicatble time waster.

Ryan plays legendary female boxing promoter Jackie Kallen. It follows her as she battles the man's world of boxing promoting as she pushes her own boxer to the top.
½ December 31, 2009
(**): Thumbs Down

Fair at best.
March 18, 2006
Not Meg Ryan's best movie nor is it the best action movie I've seen. It is very good though and it sucks you in. The first 70% of the movie is okay but it's the last 30% that pulled this 6 out of a 5. Meg Ryan was so much better in Hanging Up but at least she has variety. Omar Epps was decent but I don't know what I want to say. Meg's accent also was pretty well...not good haha. overall 6 :fresh:
December 15, 2005
Along with all the bad movies I have seen recently, there have been a few good ones too...

[i][b]The Sandlot 2 [/b][/i]was a fun family movie. It had some action and adventure and some "romance" in it. And it had James Earl Jones, one of the greatest actors working today. I don't recall ever watching the first [i]Sandlot[/i] movie, but I will look for it now...

[i][b]Ocean's Twelve[/b][/i] was kind of fun, but less successful than it's predecessor. And why is it that Don Cheadle seems to be in everything lately? He's a good actor, but it just seems like he is in everything...
Against the Ropes[/b][/i] is about more than just boxing. It's about relationships and growing as people. That is what I liked most about this movie.
Friday Night Lights[/i][/b] was a decent football film. I don't think it was as good as all of the hype I had heard about it, but it was good nonetheless. I'm not much of a football fan, but I like movies that have interesting characters and relationships, and I did find some of that in this film.
A Walk to Remember[/i][/b] was a sweet little romance. Mandy Moore was cute. I liked how the relationships grew and changed throughout the movie, however, the ending was too sad...
May 18, 2005
Love Meg Ryan....HATED this movie (at least the part before I gave up.) Cliched and unwatchable.
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