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October 7, 2013
One sentence summary: This was a terribly expensive and terrible vanity film.

Bulgaria: Christian and Muslim, modern but also with horse-drawn carts, belly dancing and computers.
Slater's character Robert works at the US embassy in Sofia on educational programs. He's a big tipper, and gives money and food to the unfortunate. He drinks a lot. His friend Kahn recommends therapy, but Robert would rather just avoid.
He's former FBI; his wife was eastern European, but she was killed in New York. So he's staying away from New York, and being altruistic.
Threads: Ashdown wants Robert to come out of retirement and hunt down some local thug. Kahn wants Robert to get on with his life. Elika wants to kill all the people who wronged her as a child. Robert works with Elika on a literacy project. Dr. Kahn treats Elika for her blackouts or syncope (wikipedia...'a transient loss of consciousness and postural tone, characterized by rapid onset, short duration, and spontaneous recovery...'). Robert starts working with Bulgarian police in Sofia, as arranged through Ashdown. Robert and one of the belly dancers become friendly.
Robert and the police start with the killing of a Muslim Jihadist. Robert shows some police work. The film shows some crooked cops.
Dr. Kahn gets Elika to let certain memories surface, such as her time in an insane asylum, and her recruitment and training into a group of assassins. She later visits the doctor dressed as her assassin persona. We get to see the sepia footage (again, again, again...I lost count) of her parents just before they were murdered.
Kahn advises Robert to be careful, in case the belly dancer is just in love with his passport. The belly dancer dramatically drives a dagger into the seat cushion next to Robert's head, then runs off into the night. Robert follows, then catches up with her. She asks for a meeting later.
Robert starts to put the pieces together. Does he ever make a difference? Sadly, no.


Cinematography: 6/10 Tends to be dark and blurred out.

Sound: 8/10 No particular problems; just a bit boring.

Acting: 4/10 Veterans Slater, Sutherland, and Spall were OK, given the weak screenplay. Portnoy was amateurish. Many of the supporting players were just terrible.

Screenplay: 0/10 Fails as a thriller, since suspense was not sustained. Fails as a mystery, since the main character's problems were telegraphed from the beginning. Fails as an action-adventure film, since most of the combat is sniper action, or just unbelievable. As a psychological drama, it is poorly done. The endless repeats of the childhood trauma were not good exposition; they were just irritating. The interactions with Dr. Kahn might have been much better if the actor playing the psycho were better.
May 30, 2013
it's cheap spy-thrilled and made an audience felt like getting assassinated too
February 8, 2013
What the f#$@ is this? Like... seriously, what the f#$@? Equivalent to a Kindergarten with crayons and a blank page. The editing has no rhythm, the credit font is fucking bizarre, the music is so strange... It's mind-boggling that this movie exists.
January 5, 2013
Spoiler alert.... Why would FBI who are the ones behind the assassinations bring on an agent to find out the identity that they already know? Is it just to make you confused until you realize it's a bad movie and its too late? Sucky film made by hacks who figure the audience is ignorant.
October 20, 2012
A total waste of time.Shameless Nikita copy!!!
September 6, 2012
Can't believe I wasted my money renting this utter tripe!
½ September 6, 2012
Once again, a halfie for making me laugh at it the whole time. And they really tried to trick you into thinking the chick was hot or beautiful or seductive...and she wasn't. some sort of whatever-accent-that-was does not equal sexy.
½ August 28, 2012
Assassin's Bullet delves into thought provoking issues like belly dancing, red scarves and this excrement made its way into theaters is perplexing, yet another hack movie to add to Slater's growing list.
½ August 16, 2012
It's horrible. Yay for exotic dancing, however.
½ July 28, 2012
Slow movie...glad I got on DVD in Hanoi...would NOT pay good money to see in a theatre
½ July 23, 2012
Got this movie on DVD in Korea, terrible dont pay to see it.
½ July 19, 2012
Phewey, big stinky! I hope Christian Slater and Donald Sutherland got a boatload of money for appearing in this old clinker.
July 18, 2012
A truly awful film. makes no sense what-so-ever and the ending seems like they ran out of money so just stopped filming. avoid at all costs.
July 18, 2012
Famous last words, Donald Sutherland does not make bad movies. Well there was the first.

We caught this on cable (On Demand before it hit theaters). When this movie comes out, word will get around quick about how misleading it is. You think its going to be some fast paced Bourne type film. It is far from that. It is slow, there are scenes that make no sense and not relevant to the entire movie. There are 2 action scenes and one of them involve running through a crowd, and they used slow motion as people were geting pushed and falling down. Horrible. The whole thing looks like it was shot for TV. Whatever you think it is about, you will get let down. They were smart to put on cable before it hits the theaters.
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