• R, 1 hr. 37 min.
  • Drama
  • Directed By:    Travis Fine
  • In Theaters:    Dec 14, 2012 Limited
  • On DVD:    Apr 23, 2013
  • Music Box Films

Any Day Now Reviews

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Christian C
Super Reviewer
May 18, 2013
Beautifully acted story of a time of painful bigotry, love and what it means to be a family. Highly recommended.
Hamee Hamee ½ September 16, 2013
What a horribly sad story. Cumming and Dillahunt were amazing in this movie and really made your heartbreak by the time the movie ended.
Thomas W August 13, 2013
It is these little known movies few have ever heard of that end up being the biggest surprises (although to be honest I saw the trailer for this film when I saw Anna Karenina in the theater last winter). While Any Day Now is a flawed film -- editing isn't so great and there are some continuity flaws clearly visible onscreen -- the story and acting are quite good. Inspired by a true story, Any Day Now takes place in the late 70's and is about Rudy Donatello (Alan Cumming - Circle of Friends) who one day takes notice of Marco, a down syndrome kid (a remarkable Isaac Leyva) who is his neighbor and has a deadbeat, drug-addled single parent mother (Jamie Anne Allman -- Aunt Terry of 'The Killing') who cares little for him or his well-being. Disgusted and distraught for the innocent child, Rudy asks his lawyer pal Paul (Garret Dillahunt - No Country for Old Men) to see what he can do about helping the child after Marco's mother abandons him after telling Rudy he was free to take care of him if he liked. Any Day Now is a story of love and compassion but most of all acceptance ... as Rudy takes in and loves another in spite of all obstacles he knows he will encounter. Rudy and Marco create a makeshift family and nobody has a problem with it until it is revealed that Rudy is a homosexual and his love and kindness and respect are apparently no longer valid. The closeted pal Paul struggles with doing what is right and wrong ... all while the audience sees that true love knows no bounds because an innocent Marco sees nothing but love for those who have loved him. The film becomes more of a legal drama as it explores the biased legal system but at its core is Cumming's genuine and heartfelt performance that is rather impressive. While it won't be a film for everyone, open-minded and big-hearted individuals should like several aspects of this film. Yes ... it could have been better but so can the world we all live in.
Michael M ½ December 13, 2012
As a man who feels very fortunate to have experienced social injustices in my lifetime and yet has lived to see the slow & steady erosion of old stereotypes and the power of believing in what is right and just and never ceasing to strive for those ideals..., this film struck a very deep chord in me. It is a touching and honest portrayal set in 1979/1980 based on a true life experience. It is very important for society to be able to witness "the way things were" in order to gain a better perspective of the goal of total equality under the law. This film has humor, wit and a strong dose of reality and deserves to be sought out when it plays in a theater near you...
Victor L August 19, 2014
Ian G July 15, 2014
Exceptional movie. Alan Cummings performance was stellar.
Jeff Lutz Jeff Lutz ½ July 4, 2014
What a fantastic movie and well written and acted. It shows that we have come a long way as a society but it also shows that we still have a long way to go.
BlingIt O ½ June 15, 2014
well i've just watched it and LOVED it - last film i saw alan cumming in was emma and he was deliciously oily but in this film fan-bloomin'-tastic. i've dehydrated myself from all the tears i shead watching it plus a bloomin' big lump in my throat. brilliant film and so did NOT deserve a rotten tomato award!
Michael P May 19, 2014
Any Day Now is a wonderfully bittersweet movie about a gay couple who are fighting for the custody of a boy with down syndrome after his mother was arrested for drugs so that the child doesn't get put into a group home where he won't get the attention that he needs. More than just a message-movie, Any Day Now is a well-directed film with outstanding performances. I've been putting off watching this movie for over a year now because I thought that it was going to be overly melodramatic, but this is a fine film and I'm glad that I finally got around to watching it. Highly recommended, check it out.
Suzanne S April 22, 2014
"No one in this entire world wants him, except us. We want him. "
That's touching and make me cry out loud even watching the trailer. If you had a cerebral palsy brother, you could read me.
Bella R March 17, 2014
In 1979 a teenage boy with down syndrome, named Marco, is left alone after his neglectful mother is incarcerated on drug and prostitution charges. That night his neighbour, a young gay man named Rudy takes him into his home. The following day Marco is forced into the foster system. Rudy, feeling compassion for Marco, decides to fight for temporary custody of the boy. Marcos' life improves dramatically whilst in the care of Rudy and his partner, a Defence Attorney named Paul. When their homosexual lifestyle is finally discovered, Marco is taken from their care which begins a long and arduous battle with the bigoted and prejudiced 1970's American legal system to fight for full permanent custody.
While this is a fictitious story, it is inspired by the true events that many in the LGBT community have endured. This story was compelling and moving and also downright shocking. Alan Cumming was amazing in his role as Rudy but the real props go to Isaac Leyva who played Marco. His emotion, his light and his very being was put into his role and it shows.

It may not be your typical blockbuster and therefor not on your radar, but it should be! This independent film brings to light the harsh realities of the American, and in turn any first world, legal system and as Garret Dillahunt's character Paul says "There is no justice in the justice system".

Any Day Now was released on April 10th in selected theatres.
Dave C April 16, 2014
Looks heart a breaker
Wes L April 12, 2014
This is such a powerful movie and I am in awe of not ony Alan Cumming but Garrett Dillahunt as well. You cannot help but be moved by the struggle these men face in the 1970s as gay men attempting to make a better life for a young man with down syndrome.
Eric H November 16, 2012
Phenomenal movie, incredible acting performances and a true story that is more powerful than fiction could ever be. Alan Cummings is amazing and Isaac Leyva will steal your heart. This one is well worth seeing!
Sonja B. Sonja B. February 10, 2014
I was lucky enough to see this film while I was on holiday in Arizona and attended some screenings at The Sedona Film Festival. I didn't know anything about the film but have always been a fan of Cumming so chose this as one of the films to see. I wasn't disappointed, in fact I think it's fair to say this film completely blew me away and I left the cinema a bit of an emotional wreck! Some of the plot points at times may feel a bit rushed or contrived but if you just go with it you can enjoy a really beautiful, moving human drama. That's exactly what I chose to do and moved I was! The performances from all the cast are top notch, but Alan Cumming really is outstanding. I've never seen him better. It's really nicely shot and scored. The costumes and hair (!)are bang on period and the film flows seamlessly from beginning to the shocking end, which I had not anticipated and left me reeling! Would I recommend this film, in a word YES!
mark d. mark d. January 31, 2014
Chicago International Film Festival 2012 - Audience Choice Award for Best Narrative Feature
Seattle International Film Festival 2012 - Best Actor Award, Alan Cumming
Seattle International Film Festival 2012 - Best Film
Tribeca Film Festival 2012 - Heineken Audience Award
Outfest 2012 - Audience Award - Outstanding Dramatic Feature Film
Outfest 2012 - Outstanding Actor in a US Dramatic Feature Film, Alan Cumming
Provincetown International Film Festival 2012 - Audience Award
Woodstock Film Festival 2012 - Audience Award
GLAAD Media Award 2012 - Best Film in Limited Release
Joan S June 2, 2012
was a very good movie!
Victoria N. Victoria N. January 3, 2014
Heartbreaking, shocking and touching.
Peet M December 22, 2013
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