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March 25, 2008
If you can get past the incredibly bad beginning, it's actually not too shabby. Well, ok, it is...but Eddie and Udo make it bearable.
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½ March 25, 2007
If you like Eddie Izzard you have to see this film.
August 14, 2012
I am really surprised this got so many bad reviews. I found it quite delightful and engaging with excellent performances from Izzard, Krebitz (marry me, please), and Birkin. It is properly light hearted with great character interactions and some nice suspense.
July 18, 2011
wow a drag WWII period piece/crime/heist caper. one bone to pick i saw a lot VW "things" in the movie-did VW have them during WWII? nott sure, but I don't think so.
October 13, 2007
One word. Hilarious.

I love Eddie Izzard and he and the rest of the cast were just fantastic :)

All I could think of while watching this was Eddie Izzard's stand up where he says "and so what could be more surprising than the 1st Battalion Transvestite Brigade? Airborne wing! The airborne wing parachuting into dangerous areas with fantastic makeup! And a fantastic gun! And the opposing forces going, "fucking ?ell, look at these guys!""
½ July 6, 2007
Obvious historical errors detract from the comedy. Several logic issues for anyone with a brain; if you send an Secret Agent to Germany in the middle of a war, WHY pick someone who doesn't speak German? Some good acting, but it seems like costume and makeup tried to make the drag look obvious and ridiculous. Good Actors. Not as funny as advertised.
February 14, 2007
I bought this from a video rental place that was selling off most of their VHSs'.. (Like 10 for 2 bucks or something).. I only wanted to see it because I happen to think Eddie Izzard is a really funny comedian, and from what I've seen a great actor as well.. I was surprised at how good it ALL was.. While seemingly funny, it delves into some fairly serious subject matter dealing with war, and the "drag" aspect was legit.. I could see it happening... This one is a surprising gem of a movie..

My favorite line though.. of course Eddy Izzard..

Yes, I'm beesexual, I have sex with Bees.. (after a german man he knows calls him bisexual with a very german accent)
It just stuck out for some reason..
December 18, 2006
umm...well....its not to we all really want to see joey from friends in a dress during the cold war?...eddie izzard is classic though...and the one main great scene is joey trying on a bra and his girl friend waking up to finding him doing it and him explaning it....its worth it for those reasons...
June 6, 2015
One of my favorite movies ever, I love Eddie Izzard.
September 14, 2012
Really enjoyed this. A funny film. Silly, light-hearted and easy to watch. Loved Izzard and le Blanc together in it.
½ May 8, 2012
A fairly unremarkable affair with an uneven tone that hops between serious and comic too often and takes a fairly predictable route to an ending that suddenly feels like something much better. Its a shame they didn't embrace the silliness, pepped up the flat dialogue and had some real fun with the implausibly crazy situation.
October 31, 2011
yeahhhhh! finally! found it
August 11, 2011
Entertaining fluff, LeBlanc and Izzard are suitably entertaining in a story that can't quite keep a leesh on whatever genre it's supposed to be.
March 5, 2011
Eddie Izzard is still the "queen" of funny
July 14, 2005
½ April 27, 2010
I Don't Get the Hate on This

At one point in the movie, Eddie Izzard talks about having been in Berlin in the early '30s. (Which led me to check his birthdate, which leads to the astonishing realization that he's almost fifty.) His regret at seeing Berlin in the middle of the war is palpable. Indeed, I think quite a lot of art focuses on the longing for Berlin between the wars. There are some places which are so crystalizing of a mood that just saying the time and place is enough to evoke the mood you're trying for, and Berlin in the early '30s is one of them. In many ways, it was evidence of a great cycle, and it's interesting to consider how the city would have swung, so to speak, again had the whole thing not been divided by the occupying nations. The decadence of Berlin between the wars was a response to the horror everyone had just suffered through. Conversely, the oppression of the Nazi regime was, at least in part, a response to the hedonism leading up to it.

