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Alien Apocalypse Reviews

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Super Reviewer

June 8, 2012
This low-budget Sci Fi horror comedy is a horrible mess. This is a poorly constructed film, one that dull, unwatchable trash, one with a wasted lead actor in Bruce Campbell. The films premise is horrible, the plot is stupid and the acting and directing is awful. I understand that Alien Apocalypse is supposed to be a B movie, but man could it have been much better than this. The film is just too bad to keep you interested, and it was hard to finish this. One of Campbell's worst films this one will surely disappoint fans of the actor, I know I was. The problem with this film is that it tries to be a serious Sci Fi horror flick, when in fact; it's more a tongue in cheek ordeal. This film simply doesn't work, the execution is poor and the cast can't save such a poorly thought out dud. Josh Becker is a poor director, one that doesn't know how to craft a good, tense, funny film. Alien Apocalypse is pure cheese, a film that may appeal to B movie fans, but compared other Campbell efforts, this one sucks. Pass up on this one. The film is super low-budget, and the cast seem bored in their performances. There's absolutely nothing to enjoy here, and this film is purely a waste of time and not worth checking out. Bruce Campbell has made better films, and he clearly doesn't look like he wants to be in this. If you want a great Campbell flick check out The Evil Dead and Maniac Cop. However, Alien Apocalypse is one to avoid. This is uninspired poorly made trash that simply doesn't pay off.
Ken S

Super Reviewer

June 23, 2007
Overall it's preachy and poorly structured.
Kind of like the kind outside Old Navy who says there is no room in heaven for smokers.
Anthony L

Super Reviewer

September 30, 2009
Planet of the......Ants. It really does feel like the kind of film Charlton Heston would have made/rejected back in the late 60's, it even has a 'I'm Spartacus' moment! Alas, it?s a low budget B-Movie, saved from being a half a star film purely because it has Bruce Campbell in it. Basically, It?s not very good but is watchable! Those fake beards though.....

Super Reviewer

October 25, 2007
Uh...I'm not really one for the sci-fi originals. Bruce Campbell gives is an extra half star.
Christopher B

Super Reviewer

May 13, 2008
What if Planet of the Apes had bugs instead of monkeys, Bruce Campbell instead of Charlton Heston, more decapitations and human eating? Why, it would have kicked ass. Bruce Campbell makes a moderately entertaining B flick totally enjoyable as he hams his way through this Planet of the Apes rip.... homage. Becker also provides his usually entertaining directing and flair for absurd in this comic, made for TV fun film. Enjoy the over the top performances and the constantly changing number of people throughout scenes.
Anthony V

Super Reviewer

February 25, 2008
Bruce is the movie's only redeeming grace.
August 28, 2011
I like Bruce Campbell and some of his quirky movies and that weird sense of humor of his, but it just didn't work in this movie"
March 26, 2010
It's a good thing the filmmakers didn't make this a real serious film. It is clearly low budget and the acting is really really bad. There are touches of imagination, the special effects are average. The premise itself sound interesting, astronauts return to earth after a forty year mission, and earth has been taken over by wood craving aliens. Then it struck me, what outer space mission isn't on daily contact with earth? How could they be so surprised? Although the humor is welcome, it's also out of place. It was just to stupid to be enjoyed.
November 23, 2009
This is one of the films that you like... but dont know why you like it lol. Its corny and looks like it had an even lower budget then made for TV make it sound like it did. But you throw in the king of B movies, Bruce Campbell, and all of the sudden its an enjoyable movie to watch. It has sort of a Monty Python and the Holy Grail feel too it, with Bruce meeting a bunch of odd characters on his way to find the President, plus the really simplistic silly looking effects. Would recommend just so people can see how good Campbell is.
October 3, 2009
Bruce Campbell stars in this made-for-TV film as part of team of astronauts who return to earth after several years to find it is now dominated by aliens. Half of the astronaut team are soon dispatched by the aliens. Bruce wants to rebel against the captors, but the humans are demoralized and believe they cannot fight against the alien oppressors. Soon he sees an opportunity to escape and once on the run forms a team despite the difficulties he runs in with the pacifists, the apathetic and/or those who believe they cannot do anything to enact change. They locate the hideout of those who led Washington when the country still worked only to find them to be ineffectual as well. A pretty damn good movie despite the limited budget ? there is a great message to be found.
September 18, 2008 to discribe this one.....think...planet of the apes....with huge ass termites you see while triping on acid eating litarly "finger" food.... and insted of a cheesy heston we have the all mighty and god himself bruce campbell!....even though he dosnt have a slight fucking clue what he is doing..... um... trust it is good i mean its the highest rated sci fi channel movie they ever had so it must be good to people...but my adive.....get stoned then watch it....makes it a hellla lot fucking cooler!
August 11, 2008
this is one of those movies that's so bad that you enjoy it. it involves astronauts returning from space to find that mankind is enslaved by some preying mantis-like aliens...and then the astronauts try and regain control of earth by fighting the intruders from another planet. it's really cheesy, but that's its charm.
September 5, 2006
"Alien Apocalypse" originally titled "Human In Chains", both equally cheesy however "AA" probably was the better way to go for writer/director Josh Becker. Now I don't know who this Mr. Becker guy is, but he's gotta be the new king of ametuer film-making or B-movies.
An Ed Wood for a new generation.
It's difficult to distiguish if this movie was supposed to be creesy or just a result of poor film making and/or budget. Even with it's undeniable cheesiness this movie still had me entertained throughout, more than I can say for alot of wide released big company pictures.
Bruce Campbell, now showing his age, is at his smart-ass likeable self and the young actress Rositza Chernogorova definitely stands out amoungst the rest of the no-name cast.
What do you expect from a movie that has lines like "Your stupidity is terminal. And now you're cured." and "Those bounty hunters are all fags. I can handle 'em."

Probably not, however if you like Bruce Campbell and cheesy comedy/sci-fi stuff this movie is for you.

NO WAY IN HELL! This movie just doesn't look good. And if Anchor Bay releases it on Blu-ray they better get their shit together because the digital transfer on the standard definition DVD is atrocious.
December 24, 2007
"Those bounty hunters are all fags. I can handle 'em." It's all about the money shot during the ending credits!
September 4, 2007
Great campy alien invasion flick...Effects high grade camp, story low grade camp...and Bruce Campbell..what's not to like about him? He carries this sif fi flick on his back...
June 23, 2007
Things I learned from this movie:
* Drinking three fourths of a bottle of 101 Wild Turkey left me in a terrible state. Physically shaking while I detoxed, I sat on the couch and watched this movie, and after, felt almost human again. Bruce Campbell has curative powers and saved me from a life of sin and liquor. ALL HAIL BRUCE CAMPBELL
May 16, 2007
As for Bruce's Sci-fi channel movies, this is one of the more tolerable. And this is coming from a hardcore Bruce fan.
April 8, 2007
Bruce Campbell is awesome, but even he can't do anything with this kind of crap. Worst movie since MANSQUITO.
March 30, 2007
Amazingly horrible, the acting is so bad that it literally made me laugh out loud several times. The voice acting on the aliens is even bad (how can you screw up an alien's voice?) all of the aliens speak english perfectly in some kind of car dealership voice that sounds like the last thing that would ever come out of an alien's mouth. DON'T EVER WATCH THIS MOVIE.
January 19, 2007
Cheesiest movie I think I've ever seen. Bought it just because it stars Renee O'Connor and Bruce Campbell.
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