O'Rourke (Matt LeBlanc) is an American referred to as "Agent Almost." As in, he almost captured an Enigma machine. Apparently, he has almost captured one several times, with each mission falling just short. Now, headquarters is sending him out again. Only the war has imposed such great cost on Germany that the factory where the machines are built is now staffed by women. Logically, therefore, O'Rourke must lead a team of cross-dressing men into Germany to steal the machine. His team is gruff, by-the-book Archie (James Cosmo), nervous bookworm Johnno (David Birkin, twice a member of the Picard family), and flamboyant bisexual transvestite Tony (Eddie Izzard, of course). They infiltrate Germany, hooking up with Tony's old friend Franz (Oliver Korittke) and lovely librarian Romy (Nicolette Krebitz). There are, of course, many dangers, and the four men are perhaps not the best prepared for their mission.

There is a lot of hate for this movie, and assuredly it isn't perfect. Matt LeBlanc probably isn't the best choice for the role, though it's certainly true that his character isn't very happy with the situation he's found himself in. The movie does seem kind of uncertain as to whether it's a wacky comedy or a serious drama in places. Comedy generally wins out, but there are scenes where you're not sure it's supposed to. And alas, some of the comedy comes from "Look! They're men in dresses!" Tony's sexuality is played for laughs, at least somewhat, though there is also a strong implication that the British command is foolish for its attitude toward it. At least once, it is shown that Tony is a perfectly capable soldier. Certainly he has a flair for espionage which is wasted by his "medical discharge." The business with Archie and the girl (Maria Petz) is another which is played both for laughs and for pathos, and while either would work well, neither quite works with the other.

There are moments, though. There is tenderness between Tony and Franz which few other films would permit. The girl is, after all, hardly the only one left so orphaned. There are several shots of watching the bombs lighting the skies of Berlin. Eddie Izzard, of course, is enjoying himself immensely. He brings a flair to Tony which no one else could have. Birkin makes a very pretty girl. And indeed, while the concept of the movie seems flawed to anyone with the slightest knowledge of World War II history--after all, it doesn't take much research to know about Enigma and codebreaking--it's an interesting idea, at least. Of course, the twist to the movie cannot be revealed too early if we are to go along with the men in believing they're doing what's important. However, by revealing it so late, it seems almost an afterthought, almost as though the screenwriter didn't do any research until the last minute. Still, the reactions of the characters upon learning the twist is at least somewhat believable, which I guess is a start.

It is true that there was a better movie in here than actually got made. It is also, perhaps, true that the better movie would be in B&W. Colour makes the failings of the men's drag all the more transparent. It's true that at least part of the joke is that they're bad at it, but they do have to be convincing enough that they won't get stopped by the first patrol to happen across them. Franz makes reference at one point to a friend sent to the camps, and it is certainly true that World War II Berlin is not the best place for transvestitism. B&W covers a certain number of sins which are made plain in colour, and I think perhaps the desolation when Tony leaves the bomb shelter and looks at what is left of a city he once loves would be the better as well. Colour makes it too pretty. Yes, the scene watching the bombing at night only works in colour, but at the same time, you get looming Matt LeBlanc in uncertain drag. There are some sacrifices which must be made.
May 8, 2006
I actually enjoyed this movie quite a bit. I bought because Ediie Izzard was in it, but I actually was quite pleaesed with the movie. It great watching Eddie get Matt LeBlanc and the others ready to go undercover. We pass movies around in our little circle and this movie was worth multiple veiwings by several people.
½ November 6, 2005
There was nothing funny, great or entertaining about this movie.
April 8, 2005
The film tries, but it fails on almost every level. The direction is very disorganized and he didn't seem to know what path to go with the film. It almost appears each day they shot some film just winging it. The general plot is actually quite fascinating, whet the filmmakers did with it is a shame.
January 4, 2004
[size=5][color=#000000][color=black][font=Tahoma]I enjoyed "All the Queen's Men". I thought it was funny. Now it wasn't like dumber & dumber but it was funny. I didn't see a whole lot of Eddie Izzard's movies (as one critic suggested) before this or was a big fan of his until I saw this movie. Granted I did see him in a few things but nothing were I really recognized him. After this movie I did rent a lot of his movies as well as his stand up. You have got to admit he does stand out in this movie. He was extremely funny as well as Matt La Blanc and rest of the cast. I think people who are wanting toilet (don't get me wrong I enjoy that as well) humor are going to be disappointed in this movie but people who enjoy a good old fashion comedy, will.[/font][/color][/color][/size]
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